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Dr. Jason Emer Uses YouCam Skin Score to Help Consumers Find Their Best Beauty Solutions & to Track Results

“The Skin Score has the precision to direct consumers to the products they actually need, the ones that will really benefit them.”
Dr. Jason Emer
MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Dermatological Surgeon
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Renowned as the master of his field, Dr. Jason Emer is redefining the world of Dermatology, one impeccably sculpted client at a time. Equal parts innovator, scientist, and artist, he goes where no other cosmetic dermatologist has gone before. Dr. Emer’s drive to educate and produce constant content takes his social media followers behind the scalpel and under the skin with clients willing and motivated to share their transformations.

As a disruptor in his field, Dr. Emer’s vanguard status has been built by his progressive approach and one of a kind treatments. His results are powerful, life changing, and backed by years of science and research. While other doctors perform routine cosmetic surgeries and skin rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Emer pushes the boundaries of what’s possible – earning him a well-deserved reputation as the man behind some of Beverly Hills’ most notorious faces and bodies.

Dr. Jason Emer uses YouCam AI Skin Diagnostic Technology and Skin Score to guide consumers to the best products for their beauty needs.

An eager adopter of technology, Dr. Emer was early to see the value of artificial intelligence (AI) in his practice and wanted to find a way to make AI available beyond the expensive, medical-grade technology used in his offices. He wanted to give consumers the ability to use AI online, and to see how different products could improve skin appearance.


Dr. Emer, impressed with the AI and augmented reality (AR) technology of Perfect Corp, has worked closely with the company to help make his vision a reality.

Dr. Emer is especially impressed with Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup, the world’s leading virtual beauty try-on app, and the fact that the company was recognized with the 2020 AI Excellence Award for its YouCam AI Skin Diagnostic Technology. Among the most Dr. Jason Emer uses YouCam AI Skin Diagnostic Technology and Skin Score to guide consumers to the best products for their beauty needs. advanced AI and deep learning technologies, YouCam Skin Diagnostic utilizes the mobile camera to instantly help consumers analyze their skin health, without the need for a secondary device.

Dr. Emer saw special value in the YouCam Skin Score, which is powered by AR and AI technologies and utilizes deep learning to provide users with real-time skincare analysis. The instant analysis tracks spots, wrinkles, texture, and dark circles to generate skin health scores for condition tracking and personalized product recommendations. The YouCam Skin Diary allows consumers to track the results of their skincare efforts so they can see changes over time.

Becoming Perfect Corp.’s resident Skin Care expert, Dr. Emer created regular “Skin Tip” editorial features and weekly Instagram Live events in which Dr. Emer demonstrated the value of YouCam Skin Score in helping users measure and track their skin health.

As a natural progression of his deepening interest in Perfect Corp.’s AR and AI technology, Dr. Emer launched his own skincare line, Emerage Skin, which is coded into the YouCam Skin Score experience—providing consumers with product recommendations based on their Skin Score findings.  As a highly potent, luxury skincare line, Emerage Skincare is the kind of brand that can truly benefit from this technology—helping consumers find Dr. Emer’s performance driven serums, moisturizers and already popular Aerify Peeling Kit based on their skin needs and the product’s effectiveness.

Measurable results: Before and after.


Dr. Emer has found a number of benefits in working with YouCam Skin Score technology, including its diagnostic precision, service as an educational platform, and providing results that people can see. He likens the Skin Score to “an exercise app for your skin,” sees potential for pre-clinical screening, and has found Perfect Corp. to be a great company to work with.

Diagnostic Precision: “YouCam Skin Score is More than Just a Fun App”

Perfect Corp.’s AR and AI technology is so advanced that Dr. Emer is able to use the diagnostic precision of YouCam Skin Score to generate real-time product recommendations.

“The YouCam app, is much more diagnostic than what we’ve seen with other makeup applications or photo apps,” Dr. Emer says. “When seeing a patient in the office, we assess specific elements such as wrinkles, pores, texture, coloring, and just overall skin health and aging. YouCam Skin Score enables us to automate evaluation of these same skin elements from online.”

While many consumers enjoy the fun of using YouCam Skin Score and seeing the effects of products for their own skin conditions, he says it can also serve as a skincare guide.

