Feb 06, 2023

Perfect Corp. Partners with Precision Skin® by DermConcept to Launch SKIN ID, an AI-Powered Digital Skin Diagnostic Delivering Custom-Made Skincare Regimens to Consumers

Perfect Corp. Partners with Precision Skin® by DermConcept to Launch SKIN ID, an AI-Powered Digital Skin Diagnostic Delivering Custom-Made Skincare Regimens to Consumers

The first-of-its-kind lab to door skin care brand leverages real-time skin data and cutting-edge AI technology to create a truly personalised skincare e-commerce experience.

London, United Kingdom – February 6, 2023 - Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF), the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, has partnered with Precision Skin® by DermConcept to launch the first-ever AI Skin Diagnostic to deliver custom-made skincare products to consumers. Leveraging sophisticated active ingredients, as well as science-based formulations for various skin types, Precision Skin® provides customers with custom-made 3-in-1 skincare products consisting of day skincare, night skincare, and eye skincare. The innovative AI digital skin experience utilizes Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AI Skin Diagnostic technology to identify customer skin concerns and recommend personalised product formulations tailored to individual customer skin concerns and lifestyles.

AI-Powered Digital Skin Diagnostic Experience Delivers Custom Skincare Product Recommendations

The Precision Skin® SKIN ID experience consists of a short questionnaire followed by a thorough AI-skin analysis powered by Perfect Corp.’s cutting edge deep learning and AI technology. To begin, a consumer answers questions on their preferred skincare product textures, key skin concerns, as well as lifestyle habits. The user then receives the AI skin analysis, which delivers a detailed report on major skin concerns including moisture, pores, acne, spots, firmness, radiance, dark circles, droopy lower eyelids, wrinkles, texture, oiliness, redness, and eyebags. The AI analysis also provides the customer with an overall score for skin health. The Precision Skin® team then reviews the customer’s answers and AI skin data in order to create bespoke skincare formulas catered to each user’s skin. 

AI Technology Powering the Future of Personalised Skincare

“Personalisation is the future of skincare, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Precision Skin® by DermConcept on their SKIN ID experience,” said Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO Alice Chang, “With the power of AI technology, skincare customers can have bespoke product formulations created for them, with active ingredients that better address their unique skin concerns. Precision Skin® is delivering a truly unique and valuable experience by leveraging state-of-the-art AI to deliver custom-made skincare regimens.”

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About Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) is the leading SaaS AI and AR beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, dedicated to transforming shopping experiences through empowering brands to embrace the digital-first world. By partnering with the largest names in the industry, Perfect Corp.s suite of enterprise solutions deliver synergistic, technology-driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized, and engaging shopping journeys, as well as equipping brands with next generation of consumer goods. Perfect Corp. offers a complementary suite of mobile apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, to provide a consumer platform to virtually try-on new products, perform skin diagnoses, edit photos, and share experiences with the YouCam Community. To learn more, please visit  

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