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Global Skin Care Company: “Perfect Corp. Technology So Precise that 89% who Use it Return on average 3 Times per Month”

Its accuracy is amazing. Perfect Corp. skin scanning technology is so precise it detects the improvements our customers enjoy from using our products across time.
Vice President of Global Digital, a global skin care company
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89% of customers who download the app return—averaging three visits a month
Bigger basket size and larger lifetime customer value
Personalization with data-driven product recommendations
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Situation: Utilizing Advanced AI Skin Technology to Deliver Personalized Skincare Recommendations

A global integrated beauty and wellness company, operating in dozens of markets worldwide, needed to bring the power of machine learning, augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to its customers so they could choose the best product for their skin based on personalized analysis—and later see for themselves the restorative powers of the company’s skin care products.

The company, which for competitive reasons chose not to be named in this case study, prides itself on the decades of scientific research it brings to the development of its skin care formulations. The company creates skin rejuvenation products that produce measurable results.

This meant that as it looked toward incorporating AI-powered AR virtual try-on experiences, it needed to find the finest technology partner possible, so customers could precisely see before and after results.

 “Our company has invested in technology for years, so we knew that AI and machine learning would play an important role in our efforts,” says the Vice President of Global Digital at the global skincare company, in an interview with Perfect Corp. on June 21, 2022. “We saw the enormous value of using AI and AR to give our customers personalized virtual try-on experiences.”

Solution: Perfect Corp. AI Skin Diagnostic Technology

The global skin care company evaluated different technology providers and decided  that the clear winner was Perfect Corp., which offers cutting-edge skin diagnostic solutions.  

“As soon as I saw the Perfect Corp. technology, I knew this is what we needed to provide ultra-high-quality personalized experiences,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “We also had our R&D team look at Perfect Corp. and alternative solutions, and they came back and said ‘Perfect Corp. is the most accurate. It is the closest we can get to a dermatologist evaluation without actually involving a dermatologist.’”

Precision AI Skin Diagnostics. The global skin care company uses Perfect Corp.’s AI skin diagnostic tool which utilizes deep learning technology to provide users with real-time skincare analysis.

Precision AI Skin Tech and Skin Scanning

The global skin care company has integrated Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic scanning technology into its skin consultation application, which guides the company’s affiliates and their customers through an online diagnostics and product recommendation process.

Perfect Corp.’s AI skin diagnostic scanning technology enables customers to use the camera on their smartphone or similar device to scan their face and get a precise mapping and diagnosis of its condition. The technology was developed using over 70,000 clinical images and an AI machine learning algorithm to create an experience that delivers instant and accurate skin assessments for all skin types and ethnicities.

The Perfect Corp. AI skin diagnostic technology generates a skin score for customers to use as a baseline to be used when tracking their skin health and monitor improvements over time, helping to build a more personalized skincare journey. The technology analyzes multiple skin concerns, including spots, wrinkles, moisture, spots, textures, dark circles, and more.

This data is used by the global skin care company’s skin consultation app to provide customers with a point-by-point diagnosis of their current skin condition, along with recommendations for which of their products best match whichever condition they choose to target.

Powerful Combination. Perfect Corp. AI Skin Diagnostic technology combines with machine learning to create highly personalized product recommendations.

In addition to using Perfect Corp. skin diagnostics, the skin consultation app uses Perfect Corp. AI/AR-powered YouCam technology to give customers a virtual try-on experience for the company’s products, so customers can try before they buy. The global skin care company uses its own custom machine learning algorithm to match skin conditions to their product suggestions.

Shade Finder Virtual Try-On

The global skin care company also uses Perfect Corp.’s AI shade finder solution and virtual try-on technology for its foundation products. This allows their skin consultation app to match each customer with the perfect foundation shade for their skin tone. “I don’t know how you could really sell foundation without virtual try-on,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “Without virtual try-on you are definitely leaving sales on the table.”

A Mobile-First Approach to Personalization

Initially the global skin care company deployed its Perfect Corp.-powered skin consultation app on its website, but swiftly expanded to offer it as a mobile application.

A Mobile-First Approach to Personalization Measuring Moisture. Skin moisture is just one of the skin conditions analyzed with Perfect Corp. AI Skin Diagnostic technology.

“Soon after launching our web experience, we saw a 75% increase in mobile traffic,” says the Vice President of Global Digital. “We also saw that 90% of our purchases on our  site were happening from mobile devices. It was clear we wanted to have a mobile first focus.”

Benefits of Integrating Perfect Corp. AI Skin Diagnostic and Virtual Try-On Technology

The global skin care company has enjoyed several benefits since deploying the Perfect Corp. AI+AR-powered skin diagnostic and virtual try-on technology, including:

The Wow Factor: Skin Assessments So Precise Customers Can See Their Progress from Using the Company’s Products Over Time

The global skin care company—and its customers—are amazed that the Perfect Corp. AI Skin Diagnostic technology is so precise that it not only helps customers choose the correct products to use , but allows them to actually see the improvements being achieved on their own skin over time.

This results in a powerful sales tool.

The accuracy of Perfect Corp. AI skin diagnostic technology is amazing,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “Our affiliates ask their customers to do the face scan, purchase the recommended products, and after a few weeks do another face scan to see how much their skin has improved. This is powerful because our customers can track actual improvements as validated by the skin scanning technology.”

The global skin care company appreciates the validation of the effectiveness of their products.

