Taobao Mini-program

Increase brand engagement and deliver personalized online shopping experience with innovative AI + AR beauty technology.

Increase your e-commerce sales with our Taobao Mini Program

Our innovative AI + AR beauty technology in Taobao Mini Programs will help Taobao beauty sellers drive online sales and keep consumers engaged in a new virtually connected way that invites discovery and experimentation. Bring customized, interactive beauty experiences to your consumers.
Boost Purchases
Realistic AI&AR virtual try-on allows consumers to try more products before the buy, leading to higher sales.
AI-Powered Shopping Journey
Enable truly personalized shopping experience, complete with smart foundation matching and skincare recommendations.
Product Management Tools
An online console with comprehensive tools to cross manage your virtual SKUs and products in your Taobao store.

AR & AI-Powered Tool for Beauty and Skincare Brands

Virtual Makeup Try-on, AI Skin Analysis, and AI Smart Shade Finder powered by machine learning will allow consumers to try on makeup products in real time and receive accurate skin diagnostic assessment of their skin concerns.

Virtual Makeup

A complete Makeover Experience
Hyper-realistic virtual augmented reality makeup try-on experience that rivals a physical one. Consumers can choose between 7 different lipstick textures, as well as try on eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, concealer, and more to find their most favorite product.

AI Skin Analysis

Real-Time Skin Analysis Tool via Live Camera Mode
AI Skin Analysis feature for Taobao mini program allows beauty consumers to get an instant skin analysis to track spots, wrinkles, moisture, redness, oiliness, texture, and dark circles and receive personalized recommendations for a skincare routine that meets their specific skin concerns.
Luminous Silk

AI Smart Shade Finder

Taking Personalized Beauty to the next level
AI Smart Shade Finder feature for Taobao mini programs detects nearly 90,000 skin tones with unlimited grades from light to dark, as well as unlimited undertones from warm to cool. AI foundation match finder also gives consumers personalized product recommendations to purchase their ideal foundation shade.

Customized Taobao Mini Program App&SDK

Level Up Your Mini Program with Advanced AI & AR Beauty Tech
Provide interactive and immersing customer experience using our customizable Mini Program app and SDK. The most powerful AI & AR beauty technology tailored to your specific needs.

Let’s build a success story together

Engage with customers through our Taobao Mini-program, using interactive beauty AR to better promote your brand.
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