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RegimenPro Sees +55% Increase in New Affiliates by Using Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis to Empower Dermatologists to Customize Skincare Regimens

“RegimenLogic, our skincare assessment, powered by Perfect Corp AI, allows our dermatologists to expand their skincare sales beyond the number of patients they can see in a day.”
Jodi Nightingale
Chief Revenue Officer
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AI Skin Analysis
+22% Increase in Client Registrations
+55% Increase in New Affiliates
Streamlined Client Visits

Situation: Tightening the Bond Between Dermatologists and Their Patients 

RegimenPro® was founded by Dr. Patricia Farris and Dr. Ruth Tedaldi, two highly respected dermatologists and co-founders committed to helping patients take an active role in their skincare. With their combined knowledge in the field of dermatology, RegimenPro was founded to provide personalized regimens to individuals with a focus on keeping physicians and their patients connected along the patients’ skincare journey.

An e-commerce platform, RegimenPro gives dermatologists a secure platform to send their patients to for purchasing their recommended skincare products. Patients benefit by logging on to find the exact products their dermatologist recommended. Dermatologists benefit because they can see which products their patients actually ordered, while also earning a commission from each sale—while avoiding the expense of maintaining their own inventory.

To enhance the experience, RegimenPro wanted to add an AI/AR-powered skin analysis solution—linking findings to the specific recommendations from each dermatologist.

Solution: Using Perfect Corp.’s  Real-Time AI Skin Analysis 

After evaluating five companies, RegimenPro selected Perfect Corp.’s Real-Time AI Skin Analysis technology. Perfect Corp. is the leader in providing AI/AR solutions for the beauty industry. 

 Perfect Corp. has harnessed its AI and AR expertise to create its Real-Time AI Skin Analysis, which builds on the company’s earlier award-winning AI Skin Analysis solution.

RegimenPro worked closely with Perfect Corp. in creating its solution: RegimenLogic® AI SkinCare Assessment. While they considered other companies, they found that Perfect Corp. was the strongest with which to work.

“We looked at four other companies,” says Jodi Nightingale, Chief Revenue Officer at RegimenPro. “We immediately saw that Perfect Corp. was the first mover in the area of AI/AR for beauty with a long history and a lot of expertise. 

Nightingale says RegimenPro was also impressed that Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis provided 12 diagnostic outputs, covering a range of skin conditions.

 “Perfect Corp. had far more outputs than anyone else,” Nightingale says. “And we were very impressed by the precision of the analysis. Our company was founded by dermatologists, so we have always been science-based and evidence-based. The data about the accuracy of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis from Dr. Feldman at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, really sealed the deal for us.”

Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine published a report in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment confirming the effectiveness of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology in evaluating skin characteristics in dermatology practice and medical spa settings.

“Seeing Dr. Feldman’s work was impressive,” Nightingale says. “His report made it a no-brainer to go with Perfect Corp.”

RegimenPro offers its e-commerce platform to dermatologists for free. During an onboarding process a dermatologist lists their preferred products for each of the 12 skin conditions  analyzed by the RegimenLogic AI SkinCare Assessment (which includes areas such as skin redness, dryness, wrinkles, dark circles, acne, skin firmness, radiance, and other skin concerns). 

Rather than single products, dermatologists can list a full regimen of products for any given skin condition. 

“If we looked at one thousand dermatologists, they might each have their own regimen of treatment and products for each skin condition,” Nightingale says. “Our skin analysis, combined with a few quick questions, enables our algorithm to show a client the regimen of products recommended by their own dermatologist.”

Dermatologists can point their patients to the RegimenPro portal to take the RegimenLogic SkinCare Assessment when making an appointment, or have the client take the skin analysis on their phone upon arrival at their office, prior to seeing their doctor.


RegimenPro has found a number of benefits in working with Perfect Corp.’s Real-Time AI Skin Analysis technology, including:

  • Providing trustworthy, validated results
  • Streamlining client visits 
  • +55% Increase in New Affiliates (Physician Offices)
  • +22% Increase in client registrations
  • Helping dermatologists stay connected with their patients
  • Engaging with patients between appointments

Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analysis: “Providing Trustworthy, Validated Results”

RegimenPro knew it needed to provide dermatologists with precision analysis, which is what they found using Perfect Corp. technology to create their RegimenLogic AI SkinCare Assessment solution. 

“If I go to dermatologists and say we've got this cool AI thing, they might not take me seriously,” Nightingale says. “But if I say Dr. Steven Feldman, at Wake Forest University did a comparative analysis, there's credibility and weight to that. They can see we are providing trustworthy, validated results.”

RegimenPro recently had the opportunity to see their own validation, while visiting a  dermatologist whose office had a $35,000 imaging device. The device took up space, and was cumbersome for patients to use.

“We compared its findings to what our RegimenLogic found, and the outputs were exactly the same across all skin concerns,” Nightingale says. “The dermatologist was impressed. RegimenPro doesn’t take up any office space, it is simply their patients’ phone.”

Additional validation came when RegimenPro introduced its RegimenLogic AI SkinCare Assessment at a tradeshow for dermatologists.

