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KATE MAKEUP LAB Drives 2 Million Virtual Try-Ons with the new AI Face & Personal Color Analyzer

“After we incorporated this AI tool, the response was even better than we had anticipated. We were able to grow the number of our LINE subscribers without any special promotions.”
Ms. Mai Wakai
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The number of try-ons exceeded 2 million in the first week
The number of website visitors has increased by 30 times
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In February 2021, the global makeup brand "KATE" released the new "KATE MAKEUP LAB" solution on its official LINE account to "support new self-expression makeup". KATE SCAN, which is built on Perfect Corp.’s AI technology for measuring facial feature points, can help users measure their facial proportions, such as the golden triangle ratio, simply by scanning their face with a smartphone. The results are analyzed using KATE's unique methodology and users can receive personalized product recommendations for the makeup looks suitable for them.

Please tell us how you made the decision to use Perfect Corp.’s “AI Face & Personal Color Analyzer" to measure facial feature points and drive personalized product recommendations?

We see "KATE MAKEUP LAB." as a useful solution that enriches user experience through digital technology. We wanted to create a diagnostic tool that would not only make people feel more beautiful by virtually trying on makeup, but also allow them to learn makeup techniques that would help them master the looks they want. We decided that we needed a more precise and detailed analysis than the usual virtual makeup solution can offer and the AI Face & Personal Color Analyzer technology seemed like the perfect choice that would take the virtual beauty experience even further. 

We have implemented the solution so that customers can receive personalized makeup recommendations not only in-store, but anytime and anywhere they want. The solution is designed in such a way that consumers can even make purchases without leaving the app. 

Recommend makeup application technique that best suits the user's facial features. Users can virtually try on makeup in real time.

Why did you choose to use a LINE account instead of a different platform to highlight AI Virtual Try-On?

We decided to use LINE because it is a platform that is easily accessible and used by many people. We thought LINE would be the best tool for personalized virtual consultations that provide information tailored to each individual customer.  

Types of messages that users receive on their Line account.

How did the users respond to this Personalized AI Experience?

We believed users would become interested in this feature if we could convey the message that this is not merely a virtual makeup experience, but rather a new digital beauty solution that can recommend makeup looks and application techniques to users from a more personal perspective. After the launch, the response was even better than we anticipated. We were able to increase the number of registered users without any special promotions. There were many positive comments such as: "It's a good reference for different makeup techniques", "I now objectively know my facial proportions" and "I’ve discovered a “new me” that I hadn't noticed before”. Users like the fact that they can not only discover their facial proportions, but also learn makeup techniques suitable just for them. They are also very happy to experience real-time makeup recommendations that suit their individual needs via virtual try-on.

Did you expect the number of try-ons to exceed 2 million in the first week after the release of "KATE MAKEUP LAB."?

We were confident that this new personalized beauty solution would be well received by the users, but the overwhelming response exceeded our expectations. We expected a high level of interest from our customers because the site has been widely discussed on Twitter since its launch and was even mentioned on TV. We are very happy to hear that the reach is even higher globally. 

Has virtual try on improved your website engagement and time spent on page?

Comparing the one-month period from July 14, 2020, when the virtual makeup experience "VIRTUAL TESTER" was released, with the one-month period from February 1, 2020 when "KATE MAKEUP LAB." was released, we can see that the number of actual website visitors has increased by about 30 times. Compared to the time when the brand's website was busy with the launch of the mask in December 2020, we have seen the same high level of growth and effectiveness. 

Are there any technology features that you are considering implementing in the future?

Most recently, we have added an AI foundation feature that recommends a foundation shade that best suits a person's needs based on an analysis of their skin condition, including skin tone, moisture, oiliness, and pores. We have also added a new makeup recommendation feature, where you can select the lipstick color you want to wear and KATE will suggest a matching primer and foundation shade to make your skin match the lipstick. You can explore not only the colors that suit you, but also the colors you’re curious about and want to try. In the fall of 2021, we are planning to integrate a new system for consumers to try items in a brand-new way just by using their smartphone camera.

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