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Wardah Reports 134.41% Increase in Web Traffic Since Integrating Virtual Makeup Try-On and Foundation Shade Finder Solutions into Its Online Shopping Experience

Wardah always strives to deliver the most delightful experience to our consumers. Through partnership with Perfect Corp., we’re able to make that happen: bringing the advanced technology and experience straight to our consumers’ hands.”
Tessi Fathia
Senior Head of Digital Transformation at Wardah
Services enabled with PERFECT.
AR Makeup Virtual Try-On
AI Foundation Shade Finder and Matcher
134% increase in website traffic
250 thousand try-on sessions to date
Supercharged website engagement rates
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Wardah is a leading Indonesian beauty brand and a pioneer in halal cosmetics, meaning its products don’t include any ingredients derived from animals and they don’t contain alcohol or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that are deemed unclean according to Islamic law. Simply put, such products are made with the safety of consumers and environmental wellbeing in mind, comprising only of wholesome ingredients. Wardah’s products are also never tested on animals.  

Wardah has been on the market for almost 30 years and the company produces a wide range of beauty products, including skincare, makeup, and personal care products, with the total number of SKUs exceeding 300. All Wardah products are developed in collaboration with the local and global skincare experts and the company is known for its halal green beauty innovation efforts. Wardah’s philosophy is rooted in kindness and social conscience, encouraging consumers to contribute to the global good. The company also helps women be more confident and courageous by motivating them “to always feel calm and comfortable with their look.”

Wardah x Perfect virtual try on

Bringing Cutting-Edge Beauty Tech Solutions to the Leading Beauty Brand

Wardahs unique and innovative approach to beauty makes it one of the market leaders in Indonesia. Its admirable sense of purpose and commitment to female empowerment and environmental issues brought tremendous business growth and made Wardah the influential market leader it is today. The company has its own R&D center, developing beauty products specifically for Indonesian consumers.

To further accelerate its growth and keep up with evolving consumer demands that emerged due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Wardah decided to partner with Perfect Corp. to integrate innovative virtual try-on solutions into its online shopping experience. Consumers’ lives have been significantly transformed due to social distancing and hygiene protocols, inevitably leading to long-lasting or even permanent changes in customer behavior. In the beauty industry, this profoundly impacted the product exploration stage of the consumer journey, as shoppers could no longer try physical product samples in stores. This prompted Wardah to address this challenge by implementing safe and convenient virtual try-on solutions on its website. Even with things eventually returning to normal, the company realized that excessive production of physical samples is oftentimes significantly costly and contradicts environmentally-friendly business practices. In this way, the virtual try-on technology turned out to be a win-win solution. Moreover, it is Wardah’s mission to provide consumers with the latest technological advancements and innovations to make their shopping journey effortless and enjoyable. The company realized that when it comes to beauty tech solutions, Perfect Corp. would be the best partner to work with.

Wardah x Perfect virtual try on

Delivering Enriched Shopping Experiences with Virtual Makeup and Foundation Shade Finder Technologies

Wardah integrated two innovative solutions into its online shopping experience: Virtual Makeup Try-On and Foundation Shade Finder. These highly interactive and engaging tools are powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, delivering ultra-realistic results and helping consumers try hundreds of products on their faces in mere seconds. Such high technology experience solidifies Wardahs position as a modern and innovative industry leader in the beauty sphere that consumers keep coming back to time and time again.

Embracing the Digital Revolution with AI & AR Beauty Tech Services

Choosing Perfect Corp. as a technology partner was an easy decision for Wardah as the company was well aware of and impressed with Perfect Corp.s extensive global presence, stellar reputation and commitment to excellence. "Perfect Corp. provides advanced and highly accurate AR & AI beauty technologies that have a comparably better level of color accuracy, higher precision, and most importantly, the features are fully customizable to address each brands unique needs.” said Tessi Fathia, Senior Head of Digital Transformation at Watdah.

Since implementing Perfect Corp.s innovative virtual try-on solutions, Wardah has observed a number of significant benefits. The company has recorded roughly 250 thousand try-on sessions to date, resulting in 134.41% increase in website traffic compared to last year. Consumers are eager and excited to try the virtual try-on tool, leading to higher brand loyalty and engagement. The hyper-personalized technology sparks curiosity and adds an entertainment element to an otherwise tedious shopping process, triggering shoppers to add more makeup products to their cart. Engagement rate of the virtual makeup and shade finder solutions on Wardahs website is about 28.79%, which is considerably higher compared to website pages without virtual try-on features.

Overall, Wardah found Perfect Corp.s team to be helpful and solution-oriented, making the technology integration process smooth and stress-free. When faced with a display size challenge at one of the companys events, Perfect Corp.s team promptly responded and quickly made changes to the UI so that the tool could meet the brand’s demands and the event could continue without further interruptions.

Wardah x Perfect virtual try on

Empowering Personalized Experiences with Cutting-Edge Virtual Try-On Technology

The technology is rapidly developing, with new breakthroughs and advancements occurring on a regular basis. Wardah intends to continue its successful partnership with Perfect Corp. to offer its customers the latest beauty tech innovations.

Beauty technology plays a critical role in delivering the most delightful consumer experience and personalization. Consumers now expect highly personalized experiences, with the simplest, easiest, and quickest product exploration and purchase journey.

Not only that, but beauty technology can also empower brands in myriad ways. It can help brands keep up with ever-changing consumer trends and demands by providing access to valuable information about what consumers want. AI & AR beauty tech solutions have the potential to revolutionize brands’ approach to consumer data and offer unique consumer insights, which is very important if brands want to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with their customers.

"Implementing Perfect Corp.’s Virtual Makeup Try-On and Foundation Shade Finder solutions, has helped us to lift up the modern image of Wardah among our consumers.” - Ariska Tri Devi, Digital Ecosystem Officer at Wardah

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