“Normally you have to chase doctors down to get them to talk with you,” Nightingale says. “But we had dermatologists lining up several deep at our booth. Everyone wanted to try it. Later we would see them sitting in the back of the room during sessions, trading their photos and skin analysis results with others. It was fun to see their excitement about the precision of our tech.”

Streamlining Client Visits: “I Took the SkinCare Analysis and Have Already Purchased All the Products You Recommended”

Having patients take their skin analysis prior to their appointment has streamlined client visits for dermatologists.

“When a client confirms an appointment, the front desk asks them to register with RegimenPro, and take our RegimenLogic SkinCare Assessment prior to their appointment,” Nightingale says. “If they arrive for an appointment and haven’t had the chance to do the assessment, they are asked to do so upon arrival. This way the doctor will already have their skin analysis results when the appointment begins.”

This allows the dermatologist to immediately address the client’s concerns, and  helps dermatologists see more patients per day. Dermatologist patients want to discuss skincare, by providing them with a skincare assessment and their doctor’s recommendation prior to seeing their dermatologist streamlines the appointment.

“We hear of patients who begin their appointment by saying: ‘Hey Doctor, I took my skincare analysis, and bought all the products you recommended. Where do we go from here?’” Nightingale says. “This allows the dermatologist to go straight into whatever in- person analysis and guidance they want to provide.”

+55% Increase in Physician Offices Working with RegimenPro

RegimenPro, and the dermatologists it serves, have seen a significant increase in products sold since deployment of the company’s Perfect Corp.-powered RegimenLogic AI SkinCare Assessment technology.

Nightingale attributes this to the onboarding process in which dermatologists are invited to provide a complete product regimen for each skin condition.

“We wanted to provide a complete regimen so a client wouldn’t have to look anywhere else to meet their needs,” Nightingale says. “While some patients might just purchase the core products recommended, others want a full regimen including a cleanser, toner, clarifying mask, hydrating treatment, vitamins, serums and other products, so we encourage dermatologists to include eight or more products for each regimen. This puts all options at the client’s finger tips, and the result has been a boost in basket size.”

Since launching the AI skin analysis experience, RegimenPro has observed a +55% increase in physician office affiliate partners and a +22% increase in patients registering with RegimenPro to find their perfect skincare regimen.

Quantifiable Results

Dermatologists and their patients value the fact that with RegimenLogic AI SkinCare Assessment, quantifiable progress can be tracked through improvements in skin scores for whichever conditions are being addressed. 

“Our skin scores enable patients to actually see their conditions improve through following a dermatologist’s regimen of care,” Nightingale says. “This can be highly motivating and satisfying.”

Helping Dermatologist Stay Connected with Their Patients Throughout the Skincare Journey 

RegimenPro and the company’s Perfect Corp.-powered RegimenLogic AI SkinCare Assessment helps dermatologists deepen their connection throughout a client’s skincare journey.

A significant connection point is created when the dermatologist directs patients to the RegimenPro portal. Registration includes entering the dermatologist’s name (as the site isn’t open to the public), and a checkbox enables them to share results with their dermatologist.

“Each client has their own secure profile, allowing their dermatologist, with permission, to see which of their recommended products have been purchased,” Nightingale says. “Keeping the physician connected to the patient throughout their skincare journey is so critical, because they can see what the patient's actually using, and know that they're on the right path. And if something’s not going well, they can see how closely a regimen is being followed, and can suggest if something needs to be changed.  All of this helps the dermatologist to stay connected with their patients as they guide them through their skincare journey.”

Engaging with Patients Between Appointments

Dermatologists value RegimenPro and its AI-powered skin diagnostics for the way it helps them remain engaged with customers between appointments—which might be a year or more apart.

“A dermatologist could send out an e-mail with the change of each season, suggesting it is time to begin a new moisturizing regimen to match the change in climate, or perhaps addressing skin concerns during allergy seasons,” Nightingale says. “Because the physician has already documented their regimens for each skin condition, it is easy for their patients to simply log into the portal and take action. This provides a great way to stay connected even when it might otherwise be two years or more between office appointments.”

Using the Perfect Corp.-powered RegimenLogic, a dermatologist’s patients can also regularly go to the portal, take a new SkinCare Assessment, and then see the regimen of products their dermatologist recommends for the condition.

“This really allows the dermatologist to expand their practice beyond the number of patients they can see in a day,” Nightingale says. “They earn a commission on each product purchase, so there is additional income each time a person sits in the comfort of their own home, does a skin diagnostic, and then goes to the portal to follow the specific product regimen already in place from their dermatologist. ”   

Perfect Corp. Is a Great Company to Work With

RegimenPro finds Perfect Corp. to be a great company to work with because of its leading-edge AI/AR technology and because of the eagerness of its engineers and other employees to make RegimenPro’s vision come true. 

“We knew we represented an interesting case, because most companies are dealing directly with the consumer, or are working with just a single line of brands, which differs from our business model,” Nightingale says. “Our approach of allowing each dermatologist to recommend whatever brands they liked was a new way of using the technology.”

“The people we worked with at Perfect Corp. were incredible through the entire process of helping us create our RegimenLogic platform,” Nightingale says. “Their help was so good, and their technology so precise, that I never lost sleep over how our new offering would turn out.”

About Perfect Corp. 

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