“We pride ourselves on the efficacy of our products,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “We have 73 clinical scientists who develop our products. We make products that work, and the Perfect Corp. skin scanning technology is so precise it detects the improvements our customers enjoy from using our products over time.”

Personalization with Data-Driven Product Recommendations

The global skin care company’s skin consultation app, powered by Perfect Corp. AI skin diagnostic and virtual try-on technology, includes a machine learning algorithm developed by the global skin care company. This machine learning, coupled with Perfect Corp. AI and AR allows the brand to provide highly personalized product recommendations.

The machine learning analyzes skin condition data from Perfect Corp. with product purchases—and re-purchases—to provide product recommendations that are matched with real-life results. Meanwhile, the Perfect Corp. virtual try-on integrated into the global skin care company’s skin consultation app allows customers to see how products will look on their own skin, not that of a model or influencer.

“A concern I see constantly in social media is that a customer may follow an influencer, see that influencer using a product, but that influencer might be half their age. She might live in California where it's humid. The customer might live in Utah where it's dry. They have different skin concerns. So what might work for that influencer might not be relevant for the customer.”

This is why AI skin technology is so essential for skincare customers. The skin consultation app has the power to show customers how products improve their skin over time.

“Personalization is essential today,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “Our skin consultation app provides exceptional personalization, and the machine learning makes the personalization even stronger over time.”

Expanding the Customer Journey

The global skin care company is so dedicated to personalization, that the Vice President of Global Digital speaks in terms of “expanding the customer journey.” This concept was built into their skin consultation app with a Q&A section in which customers are asked about their lifestyle, as well as their skin concerns.

During beta testing, the global skin care company learned that while the AI skin diagnostic might reveal several skin conditions, customers were more  concerned about some than others.

“A 45-year-old might not be concerned that the scan detects some wrinkles, but might want to address other findings such as dark circles under their eyes, blemishes, or skin texture,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “So we took the Perfect Corp. skin scan, and complemented it with a series of questions about lifestyle, demographics, and  most importantly, we asked them to rank their skin concerns, which helps to inform our product recommendations.”

Customers were pleased with the results.

“We married the Perfect Corp. face scan with all of these other elements, and then wrapped it with our machine learning algorithm on the back end to generate the personalized recommendations,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “The results are powerful. We are providing even greater personalization and facilitating a great customer journey.”

“Customers are Embracing Our App” 89% of Customers Return to the App on average Three Times per Month

More than 17,500 customers downloaded the global skin care company’s skin consultation app within the first 45 days of its release. The app has proven so popular that customers come back to it regularly—many to monitor the progress they see from using the company’s products.

“Customers have embraced our app,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “The average app store rating is 4.78 [on a 5-star scale], with 89% of our app users returning to the app—with an average of three times per month. This is a great way to create long-term connections with your customers.”

Customers make deep use of the company’s skin consultation app after downloading it. “We had more than 37,000 skin consultations within the first month of releasing our app. We see a hockey stick effect as the usage just keeps growing.”

“Powerful Sales Tool for Our Affiliates … Seeing Bigger Basket Size and Larger Lifetime Customer Value”

The skin consultation app has proven its value to the global skin care company’s affiliates who have found it to be a powerful sales tool, as well as an easier on-ramp to succeeding in the business.

“Historically, our affiliates would make recommendations based on their own product experiences, and what worked for them,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “It could also seem daunting for an affiliate to get started. They faced two pain points: It was hard to get started in the business because there was so much to learn about skin, and it was difficult to know which products to recommend. I feel like the partnership with Perfect Corp. and using the face scanning technology has allowed us to leapfrog forward and solve both of those pain points at the same time through our digital solution.”

The Vice President of Global Digital says the company’s affiliates enjoyed an “Aha! moment” when they saw what they could do with the skin consultation app.

“This is a powerful sales tool for our affiliates,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “With the skin scanner diagnostic, they are selling more products, and because customers can see the results validated through skin scanning over time, they are seeing more re-sales. The result is they are seeing bigger basket sizes and larger lifetime customer value.”

Perfect Corp. Partnership: Leveraging Precise Technology to Create Personalized Experiences

The global skin care company values Perfect Corp.’s focus on the future and its commitment to leading the world with its AI and AR beauty technology.

“I want to be educated,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “I want to up my game. I want to innovate. I feel like Perfect Corp. is able to complement that knowledge and understanding. They are always pushing forward.”

The company also values the stability and ease of use of Perfect Corp. technology.

“I work with some vendors with whom I have to pull them along,” the Vice President of Global Digital says. “It’s like: ‘I’m paying money for your SDK, so could you make it work?’ With Perfect Corp., we never have those worries. Their technology is solid. And if we ever have a question, they respond immediately, and with total knowledge of how we are using their products. Perfect Corp. is an awesome company to work with.”

About Perfect Corp

Perfect Corp. is the leading SaaS AI and AR beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, dedicated to transforming shopping experiences through empowering brands to embrace the digital-first world. By partnering with the largest names in the industry, Perfect Corp.’s suite of enterprise solutions delivers synergistic, technology-driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized, and engaging shopping journeys, as well as equipping brands with next generation of consumer goods. Perfect Corp. offers a complementary suite of mobile apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, to provide a consumer platform to virtually try-on new products, perform skin diagnoses, edit photos, and share experiences with the YouCam Community.

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