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tarte Sees “Triple Digit Increase” in Time Spent on Site, 30% Jump in Add-to-Cart Using Virtual Try-on

“In this period when everyone is at home, our mindset is to bring the store to our customers, which is what our virtual try-on allows us to do.”
Gladys Rezabek
Senior Director of Ecommerce, tarte cosmetics
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AR Makeup Virtual Try-On
200% increase in sales for customers experiencing virtual try-on
30% increase in add-to-cart
Triple-digit increase in time spent on site
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In 2000, self-described “makeup junkie” Maureen Kelly set out to prove that makeup can be good for you and founded tarte™ out of her one-bedroom apartment in New York City. Pioneering the use of high-performance naturals™, Maureen created a line of easy-to-use, life-tested products in wearable shades to deliver real results for real women™.

Today, “tartelettes” (what the brand calls their fans) around the world obsess over their award-winning formulas. Each item is developed without the icky, bad stuff (like parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, & more). tarte™ is committed to sharing its passion for skinvigorating™ ingredients with the world: it has in-store presence in over 20 countries, & online at shipping to over 70 countries worldwide!

20 years later, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, tarte searched for ways to enhance its online shopping experience.

With the pandemic and everyone being home and unable to go to stores, we wanted to optimize the customer’s shopping experience online,” recalls Gladys Rezabek, Senior Director of Ecommerce Merchandising at tarte cosmetics. We wanted to incorporate virtual try-on, but we needed to find the best technology.”


tarte explored its options and chose Perfect Corp. and the Perfect Corp. YouCam AR platform. Perfect Corp. combines powerful artificial intelligence (AI) with its industry-leading augmented reality (AR) to provide stunningly life-like results. tarte chose Perfect Corp. after evaluating other AR solutions.

"We looked at a number of competitors and felt that Perfect Corp. was the clear winner with its AI and AR technology,” Rezabek says. We also liked the user friendliness of its backend integration and that it was flexible to support our day-to-day business needs.”

After going live on YouCam, tarte saw instant positive results with customers trying on products within the app and visiting the site.

Moving Virtual Try-On from YouCam to tarte’s Website

After seeing the traffic that YouCam virtual try-on was driving to, the company decided to rapidly move to the next step: Deploying Perfect Corp. technology on its own website and using the Perfect Corp. web API.

tarte was immediately impressed by the results.

"Working with Perfect Corp., we launched our virtual try-on experience on our U.S. website in September,” Rezabek says. “In October we launched our virtual Foundation Shade Finder tool. The impact we saw from our customers was so amazing, that we immediately started adding more SKUs. The second action we immediately took was to begin rolling out our virtual try-on and Foundation Shade Finder to our international site as well.”

The company found that the attraction of rich and amazingly life-like virtual try-on experiences was a hit globally.

We saw similar user engagement between our U.S. & international sites,” Rezabek says. Our tartelettes have been loving our virtual try-on experience and Foundation Shade-Finder.”


tarte cosmetics has enjoyed a number of benefits since deploying the Perfect Corp.-powered virtual try-on technology, including:

  • 200% increase in sales for customers experiencing virtual try-on
  • Triple-digit increase in time spent on site
  • 30% increase in add-to-cart
  • Double-digit reduction in customer service calls for help with foundation shades
  • Impressive response to emails pointing to virtual try-on

Using augmented reality to let customers try before they buy

200% Increase in Sales When Customers Experience Virtual Try-On or Foundation Shade Finder

One of the first benefits tarte identified was a boost in conversion whenever customers tried the Perfect Corp. AR-powered cosmetics virtual try-on experience or their new AR-powered Foundation Shade Finder.  

Rezabek highlights the realism of Perfect Corp. AI and AR technology as a key contributing factor in making it easier for customers to convert from browsing to purchasing.

"When a customer engages with our virtual try-on, she can see what the product is going to look like on her,” Rezabek says. This AI-powered technology allows our tartelettes to play with the products, find the ones best for them, and then make their purchase confidently.”

“Triple Digit Increase in Time Spent on Site” . . . “Fun for Users”

The same engaging AR experiences that have doubled conversion rates have also increased the time that tarte customers spend on the site whenever they engage in either the cosmetics virtual try-on or the foundation finder.

"We are seeing triple digit increases in how much time customers are spending on our site when using our virtual try-on and shade finder tools,” Rezabek says.

The sense of fun that virtual try-on provides engages customers to spend more time on the tarte site exploring the great products and learning about the naturally-derived ingredients.

In this period when everyone is at home, our mindset is to bring the store to our customers, which is what our virtual try-on allows us to do,” Rezabek says.

            tarte cosmetics Foundation Shade Finder. 

30% Increase in Add-to-Cart

tarte cosmetic has found that customers who interact with their virtual try-on experiences are more likely to add the product to their shopping cart, compared to customers who browse a product without using virtual try-on.

The ability for our customers to see how a product will look before they buy makes it easier for them to decide to add it to their cart,” Rezabek says.

Double-Digit Reduction in Customer Service Inquiries for Help with Shade Matching

One metric that helped tarte know that its customers are happy with its virtual try-on technology was the double-digit percentage reduction they saw in customers looking for advice on complexion shades. 
Since launching our Foundation Shade Finder and virtual try-on, weve seen a double-digit reduction in customer service inquiries for help with shades,” Rezabek says. Our customers are able to use our Shade Finder, which automatically matches them with their best shade. They enjoy this ability to self-service.”

Creating "Wow Moments" from Great AR

tarte cosmetics chose to work with Perfect Corp. because of the realism of its AI-powered augmented reality and continues to be impressed with Perfect Corp.’s precision and the life-like experiences it provides.
"Working with Shade Finder provided a real Wow Moment’ for us,” Rezabek says. When we tried it on ourselves, we were amazed by its accuracy. Each member of the team had a similar experience—that the tool really works and helped to closely match you to a shade that would work well for your complexion.”

Creating “Wow Moments” with great technology. 

Impressive Response to Emails Pointing to Virtual Try-On

Because of the success of virtual try-on and the Foundation Finder tool, tarte has started to integrate virtual try-on messaging across multiple marketing touchpoints to make it even easier for the customer to engage with the tools.
"We've seen such positive results from virtual try-on features that we've added messaging to our homepage, emails & throughout site content," Rezabek says.

Perfect Corp. Proves to Be a Great Technology Partner 

tarte cosmetics was attracted to Perfect Corp. because of its great AI-powered augmented reality technology. tarte was even more impressed with—and appreciative of—the company, as Perfect Corp. helped tarte rapidly go to market with virtual try-on
"One of the reasons we love working with Perfect Corp. is their ability to perform rapid turn-arounds, which is extremely important to a trend-driven business,” says Rezabek. "When we need to pivot, Perfect Corp. is immediately there to help us make it happen."
tarte prides itself in being a forward-looking company, so it values the ability of Perfect Corp. to act as a true partner in progress.
"One of the reasons we so happy with our decision to go with Perfect Corp. is that it's not just us coming to them with ideas,” Rezabek says. They also come to us with ideas to help our business evolve and stay ahead of the curve.”
tarte also likes the ease-of-use of the Perfect Corp. technology. "As a tool, it's very user-friendly, which allows us to experiment with what we want to offer and make adjustments on our own,” Rezabek says.

About Perfect Corp.
With over 900  Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together through advanced AI and AR technologies. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future—a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands. Further information about Perfect Corp.  can be found at

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