Mar 12, 2024

Perfect Corp. Launches Highly Sought-After CRM Upgrade to Skincare Pro, the Holistic AI Skin Scanner Solution

Perfect Corp. Launches Highly Sought-After CRM Upgrade to Skincare Pro, the Holistic AI Skin Scanner Solution

The upgrade enables med spas and aesthetic clinics to manage customer profiles, track treatment progress, and communicate better with customers.

New York, New York — March 12, 2024 Perfect Corp., the leading AI and AR beauty and fashion technology provider and developer of ‘Beautiful AI’ solutions, today announced a groundbreaking advancement in its Skincare Pro app: the seamless integration of a cloud-based, comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This innovative development will allow med spas, clinics, and other skincare businesses to improve their skin consultations significantly. The all-new cloud-based CRM features include Customer Profile Management, Automatic Skin Report History, Before-and-After Comparison, Cloud Dashboard, and Remote Management.

The new CRM upgrade for Perfect Corp's Skincare Pro app revolutionizes skincare management for med spas and clinics, allowing for comprehensive customer profile management, treatment progress tracking, and enhanced communication capabilities. By seamlessly integrating a cloud-based CRM system, skincare professionals can now access features such as customer profile management, automatic cloud-based skin report history, and before-and-after comparisons, ensuring a more personalized and efficient client experience while maintaining HIPAA compliance. This innovative update transforms skincare consultations with Skincare Pro from one-time assessments to comprehensive journeys, enabling professionals to provide personalized recommendations, track treatment effectiveness, and optimize client satisfaction through data-driven adjustments.

Previously, the Skincare Pro app provided valuable one-time skin analyses for clients, offering them insight into their skin health at a specific moment. However, with the addition of the CRM system, skincare professionals now have access to a powerful suite of tools that transform the client experience, taking it from a single snapshot of their skin health at any given time to a comprehensive overview of their skin improvement journey. The tool is fully compliant with HIPAA, and ensures user data is treated with the utmost security and protection. 

Effortless and Secure Customer Data and Storage Management

The new update allows for client profiles, including skin reports, treatment progress, and purchase records, to be automatically stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based system. This streamlined approach eliminates manual data entry and ensures easy organization and accessibility, maximizing efficiency for busy professionals.

Personalized Recommendations and Treatment Plans

With complete access to a client's skin report history, skincare specialists can gain a deeper understanding of each individual's unique needs and concerns. This invaluable knowledge empowers them to provide personalized recommendations, create tailored treatment plans, and deliver a level of service that exceeds client expectations.

Data-driven Progress Tracking and Optimization

The integrated CRM system allows professionals to move beyond one-time assessments and track the effectiveness of treatments over time. By analyzing score detection trends across up to 14 different skin concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, moisture, etc, professionals can make data-driven adjustments to treatment plans, ensuring optimal results and maximizing client satisfaction.

"This groundbreaking integration represents a paradigm shift in the way personalized skincare is delivered," says Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang. "By equipping skincare professionals with the tools they need to delve deeper into their clients' individual journeys, we are fostering a more engaged and ultimately, more successful patient-provider experience. This advancement underscores Perfect Corp.'s commitment to empowering the skincare industry with cutting-edge technologies that elevate both the practitioner's expertise and the client's overall experience."

The Skincare Pro app with integrated CRM is available now for download on iOS devices, empowering skincare professionals to embrace the future of personalized skin care:

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