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Paramount Uses Perfect Corp. Virtual Try-On Tech to Help Top Gun: Maverick Soar to New Box Office Heights

The Perfect Corp. virtual try-on technology provided a positive and impactful experience and helped us to soar to new heights in terms of our box office performance.
Brandon Nichols
Vice President of Digital Marketing, Paramount Pictures
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Contributing to the successful campaign of a $1.49 billion “smash by every metric” film
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Situation: Bringing Virtual Try-On to the Top Gun: Maverick Digital Marketing Campaign  

Paramount Pictures is one of the most iconic film and television distribution companies in the world, delivering groundbreaking,  diverse stories and  premium content in every genre to audiences globally .

In 1986 Paramount’s release of Top Gun captured record-breaking box offices around the world. Thirty-six years later, Paramount released a sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, which soared to even greater success. As of December 15, 2022, Top Gun: Maverick had achieved over $1.49 billion in worldwide box office revenue (a figure that continues to grow) and became the year’s top grossing motion picture—domestically and globally.

Helping to propel the film to its global success was Paramount’s very creative digital marketing organization. One element of its marketing campaign was to use artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to bring the film’s iconic imagery to life. With the power of advanced AR, Paramount was able to give fans around the world the ability to use virtual try-on to see how they would look wearing the movie’s classic aviator sunglasses and flight helmets.

A critical requirement was to find the very best AI/AR technical partner to work with in creating the virtual try-on experiences. Top Gun: Maverick provides such an ultra-realisticviewing experience, and Paramount wanted the same true-to-life look for the virtual try-on experiences they offered to their global fan base.

Diving into Top Gun: Maverick. Paramount Pictures worked with Perfect Corp. to create immersive virtual try-on experiences for global fans of the movie.

Solution: Perfect Corp. AI+AR Virtual Try-On Technology

Paramount chose to partner with Perfect Corp., which offers cutting-edge AI+AR-powered virtual try-on technology.

“We knew we wanted to work with Perfect Corp. again because we have worked with them before to create immersive virtual try-on experiences for other Paramount films, including Like a Boss,” says Brandon Nichols, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Paramount Pictures. They've been good partners. We've seen how well they’ve performed in our previous campaigns. Perfect Corp. also has a large global audience, which was a great match for the global release of Top Gun: Maverick.”

Perfect Corp. worked closely with Paramount to create a Top Gun: Maverick interactive AR  movie experience using Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AR try-on app, YouCam Makeup, its photo editing app, YouCam Perfect, and its state of the art AI-powered virtual try-on technology for eyewear.

The Top Gun: Maverick virtual movie campaign features exclusive Top Gun-themed looks and animated effects that bring the iconic elements from the film to life, like stepping on to the flight deck at dawn, and a chance to get into pilot mode with Tom Cruise’s classic Maverick aviators.

Joining the Fun. Paramount Pictures used Perfect Corp. AI/AR technology to let fans see how they look wearing aviator sunglasses, a flight helmet, and makeup looks from its record-breaking film Top Gun: Maverick.

One reason the AR aviator sunglasses looked so completely real for Top Gun: Maverick fans, is Perfect Corp.’s AI-Powered Personal Pupillary Distance Auto Detection technology, which automatically measures the distance between pupils, ensuring the most realistic and proportional fitting for digital eyewear frames.

In addition to the AR aviator sunglasses and helmets, the virtual try-on campaign also offered animated logo stickers, and movie inspired backgrounds to further engage fans.

Benefits of Leveraging Advanced AR in Top Gun: Maverick Campaign

Paramount has enjoyed a number of benefits since deploying Perfect Corp. AI+AR-powered virtual try-on technology, including:

  • Providing an immersive and captivating AR experience for film fans
  • Contributing to the successful campaign of a $1.49 billion “smash by every metric” film.
  • Creating a global opportunity for Top Gun: Maverick fans to create and share virtual try-on content.
  • Generating excitement on social media, including a one day “organic impressions spike” of more than 230,000.
  • Capturing the attention of global media.
  • 728 Million Global App Impressions
  • 35 Global media placements highlighting the hyper-engaging campaign

Providing an Immersive and Captivating AR Experience to Movie Fans

Paramount knew it had a great AR virtual try-on experience to roll out to the worldwide fans of the Top Gun franchise when Nichols and his team began exploring the pre-release virtual try-on experiences for themselves.

“Everyone in our office was very excited about the realism and fun of the virtual try-on experience,” Nichols says. “We all tried on the aviators and the helmet, the makeup, the complete virtual experience.”

Virtual Try-On for Eyewear. Top Gun: Maverick  fans can see exactly how they will look wearing the iconic aviator sunglasses because Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered technology automatically measures the distance between pupils for a perfect, life-like fit.

