Try On Eyebrows With AI: The Complete Eyebrow Guide
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Try On Eyebrows With AI: The Complete Eyebrow Guide

Aug 10, 2022 · 3 minutes read

Eyebrows are very important features on our faces. There are all kinds of eyebrow mapping methods such as eyebrow rulers, eyebrow shaper kits, eyebrow shape guides, and eyebrow filters that teach customers how to find the perfect eyebrow shape. All of these methods are solving common questions for all customers, which as how to find my perfect eyebrow shape.

Let's take a closer look at the comprehensive eyebrow guide and how AI eyebrow try-on technology has reshaped the eyebrow market!

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It is a well-known fact that the world of cosmetics has gone virtual. Now, over 700 million consumers have utilized virtual try-on experiences to test out potential purchases1. Additionally, reports indicate that customers are 11 times more likely to purchase a product2 when virtual try-on is available.

It is for this reason that many cosmetic companies are investing heavily in the latest augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, working to ensure that they can meet their customers’ needs in a virtual-first world.

One such solution to enter the market are AI eyebrow filters. For brands that sell eyebrow products, providing customers with a virtual eyebrow-style experience is imperative to securing future sales and increasing brand loyalty. Find out how this technology is revolutionizing eyebrow product sales in this complete eyebrow guide.

What is the AI Eyebrow Filter?

The eyebrow virtual try-on solution is a popular tool used by beauty brands nowadays. The AI eyebrow try-on solution is a comprehensive tool that helps consumers find the perfect eyebrow shape. With this tool, customers can determine their ideal eyebrow shape based on their face type and features in a matter of seconds.

How to Try On Eyebrows With AI Eyebrow Filter?

Step 1: Activate AI Eyebrow Filter

Begin by activating the AI Eyebrow Filter, which can easily be integrated into your brand's website or mobile app.

Step 2: Try on Eyebrows with Different Colors and Shapes

Customers can use the eyebrow filter to experiment and try on various eyebrow colors and shapes in real-time or on an uploaded photo. This helps customers find the perfect match for their faces and get a better idea of how the desired products will look on them.

Step 3: Add to Cart

Once the customer is satisfied with the ideal eyebrow look, they can add the product to the shopping cart for purchase.

Moreover, this technology is fast and easy to use, making it a convenient and popular tool for beauty brands and consumers alike.

So if you're looking for a helpful eyebrow try-on solution, be sure to consider AI eyebrow virtual try-on solution or just give it a go!

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How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape With an AI Eyebrow Filter?

Looking for the perfect eyebrow shape can often be a challenge, especially if you don't know where to start. With the help of AI eyebrow filter technology, finding the ideal eyebrow shape is simple and fast. You are just 2 steps away from finding the perfect eyebrow shape with Perfect Corp! Keep reading to discover the easiest way to find the best eyebrow shape in this comprehensive eyebrow guide.

How to Virtually Try on Eyebrows 

  • Step 1: Enable the camera or use a photo
  • Step 2: Pick & try any eyebrow shape

Experience Virtual Eyebrow Try On Here ▶

The capabilities of an eyebrow filter are immense. Perfect Corp.’s AI eyebrow filter supports 600+ eyebrow shapes and patterns, which can be further customized based on a brand’s specific offerings.

In Perfect Corp.’s eyebrow filter demo store, users can try 11 eyebrow shapes, helping customers determine their own ideal eyebrow.

More Capabilities of Virtual Eyebrows:

Additionally, through this AI-powered hyper-realistic eyebrow filter, all of the following can be adjusted to provide precise virtual eyebrows:

  • Arch
  • Thickness
  • Definition
  • Position
  • Intensity

Experience Virtual Eyebrow Try On Here ▶

Customers can also try on different coloring for their eyebrows. Our demo store supports six colors, including brown and dark brown. This is a key feature for brands that sell eyebrow color for black hair or light hair, as it allows a customer to visualize what their colored eyebrows will look like in real-time.

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The Strength and Accuracy of Perfect Corp. Eyebrow Tech

When it comes to virtual try-on technology, not all services are equal. The key to ensuring that the use of an eyebrow filter becomes an effective tool for increasing sales is all about the precision and ease of use of the tool.

If a customer has a poor experience trying to find their best eyebrow shape via AR & AI experiences, they might be deterred rather than encouraged to make a purchase. This is where the strength of Perfect Corp. eyebrow tech shines.

AgileFace® Supports Precise Eyebrow Tech

AgileFace® is Perfect Corp.’s proprietary face tracking technology that enables an ultra-accurate virtual makeover with extreme performance.

It features incredible improvements for jitter-free AR performance and an increase in AR overlay accuracy. With over 200 facial landmark tracking points in real-time, this technology delivers the highest level of precision, leading to a fully inclusive virtual try-on experience encompassing facial attributes across all ethnicities, genders, and ages.

Experience Virtual Eyebrow Try On Here ▶

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Through the precise accuracy of AgileFace®, customers can immerse themselves in the process of finding the best eyebrow shape for their face, making it easier than ever before for brands to immediately close sales and build long-lasting relationships with their consumers.

Real-World Example of the Success of AI Eyebrow Filter

There is perhaps no better example of the incredible benefit of Perfect Corp. eyebrow filter technology in action than Benefit Cosmetics.

Benefit Cosmetics has been solving brow dilemmas since they opened their boutique back in 1976. Fast forward to today, it has become the brow destination for both products and services, operating over 3,000 Brow Bars around the world. Always ahead of the curve, Benefit Cosmetics was early to see the value of using augmented reality (AR) to help its customers experience the different ways in which they could shape their brows — using a no-touch, browser-based experience.

▼Benefit Cosmetics was early to see the value of using augmented reality (AR) to help its customers experience.

One challenge was that, in the words of Emily Dybwad, Director of Global Digital Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics, “From an AR standpoint, brows are hard to do because of the precision required to accurately portray hair. Capturing hair with AR is much more demanding than doing lips or blush.”

“Perfect Corp. has an outstanding reputation within augmented reality,” Dybwad says. “They were always on our radar, and they’ve developed what we believe is the industry-leading AR solution for brows.” The results were impressive. Benefit Cosmetics credits the Perfect Corp. Brow Try-On experience with boosting the time customers spend on its site — as well as their add-to-cart purchases.

Read the full case study here

Experience Virtual Eyebrow Try On Here ▶

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Integrate Eyebrow Tech in an Omnichannel World

Customers are increasingly reliant on the ability to hop between channels when researching products and making their ultimate purchasing decisions. 

In fact, data has shown that brands with an omnichannel customer engagement strategy retain on average 89% of their customers3. This is contrasted against brands with a weak or non-existent omnichannel strategy, which only retain around 33% of their customers.

Available on Webpage, Apps, Retail Stores

This is where Perfect Corp. eyebrow filter technology once again shines. This solution is easily deployed across multiple channels, including online, in retail stores, in branded apps, and more.

By reaching customers at any touch point throughout the buying journey, brands have an increased chance of retaining existing clients and attracting new customers.

The Eyebrow Try On Solution is easily deployed across multiple cahnnels.

Start a Free Trial Today

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