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Cutera Uses Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis Solution to guide patients to practices with Cutera Medical Aesthetic Devices

“With Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis, physicians can precisely track the progress they are making with a patient that they are treating with a Cutera device.”
Paul Broomell
Vice President of Information Technology
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AI Skin Analysis
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Building awareness across its product line
Helping patients find the best treatment options and providers to address their skin concerns
Providing precise feedback to practices after device use
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Cutera was founded in 1998 by veteran laser and optical engineers with a vision of offering best-in-class solutions for achieving superior outcomes in medical aesthetics.

For Cutera, the goal is simple: define the leading medical aesthetics with devices that appeal to forward-thinking clinicians who need the highest level of performance, safety, and efficacy in their practices. Cutera continues to introduce game-changing technology to address a wide range of face and body medical aesthetic applications. Cutera’s goal is to better serve a physician’s patients and business while enabling them to seize a valuable market opportunity.

The company’s AviClear device received its FDA-clearance in 2022, and was the first-of-its-kind to feature a new, novel 1726 nm wavelength for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe acne vulgaris.

To pair along with this new, novel technology, Cutera was interested in demonstrating the treatment efficacy of AviClear and its other skin revitalization aesthetic devices with an AI-based solution on its new customer and patient-facing app.


The company tested Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis solution and was quickly impressed with its capabilities for evaluating skin health and skin age.

Perfect Corp. is the leader in providing artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for the beauty industry.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis technology helps consumers precisely track skin concerns—and understand their skin’s progress and improvement with regimens and treatment plans.

“We are using Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis to help identify skin concerns and provide treatment options. We also use it as a way to document the skin improvements that occur over the course of the treatment regimen of AviClear and other devices,” says Paul Broomell, Vice President of Information Technology at Cutera.

In addition to documenting skin improvement across the duration of treatment, Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis also helps quantifiably measure skin health across a range of skin conditions—from acne and wrinkles, to redness, moisture, spots, dark circles, and other skin conditions.

“We’ve mapped the skin concerns measured by the Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis to each one of our devices, which can be used to treat these concerns,” says Melissa Hanson, Mobile and Services Developer at Cutera.

To boost product awareness and to help connect consumers with physicians who use Cutera devices for specific skin concerns, Cutera provides Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis from its mobile app. Users can see their top skin concerns, which Cutera device  are used to treat them, as well as find Cutera providers in their area that offer the treatment.


Cutera found several benefits in working with Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis technology, including:

·       Helping patients find the best treatment options and providers to address their skin concerns

·       Increasing patient conversion - 40% of users who try AI Skin Analysis move forward with AviClear treatment

·       Providing precise feedback to practices after device use

·       Building awareness across its product line  

Helping Patients Find the Best Treatment for Skin Concerns

Cutera is a pioneer in creating precision technology for dermatologists to use in treating a spectrum of skin concerns. By incorporating Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis, Cutera makes it easier for providers to choose the optimal Cutera device based on the skin concern.

Cutera’s AviClear technology treats acne and helps improve the skin’s condition

By making the same AI-enabled Perfect Corp. technology available to individuals via its mobile app, Cutera can give consumers the ability to make the same discoveries, and then find a local Cutera provider offering a treatment or service that matches the concerns in their skin health assessment.

“AI Skin Analysis makes it easy for consumers to identify their skin concerns, and then find a physician using the best Cutera device for treatment,” Broomell says. “A classic example of this would be finding a dermatologist using our AviClear device to treat acne.”

40% of Users Who Try AI Skin Analysis Get an AviClear Treatment

Cutera is impressed with consumer interest in its AI Skin Analysis, especially when seeking a treatment for moderate and severe acne.

“We’ve found that so far 30% of our registered iOS users have tried our Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis,” says Hanson. “And 40% of those who use AI Skin Analysis, actually go on to get treatment from a physician using our AviClear device.”

Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis helps physicians and their patients find the best Cutera device to address skin concerns.

Helping Physicians Document the Benefits of their Treatments

Providers benefit from incorporating AI Skin Analysis metrics with their use of Cutera products because it allows them to document results—including photographs and AI Skin Analysis skin scores at each stage of the treatment.

“With Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis, patients can precisely track the progress they are making with a with a Cutera device,” says Guy Thier, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Cutera. “Pateints can see firsthand how their skin has improved over the course of a treatment series.”

Documenting progress is especially helpful as treatment results are often achieved after a series of treatments spaced several weeks apart.

“Depending on the issue being treated, the benefits to the skin may occur over a period of months,” Broomell says. “It can be reassuring for a patient to see the steady improvement in their skin scores via the Perfect Corp. AI Skin analysis during the period of treatment.”

Precision Feedback for Device Use

The Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis provides such precise metrics that Cutera is using the data to fine-tune the guidance it provides to physicians on device usage across conditions and skin types.

“The Perfect Corp. skin scores are providing us with data we can use to fine-tune the clinical and operational guidance we provide to physicians on our devices,” Thier says. “Based on age, gender and acne severity, for example, we can recommend device settings and duration of treatment. The correlation between the Perfect Corp. scores and what doctors report for a patient’s acne severity and other indications are strong. This helps us provide greater precision for our recommended treatment protocols.”

Building Awareness Across its Product Line

By offering Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis in a consumer-facing manner from its mobile app, Cutera is building awareness of the robust line of devices it offers to providers.

“Our first interest in using AI Skin Analysis was to promote awareness of our AviClear device for treating acne,” says Broomell. “We also see it as a powerful awareness tool for the rest of our product portfolio, which includes energy-based treatments for muscle building, fat reduction, wrinkles, tattoos, and other skin concerns.”

Cutera celebrates its years of excellence.

Perfect Corp. Provides the Best AI Skin Analysis Technology

Ever since discovering AI Skin Analysis, Cutera has found Perfect Corp. to be a great company to work with.

“We were immediately struck by the ease of use of the Perfect Corp. technology,” Hanson says. “They sent over a demo app. I tried it myself, and the results were amazing. In addition to having great AI/AR technology, Perfect Corp. is extremely responsive whenever we have a question. I’ve been able to work closely with their developers. They have been a great partner for Cutera.”

About Perfect Corp.

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