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Perfect Corp. Helps Skincare Brand Marianna Naturals Boost Website Traffic 300%, Dwell Time by 330% & Sales by 30%

“As soon as I saw what Perfect Corp. had created for us, I said: Wow! … Since deploying our skin diagnostics tool we’ve seen our sales increase by more than 30%.”
Heather Marianna
Director & Co-Founder of Marianna Naturals, and Founder of Beauty Kitchen
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AI Skin Analysis
300% boost in website traffic
330% increase in website dwell time
More than a 30% increase in sales
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When it comes to skincare, Marianna Naturals® believes that 100% natural is the way to go. It all began when Heather Marianna became a sensation with the launch of her Beauty Kitchen YouTube series in 2012. Viewers were entranced with how she used common household kitchen ingredients to create simple do-it-yourself beauty recipes—without the use of preservatives, parabens, or sulfates.

Marianna Naturals was launched to bring these natural (and cruelty-free) products, which are handmade fresh at its facilities in the United States, to a wider audience, and at an affordable price.

The company’s collection of natural skincare products works so well that Marianna Naturals wanted to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) into its website to perform skin diagnostics, provide product recommendations, and to allow users to track the progress that their products produced.

To do this, they knew that an exceptional AI and AR platform would be required.

“There is a sea of skin-care companies out there, and we wanted to be at the forefront. This meant deploying the highest-quality AI and augmented reality, to stand out from the other companies,” says Joel DeBellefeuille, Co-Founder, President & CEO of Marianna Naturals. “We needed industry-leading AI and AR.”


Marianna Naturals researched AI and AR platforms, and found the very best with Perfect Corp. and the Perfect Corp. YouCam AR platform. Perfect Corp. combines powerful AI with its industry-leading AR to provide stunningly lifelike results.

How did DeBellefeuille find Perfect Corp.?

“I literally typed into Google ‘technology and beauty’ and I kept finding great things about Perfect Corp.,” he says. “Their technology looked like exactly what we needed, so I contacted them, which turned out to be a very good thing to do.”

Perfect Corp. engineers created a skin diagnostics tool for Marianna Naturals to provide users with real-time skincare analysis. Perfect Corp. developed the technology utilizing AR and AI to scan the user’s face within seconds (from either a mobile device or computer) and provide an instant detailed analysis. This is paired with a recommended custom skincare regime selected from Marianna Natural’s products.

The solution uses deep learning technology to precisely analyze four key elements: wrinkles, spots, skin texture, and dark circles.

The accuracy of the skin diagnostics, combined with the efficacy of the suggested Marianna Naturals products, along with the ability for users to re-scan their face to see the changes that the products make over time has proven to be a winning combination.

Marianna Naturals was impressed when Perfect Corp. was able to create the solution and allow them to go live with both computers and mobile devices within just 45 days.

“As soon as I saw what Perfect Corp. had created for us, I said: ‘Wow!’” says Heather Marianna, Director and Co-Founder of Marianna Naturals, and Founder of Beauty Kitchen. “The diagnostics were so precise, we saw we could use this on our website, as well as on iPads in our stores.”

The Perfect Corp. technology further allowed Marianna Naturals to personalize its offerings to provide custom recommendations to meet the needs of each consumer.

“It was important for us to create an interactive online experience for our customers who crave customization and personalization,” says DeBellefeuille. “Working with Perfect Corp. we created an innovative solution that allows consumers to enjoy the luxury of shopping safely online without having to sacrifice the human touch of a personalized recommendation based on their skin care needs.”

Marianna Naturals taps into nature to create its skin products.

Marianna Naturals has found several benefits since deploying the Perfect Corp.-powered skin diagnostics technology, including:

  • Finding that Perfect Corp.’s AI + AR = Personalization
  • More than a 30% increase in sales
  • 300% boost in website traffic
  • 330% increase in website dwell time
  • The luxury of testing your skin from home
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Perfect Corp. “A great company to work with”

AI + AR = Personalization

Marianna Naturals is impressed with how completely their skin diagnostics tool resonates with their customers.

“The artificial intelligence and augmented reality that Perfect Corp. has built into our skin diagnostics tool works so well that it really has an impact on our customers,” Marianna says. “They see the results as being highly personalized because it isn’t just someone behind a counter suggesting a product. They see the recommendations as being precisely based upon this digital analysis of their own skin.”

The deep customer satisfaction is also a testament to the quality of Marianna Naturals products, and the accuracy with which products are matched to the results of the skin diagnostics tool. Additionally, over time customers can see improvement to their skin via the same skin diagnostics tool.