“YouCam Skin Score is more than just a fun app,” Dr. Emer says. “Obviously, people enjoy showing others how they’ve used it, but it also has advanced diagnostics that can help establish your daily skincare routine and guide you on what products to use.”

Educational Platform “People are Learning a Lot about Their Skin”

YouCam Skin Score is proving to be a powerful educational platform, as consumers get to learn more about their own skin.

“YouCam provides a platform from which we can educate users, not only on ingredients and products, but on the skin itself,” Dr. Emer says. “People are learning a lot about their skin, more than you would think. They can learn about skin health, sun damage, pigmentation, and about wrinkles and skin aging, which can be genetic, hormonal, or from sun exposure. And then there are medical conditions such as rosacea or acne.”

Education is also part of Dr. Emer’s Emerage Skin products, which he formulates to meet consumer needs—from a medical, rather than cosmetic, standpoint.

Dr. Emer matches SkinScore findings to medical-grade solutions.

“We use high-quality, medical-grade ingredients, and explain how they help,” Dr. Emer says. “While some of our users are focused on improving general skin health, and getting their skin to glow, other have medical problems such as rosacea or acne, which can be depressing for them. These consumers can use YouCam Skin Score to get matched to our medical-grade products to help improve their condition.”

Earlier in his career, Dr. Emer worked with skin cancer patients, so part of his educational effort is aimed at stressing the need for sunscreens.

“Often young people don’t understand what happens when they have bad skin related to UV damage,” Dr. Emer says. “YouCam Skin Score is able to show them if their overall skin health is low or they have some UV damage, spots, or discoloration. A starting point to remedy this would be sunscreen and a skincare product such as a retinol that could help reverse some of that damage. With Skin Score, we have the ability to help them do that.”

Quality Product + Quality Tech Produces Results People Can See

Consumers posting their own before and after photos from their YouCam Skin Care Diary provide powerful real-world marketing for Dr. Emer’s Emerage Skin products.  As a brand focused on results, these real-world Before and Afters help to illustrate the true performance of his products.

The Skin Score has the precision to direct consumers to the products they actually need, the ones that will really benefit them,” Dr. Emer says. “They don’t have to fend for themselves, guessing on what to use.”

He also likes that the consumers can use the same app to track their progress—and share the results with others.

“The combination of the quality AR and AI technology, plus the Skin Score pointing to quality products, produces results that consumers are sharing with others,” Dr. Emer says. “It is great to see this sharing of photos and scores because using this app, you're able to show improvement in the quality of your skin and its health.

YouCam Skin Score measures skin health for several metrics, including spots, wrinkles, texture, and apparent skin age.

Like an Exercise App for Your Skin “Skin Score Measures Your Progress”

“If you have a lot of wrinkles, you can note your first Skin Score for wrinkles, try the recommended products, and then some weeks later, if you see improvement in that score, you know the products have worked. You can do the same across any of the other scored categories, including overall skin health.”

While Dr. Emer cautions against expecting the impossible—such as shedding decades to look like a 20-year-old, he said the goal, as in physical exercise, is found in becoming the best possible version of yourself.

“With the skin, the goal is not necessarily to be the youngest possible, it's to be the best percentage of each of the Skin Score diagnostic characteristics for your age,” Dr. Emer says. “If someone has a lot of sun damage on their initial scores, and then that improves with use of suggested products, we know that the app did the right job and directed them towards something that's important for their skin health.”

Of course, the scores can’t improve forever, and sometimes progress is measured in simply holding the line to avoid additional damage. The key thing is to be aware of how your skin is doing.

Dr. Emer’s own SkinScore … showing metrics for spots, wrinkles, texture, dark circles, and overall skin health.

“People can use Skin Score to track their progress just like a fitness app,” Dr. Emer says. “It lets you monitor your skin and the efforts you make to improve its health.”

Great Company to Work With

Dr. Emer enjoys working with Perfect Corp.—because of the technology and the people. “Their technology is amazing, and so are the people,” Dr. Emer says. “They have a fantastic team. Everyone is very motivated, very excited. And they are very protective of consumers. They want to develop experiences that are helpful, educational, and fun—while always looking for the very best results.

About Perfect Corp.

With over 850 Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together through advanced AI and AR technologies. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future—a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands. Further information about Perfect Corp. can be found at

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