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AR Virtual Makeup for Google and YouTube

Seamlessly Inject Brand Partners’ AR Makeup SKUs into Google Search and YouTube

Set Up Once, Bring Makeup AR Everywhere

All your AR makeup effects created with YouCam are now available to all Google Search users and YouTube viewers too. Provides beauty brands an easy way to select and publish their own virtual SKUs with the same level of AR rending quality of product shades, textures, reflections, and makeup patterns.

AR Virtual Makeup Try-on in YouTube

Perfect's brand partners can now publish existing virtual SKUs directly to YouTube's AR experience. Allowing beauty brands to embed virtual AR try-on into organic videos as well as InStream video ads.

'Watch, Try, and Shop' YouTube Experience

Bring your latest virtual beauty products (via Perfect's Brand Console) into YouTube. Let your viewers enjoy a highly immersive viewing experience combining interactive AR virtual try-on, video content, and online shopping in YouTube.
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AR Virtual Makeup Try-on for Google Search

Google Search virtual try-on powered by YouCam Makeup AR technologies is now available on the Perfect Brand Console. Bring your products to life through interactive AR virtual try-on and let users effortlessly try virtually, then buy after 'googling' it.

'Search, Try, and Shop' Google Experience

After users search for your beauty product, a “Virtual Try-On” button is natively integrated within the Google Knowledge Panel. The button instantly enables AR virtual try-on on the same page alongside purchase information.
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Products available for AR Virtual Makeup for Google and YouTube

Let us help you extend product exposures with AR virtual try-on through Google and YouTube

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