Feb 01, 2024

Perfect Corp. Expands AI Skin Simulation Technology, Helping Consumers Visualize Skin Improvements in Seconds

Perfect Corp. Expands AI Skin Simulation Technology, Helping Consumers Visualize Skin Improvements in Seconds

The leading AI skin simulation solution will now provide skin improvement simulations across 10 unique skin metrics.

New York, New YorkFebruary 1st, 2024Perfect Corp., the leading AI and AR beauty and fashion technology provider and developer of ‘Beautiful AI’ solutions, today announced the expansions of its advanced AI-powered skin simulation technologies. The breakthrough tools allow consumers to detect their skin types and issues and generate hyper-realistic skin visualizations for brands to provide personalized skin insights for consumers. With the newest addition of acne, oiliness and radiance skin simulation technology, the expanded AI skin simulation solution will now provide skin improvement simulations for 10 unique skin metrics. 

Expanding the Capabilities of Skin Simulation Technology to Visualize Progressive Skin Improvements to a Total of 10 Unique Skin Metrics.
Introducing advanced skin simulation features, the latest innovation expands the scope of visualizing progressive skin improvements to a total of 10 unique skin metrics. Building upon an existing array of skin metrics that allow users to track enhancements in spots, dark circles, eye bags, pores, texture, wrinkles, and redness, now addressing acne, oiliness, and overall radiance, allowing users to visualize how their skin will appear with improved acne, oiliness and radiance. The acne simulation technology can detect and realistically remove pimples, blackheads & whiteheads via a precise AI visualization, becoming a powerful ally for individuals battling acne, by providing a virtual preview of how their skin could look with improved clarity and reduced blemishes. The oiliness simulation technology can detect and realistically remove strong, medium and light oiliness but also extends its benefits to a wider audience.

The versatility of this AI-augmented simulation extends to addressing a spectrum of skin concerns, including overall radiance of the skin. This ensures that users can witness positive transformations, regardless of their specific issues. The technology features progressive skin simulations via a user-friendly slider, showcasing incremental changes in the level of skin concern improvements, providing a comprehensive visual experience. The AI skin simulation technology is set to transform the skincare retail journey, taking personalization to new heights and helping consumers make more confident purchasing decisions. 

Highly-Accurate Skin Type Detection: Now Available in Real Time

In addition to the AR-powered skin simulation tool, Perfect Corp.’s advanced AI Skin Analysis technology now allows users to detect their skin type in real time. With just one scan, users can instantly gain insight into their unique skin type whether it's dry, oily or combination. The real-time AR overlay visualizes this in live mode by showing users their T-zone and U-zone skin condition. 

Solving Consumer Pain Points and Enhancing the Consumer Skincare Journey with AI Skin Tech

“AI skin technology offers enhanced capabilities of the skincare retail journey by empowering brands’ skincare product recommendations together with AI Skin Analysis. Furthermore, AI skin simulation technology allows for a personalized visual representation of clear skin appearances," said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang. “The newest expansion of these technologies enables skincare consumers to gain immediate insights into their skin and help build impactful digital skincare journeys, all while increasing customer purchasing confidence and sales for brands.”

Disclaimer: Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Simulation Technology is intended to provide customers with detailed information about their skin. AI Skin Simulation Technology does not intend to provide diagnosis, substitute of diagnosis, or any other medical advice to customers.

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