 “We have customers who are reality stars, celebrities, and influencers who post their own screen shots—on multiple occasions,” Marianna says. “They post their skin scores from our diagnostics tool, show the recommendations, and at how great our products look on them. There is a lot of excitement about how well our diagnostics tool integrates with our products.”

Purifying pores with kaolin clay.

More than 30% Increase in Sales: “Just About Every Customer Who Scans Their Skin, Buys Product”

The personalized recommendations generated by Marianna Natural’s skin diagnostics tool translate into increased sales.

Since deploying our skin diagnostics tool we’ve seen our sales increase by more than 30%,” Marianna says. “Just about everyone who scans their skin, buys products. I believe it is the combination of the tool generating actual recommendations based upon the scan, along with the fact they can actually track their progress in enhancing their skin.”

The company’s full spectrum of customers is enjoying using the skin diagnostics tool that was created by Perfect Corp. and tracking improvements in their skin scores through using Marianna Naturals.

“I’m thinking of two older women in particular who have been using our products for quite some time,” Marianna says. “They are friends and they both got a recommendation for our Superior Mushroom Facial Serum, and our Collagen Eye Gel. They have already repurchased twice. They say they can see their scores getting better and better.”

The company has also seen increased sales when using the skin diagnostics tool in physical locations.

“Our stores and our pop-up locations also increase sales where we have iPads for our skin diagnostics tool,” Marianna says. “This is because customers are getting real-time results and then the products are readily there on the shelf for them to buy.”

Finding beauty in mushrooms and other natural ingredients 

300% Boost in Website Traffic & 330% Increase in Dwell Time

Tracking metrics from before and after introducing its skin diagnostics tool, Marianna Naturals has seen a tripling in its website traffic and in the time visitors are spending on site.

“We can see the metrics for people who come to our site and use our skin diagnostics tool, so we can absolutely credit the tool with what has been a 300% boost in the traffic to our website,” says DeBellefeuille. “We have also seen that visitors who engage with our skin diagnostics tool spend 330% longer on the site than those who don’t.”

“We hear from people who use our skin diagnostics tool multiple times per day,” says Marianna. “People are loving it. There seems to be a strong fun factor, plus the precision is so good that they can track the progress they make by checking their latest skin score.”

The power of Honey & Oats

The Luxury of Testing Your Skin from Home: “They have complete freedom in when and how to use it.”

While Marianna Naturals offers its skin diagnostics tools from iPads in its stores, the company feels that customers especially appreciate their ability to use the skin diagnostics tool from their home, or wherever else they might be.

“Integrating the skin diagnostics tool into our website has helped our customers not only by recommending the best skin regimes, for their skin texture, wrinkles, dark spots, or eye issues, but also by giving them the ability to do this from anywhere,” Marianna says. “They can do it from our stores, from their office, from their home, even while sitting up in bed. They have complete freedom in when and how to use it.”

The ability to use the skin diagnostics tool from home also provides privacy for those who might be sensitive about their skin.

“With our skin diagnostics tool you can get your skin analyzed, receive specific product recommendations, and order them—all from the comfort of your home.”

Industry-Leading AI & AR Technology

Marianna Naturals likes that they can tap into the same industry-leading AI and AR technology that Perfect Corp. provides to much larger companies.

“We know that Perfect Corp. works with some of the largest global beauty brands,” DeBellefeuille says. “We are getting a big competitive advantage by tapping into this same technology as a much smaller company. We believe we will be the only skincare company in Canada to make use of AI-powered AR in the way that we are. Our customers are already eagerly embracing what we are doing with this technology and our products. Working with Perfect Corp. will keep us, and our customers, at the leading edge of beauty technology.”

Great mission for great products.

Perfect Corp.: “A Great Company to Work With”

Both DeBellefeuille and Marianna are impressed with how easy and efficiently they’ve found working with Perfect Corp. “Perfect Corp.’s team worked very well with our team,” DeBellefeuille says. “Everything went smoothly, and we were up and running quickly.”

The smooth teamwork continues. “I’ve taught our graphics person how to do the skin scoring, and how I want it done for each product,” Marianna says. “So now when I want to add a product, they just whip up the spreadsheet, send it over to Perfect Corp., and it's done. Perfect Corp. is a great company to work with.”

About Perfect Corp.
With over 900  Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together through advanced AI and AR technologies. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future—a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands. Further information about Perfect Corp.  can be found at

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