Sep 25, 2020

Perfect Corp. Releases the Next Generation of YouCam’s AI Skin Diagnostic Solution to Help Beauty Brands Recommend Personalized Skincare Regimens for Their Consumers

Perfect Corp. Releases the Next Generation of YouCam’s AI Skin Diagnostic Solution to Help Beauty Brands Recommend Personalized Skincare Regimens for Their Consumers

YouCam’s highly accurate, real-time skin diagnostic powered by AI technology now instantly analyzes eight different skin health conditions.

New York, New YorkSeptember 25th, 2020Perfect Corp., the leading AI + AR beauty tech solutions provider, introduces the next generation of its advanced AI Skin Diagnostic solution. The upgraded solution is the latest iteration of the award-winning YouCam Skin Score, which now includes condition tracking for moisture, oiliness, redness, acne, spots, wrinkles, texture, dark circles, and more. The new and improved tool instantly analyzes 8 skin health metrics allowing skincare brands to give consumers personalized skincare recommendations that meet their specific skin concerns. AI Skin Diagnostic generates an overall skin score for customers to use as a baseline in tracking their skin health and monitor improvements overtime.

The advanced skin diagnostic solution was developed using over 70,000 clinical images, AI  machine-learning algorithm, and patented AgileFace® technology to create an experience that delivers instant and accurate skin assessment for all skin types and ethnicities. The effectiveness of YouCam’s AI Skin Diagnostic was also analyzed and verified by dermatologists and skincare experts to ensure users receive accurate, safe, and reliable skincare recommendations, in line with the professional product recommendations they would offer their patients. The AI tool was awarded the 2020 AI Excellence Award and is employed by skincare brands around the globe.

YouCam’s AI Skin Diagnostic is fully customizable for any retail channel and compatible with all programming networks, including Web Module, RESTful API, Native App SDK, as well as WeChat and Taobao mini programs. Skincare brands can integrate the AI Skin Diagnostic directly on the brand’s e-commerce website, app, or in-store beauty hardware, connecting with consumers in an entirely new way, building brand loyalty and increasing sales.

“The clinical nature of skincare requires a diagnostic approach that is personalized for every face. Our AI Skin Diagnostic solution offer customers individual, knowledge-based beauty routines that cater to their specific and unique needs,” shares Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “Consumers now have an opportunity to receive a preliminary assessment of their skin health through their smartphone, without any need for specialized devices. Beauty shoppers can be more conscious and confident in their skincare choices to find the products that work for them, saving them time and money.”

For brands interested in integrating the next generation YouCam AI Skin Diagnostic solution to their customer experience, watch our demo video and contact the Perfect Corp. team.

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