The life-like experience enabled by the Perfect Corp. AI/AR technology was critically important because everything in the movie—including the dizzying air acrobatics—was so perfectly executed.

“We knew that our virtual try-on experience had to be first in class,” Nichols says. “We couldn’t have anything that looked unrealistic. Perfect Corp. came through, so we were all enthused about the engaging experiences we could offer the film’s worldwide community of fans.”

Contributing to the Successful Campaign of a $1.49 billion Box Office Smash

The virtual try-on experience was one crucial element of Paramount’s expansive global campaign to build enthusiasm for Top Gun: Maverick, a masterpiece of film making. Nichols notes that the engaging and immersive virtual try-on experience added to the organization’s other efforts in creating the word-of-mouth excitement that drove the record-breaking box office success.

“This is the highest grossing film globally and domestically in Paramount Pictures’ 110-year history,” Nichols says. “Top Gun: Maverick remained in the box office Top Ten for 19 consecutive weeks. We saw all different types of audiences showing up to this movie. I think that has something to do with the different ways in which we approach marketing—along with the immense quality of the film—to stay in the Top Ten for that long. Top Gun: Maverick was a smash, by every type of metric.”

Paramount enjoyed having Perfect Corp. contributing to the effort. “They are collaborative, they're responsive, they have great reach, great engagement,” Nichols says. “Perfect Corp. virtual try-on technology was part of a marketing effort that ultimately resulted in a great box office. We like to think that every single one of these efforts help drive that success.”

Creating a Global Opportunity for Top Gun: Maverick Fans to Create and Share Virtual Try-On Content

The Paramount digital marketing team knew that if they could offer Top Gun: Maverick fans a super immersive virtual try-on experience, fans would be eager to share their images with others across social media. This happened on a global scale.

“We loved working with Perfect Corp. to create a global opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in captivating virtual try-on experiences,” Nichols says. “In the process, we created enthusiastic advocates for our film. We worked with Perfect Corp. to  create multiple touch points within the app for fans to create content, and then share that content with others. All of this helped create word-of-mouth excitement for our movie.”

Nichols notes how important the precise AI/AR technology was in creating this sense of fun and excitement.

Global Excitement. Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick is a global hit. Paramount used Perfect Corp. virtual try-on technology to help fans spread the word.

“Ultimately, this is an entertainment proposition, so we wanted to make sure that it was fun as well,” Nicholls says of the virtual try-on. “We wanted the experience to be so fun that people would share it on social media. That’s what we were looking for. We didn't want something that was grainy or didn't have great fidelity. We were looking to work with an industry leader, which is why we're happy to have partnered again with Perfect Corp.”

Generating Excitement on Social: 231,878 Posts in One-Day ‘Organic Impressions Spike’

Nichols says his team was happy to see the way in which the Top Gun: Maverick virtual try-on experiences were shared on social media—including on Twitter and Instagram.

Monitoring showed that on the day Paramount Pictures announced availability of its Top Gun: Maverick virtual try-on experiences, Twitter users, enthused about the news, generated  231,878 posts in a one-day “organic impressions spike.”

“This demonstrated the beneficial impact we had from partnering with Perfect Corp. to utilize their existing technology to create something really compelling for our Top Gun: Maverick marketing campaign,” Nichols says. “I believe Perfect Corp. helped us engage fans that have an interest in makeup, beauty, and fashion, broadening our appeal. When you look at the demographics of our box office, we had all ages, all genders, all ethnicities. You don’t sell the tickets this film did without bringing in an audience from all walks of life.”

Capturing the Attention of Media

Paramount’s creativity in working with Perfect Corp. to offer fans a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Top Gun: Maverick through virtual try-on captured the attention of media.

News of the experience was carried in more than 35 global media placements across the U.S., Mexico, Taiwan, and Japan—generating more than 704 million global media impressions, and 24 million in-app impressions.

Perfect Corp. “Great Company to Work With … They Helped us Soar”

Looking back on the campaign, Nichols says he is proud of the work Perfect Corp. created with his digital marketing team, and he looks forward to working with them again when the right opportunity arises.

“From a technology perspective, their platform is intuitive and user friendly. I think the combination of our iconic IP with Top Gun: Maverick, a good creative hook for marketing, and then Perfect Corp.’s  technology, provided the alchemy for a powerful marketing initiative.”

The fan feedback underscores how well the campaign performed.

“All the social chatter that we saw, all the fan chatter and fan feedback was super positive,” Nichols says. “The Perfect Corp. virtual try-on technology provided a positive and impactful experience and helped us to soar to new heights in terms of our box office performance.”

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