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Integration of YouCam for Web
How can I get start with YouCam for Web?

1. First, please pick a plan or join the free trial.

2. Place the module code on your product page.

3. Set up your products and SKUs in your PERFECT for SMB console and you are ready to enjoy our service!

How does YouCam for Web work?
YouCam for Web runs on WebAssembly JavaScript API that enables virtual makeup try-on.
Is YouCam for Web compliant with any web content accessibility guideline like WCAG2.0?
Yes, web AR module is compliant with WCAG 2.0 with AA level.
Can I customize YouCam for Web’s functions, models or designs?

Depends on your subscription plan, you have different functionalities to customize through PERFECT for SMB console or API calls.

For example, in Module Configuration page in console:

The launcher templates and the model photos are both customizable in the Layout Settings section.

Furthermore, you can also find more customizable options, like enabling the sharing feature, in the Advanced Settings section.

To learn more about the details of your plan, please visit the home page in your PERFECT for SMB console.
Do you store my photos on your server?

Photos taken with YouCam for Web are saved locally in your device's memory and not stored anywhere else, unless you specifically uploads or shares it through the social network sites, like sharing via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Weibo, etc.

If you shared your photos through the channels above, your photos will be stored on our server for 24 hours and after 24 hours your photos will be removed automatically.