WeChat Mini-program

Increase brand engagement and deliver personalized shopping experience through interactive beauty AR

Grow your online business with our WeChat Mini Program app

We help beauty brands grow their business in WeChat Mini Programs by delivering on the interactive and personalized beauty journey that the modern consumers want. Your customers can discover and buy beauty products all in one platform with innovative AI + AR beauty technology
Interactive Product Try-Ons
Advanced AR technology enables true-to-life vitrual makeup and hair color try-ons, delivering a unique interactive journey.
Personalized Beauty Experience
AI technology helps brands learn more about their customers unique skin concerns, leading to a fluid skincare experience.
Modular mini programs are equipped to provide several virtual beauty services in multiple categories with minimal development efforts.

AR & AI-Powered Tool for Beauty and Skincare Brands

With the hyper-realistic Virtual makeup, AI Shade Finder and AI Skin Analysis solutions, consumers will be able to instantly try on makeup products, receive accurate skin diagnostic assessment of their skin concerns and easily find their ideal foundation shade directly on your eCommerce platform.

Virtual Makeup

A complete Makeover Experience
A complete Makeover Experience Hyper-realistic makeovers powered by revolutionary 3D face AR technology, creating an unparalleled digital beauty experience. Customers have the freedom to mix and match any of your brand's products, or try on one product at a time

AI Skin Analysis

Real-Time Skin Diagnostic Tool via Live camera Mode
AI Skin Analysis feature for WeChat mini program app allows beauty consumers to get an instant skin analysis to track spots, wrinkles, moisture, redness, oiliness, texture, and dark circles and receive personalized recommendations for a skincare routine that meets their specific skin concerns.
Skin Health
Dark Circles
Luminous Silk

AI Smart Shade Finder

Taking Personalized Beauty to the next level
Smart AI foundation matching for every skin tone re- imagines how beauty shoppers find their perfect foundation shade through the use of advanced AI and deep learning, which allows WeChat users to virtually try-on multiple foundation shades and receive personalized product recommendations based on their results.

Customized WeChat Mini Program App&SDK

Level Up Your Mini Program with Advanced AI & AR Beauty Tech
Level Up Your Mini Program with Advanced AI & AR Beauty Tech Easily develop your Mini Program app and provide interactive and immersing customer experience on all channels using our customizable WeChat Mini Program app and SDK. The most powerful AI & AR beauty technology tailored to your specific needs.

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Engage with customers through our WeChat Mini-program, using interactive beauty AR to better promote your brand.
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