May 30, 2024

Perfect Corp. Announces Beauty AI Assistant GPT Solutions at VivaTech Paris 2024

Perfect Corp. Announces Beauty AI Assistant GPT Solutions  at VivaTech Paris 2024

The PerfectGPT™ Generative AI solution offers consumers a highly personalized and interactive digital experience including the world's first AI Makeup Transfer and HD Skin Diagnosis solution.

Paris, France — May 30, 2024Perfect Corp., the leading AI and AR beauty and fashion technology provider and developer of Beautiful AI solutions, draws the curtain on 4 days of the 2024 Viva Technology trade show after announcing a range of new revolutionary solutions including the PerfectGPTTM framework - an AI beauty assistant powered by a natural GPT conversation function. The announcement attracted attendees interested in the latest innovations to the Perfect Corp. technology showcase booth.

Perfect Corp. unveiled the solutions at their first VivaTech press conference on day two of the event. The successful session attracted a number of media outlets interested in learning more about Perfect Corp.’s award-winning solutions. Several standout innovations were showcased at the conference:

1. PerfectGPTTM: A revolutionary AI assistant network

Perfect Corp. introduced its revolutionary PerfectGPTTM framework comprising two groundbreaking AI assistants set to transform the beauty industry:

BeautyGPTTM: This proprietarily trained AI makeup assistant is designed for beauty enthusiasts and makeup brands and utilizes advanced large language model technology. Key features include natural chat, virtual makeup try-ons, makeup recommendations based on facial attributes, foundation suggestions tailored to skin tone, interactive makeup tutorials, and personalized product/SKU recommendations.

SkincareGPT™: Also a proprietary trained AI assistant specifically designed for skincare. It offers a range of personalized tools for skincare customers, including natural chat for addressing specific skin concerns, new & hyper precise HD skin scanning technology and AI skin simulations allowing users to visualize expected results on their own faces through an AR experience. The tool promises to deliver a personalized and interactive consumer experience thanks to the power of AI.


Both solutions will be officially launched in the coming months.


2. World-First AI Makeup Transfer

This groundbreaking innovation completely revolutionizes the consumer experience of virtual makeup try-on. The first-of-its-kind technology extracts the makeup look from any reference image and seamlessly transfers it to the user's face photo using cutting-edge AR technology. 

The pioneering AI algorithm precisely extracts makeup shades, textures, patterns, and overall styles into an AR virtual look for users to try on instantly. Additionally, the AI solution accurately matches look colors with real-world cosmetics and delivers personalized recommendations for specific brand products.

3. Skin Tech Advancements with HD Skin Multi-Zone Analysis

Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AI Skin Analysis solution now offers high definition (HD) skin scans. This dermatologist-validated skin analysis solution now comes equipped with an improved user experience by delivering scans with 2x the accuracy and high precision in revealing more visual details in the scan results. The technology also boasts a multi-zone analysis capability to focus on specific skin areas. The update allows brands to offer even more personalized product recommendations tailored to their customers' unique skin conditions.

4. Jewelry & Watch VTOs with Multiple SKU Stacking in Real Time

Perfect Corp.’s high-end virtual try-on for jewelry and watches impressed visitors with its hyper-realistic renderings, multiple object stacking and extremely stable and precise tracking technology, powered by AgileHandTM. The impressive stacking capabilities allow users to try on multiple products simultaneously. Users are also able to switch fingers for rings. PBR (Physically Based Rendering) technology allows for lifelike light and material reflections, with watch try-ons even displaying the actual time.

The key takeaway from Perfect Corp.’s press conference at Viva Technology 2024 was the growing interest in Perfect Corp.’s next generation of Generative AI-powered solutions, particularly the Perfect GPTTM framework that promises enriched shopping experiences stemming from a natural chat feature. As we become more familiar with AI language models, consumers are beginning to reap the benefits of these technological innovations in the form of more personalized product recommendations in a seamless, natural and intuitive format. 


Visit our demo store to try out some of the technologies mentioned:


About Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) leverages ‘Beautiful AI’ innovations to make our world more beautiful. As a pioneer and leader in the space, Perfect Corp. works with over 600 partners around the globe to  empower brands to embrace the digital-first world by transforming shopping journeys through digital tech innovations.Perfect Corp.’s suite of enterprise solutions deliver synergistic, technology- driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized, and engaging shopping journeys through hyper-realistic virtual try-ons, AI-powered skin analyses, personalized product recommendation tools and many more Beautiful AI innovations.

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