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Luxury Skincare Brand Sees 53% Increase in Average Order Value When Consumers Scan Face with Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis

"We see a 53% increase in average order value when our consumers use Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis to scan their face."
Luxury Skincare Brand
Senior Marketing Executive
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AI Skin Analysis
53% increase in average order value
Educating consumers: “Bridging the gap between going to one of our spas and shopping online”
Longer time spent on site

Situation: Helping Consumers Find the Best Skin Products

A leading luxury skin wellness brand wanted to deploy a skin diagnostics application using artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to help its consumers find the best products to address their skin concerns.

“Consumers are often overwhelmed by the vast number of skincare options available to them,” said a senior marketing executive at the skincare brand. “We needed an AI/AR solution that would give consumers the ability to see their actual skin conditions, and  that could then recommend the best products to meet their skin concerns.”

Solution: Perfect Corp.’s  Real-Time AI Skin Analysis

The brand knew the best solution was Perfect Corp.’s  Real-Time AI Skin Analysis.  Perfect Corp. has harnessed its AI and AR expertise to create its Real-Time AI Skin Analysis, which builds on the company’s earlier award-winning AI Skin Analysis solution.

The luxury skincare brand launched its AI skin analysis tool as a mobile app accessed from their website, as well as from QR codes placed on promotions and products. Initially deployed in the UK and the U.S., the brand plans to continue rolling out the solution to more of their global customer base.

The easy-to-use mobile app allows consumers to scan their face in real time or upload a photo. The Perfect Corp. technology provides the consumer with an overall skin score as well as individual scores for a range of skin conditions  including wrinkles, firmness, redness, dark spots, moisture, pores and texture. 

“The scores help our consumers decide on which skin elements they would like to address, and the app matches them with our products which can help them meet their goals,” the senior marketing executive for the skincare brand says. “This greatly simplifies what can otherwise be an overwhelming search for skin products.”


The luxury skincare brand has found a number of benefits in working with Perfect Corp.’s Real-Time AI Skin Analysis technology, including:

· 53% increase in average order value

· Longer time spent on site

· Educating consumers: “Bridging the gap between going to one of our spas and shopping online”

· “Providing a truly personalized experience for our consumers”

· Measurable results through skin scores

53% Increase in Average Order Value

Consumers have embraced the company’s use of Perfect Corp. skin analysis, which shows up as increased sales. “We see a 53% increase in average order value when consumers use our Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis to scan their face,” the executive says. “We find increased sales of some of our top products recommended to boost skin scores.

The executive adds: “We have a targeted treatment for the entire range of concerns that people have. This allows consumers to really target in on the specific things that that are bothering them.”

Longer Time Spent on Site

The brand finds that consumers that engage with the AI Skin Analysis spend a longer time on their website. “Our AI skin analysis is a great resource, people love playing around with it, looking at their scores,” the executive says. “We see the same excitement internally. Our people are just as excited as our consumers with the realism and the ability to numerically quantify different  elements of their skin’s condition.” In addition to enjoying the immersive experience, consumers spend more time on site as they explore the different products suggested for addressing whichever skin condition they want to address.

Educating Consumers: “Bridging the Gap Between Going into One of Our Spas and Shopping Online”

Educating consumers about their skin condition is a driving force behind the brand’s deployment of AI Skin Analysis. “The education piece is key to our mission,” the executive says. “We want to help consumers discover the true nature of their skin in a way that's going to be beneficial for them.”

The company has plenty of knowledge to share. The company’s beauty advisors in its spas have long been able to help a consumer choose the right product for their skin concerns, but the AI Skin Analysis extends this same wealth of knowledge to online shoppers.

“We see our AI Skin Analysis tool as bridging the gap between enjoying the expertise of our in-person beauty advisors, and consumers shopping for our products online,” the executive says.

“Providing a Truly Personalized Experience for Our Consumers”

The luxury skincare brand uses its AI Skin Analysis to provide a personalized experience for its consumers. “It is important to enable a truly personalized experience for our consumers,” the executive says. “We offer the precise must-have regimen based on the skin analysis, but if a consumer has a particular concern, such as pores or redness, they can tap their concern to get a truly targeted regimen. The consumer is in control of the skincare regimen recommended to them.”

This targeting is helpful because of the specificity with which the brand is able to recommend skin care solutions. “We have over 1,000 different permutations of regimens that we offer,” the executive says. “Based on the four questions we ask prior to the scan, and the results of the skin scan, we can provide guidance truly personalized to the consumer.”

Measurable Results with Skin Scores

The same precision with which AI Skin Analysis can detect consumer needs can later be used to demonstrate improvements in skin health. “We want our consumers to come back and look at their skin scores after they've started to use our products,” the executive says. “We know our products can make a difference, and the AI Skin Analysis provides a numerical basis for gauging improvements. Whether concerned with uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or any other area, consumers can actually measure how our products have helped to improve their skin health.”

QR Code Access Supports Omnichannel Communications

The brand takes advantage of the QR code access to its AI Skin Analysis tool to support its omnichannel communications with consumers.

“We use the QR code access to the tool in our emails, text messages, and other channels we use to communicate with our consumers and alert them to sales—including for products they’ve expressed interest in while on the site,” the executive says. “We’re expanding the use of our QR codes into stores. If a consumer is standing in front of a product gondola, we want them to be able to pull out their smartphone, and use the QR code to do a skin analysis. They can decide right then and there which products they would like to buy.”

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