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Teads, the Global Media Platform, Drove 36% Purchase Intent by Leveraging Perfect Corp.’s VTO in Beauty & Luxury Ad Campaigns

“We were very impressed by the quality of Perfect Corp.’s solutions. For example, on a Virtual Try-On for watch, the watch gives the exact time and the reflection of the light is impressive”.
Rachid Ait Addi
SVP Strategic Accounts Beauty & Luxury, Teads
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Up to 36% Purchase intent
Up to 43% in Ad Recall
Up to 62% in Brand Linkage
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Situation: Helping Beauty & Luxury Brands Win the Battle for Attention in Their Display Ad Campaigns

Teads allows advertisers and agencies to benefit from a massive reach of 2 billion global online users per month thanks to their cloud-based, end-to-end technology platform that enables programmatic digital advertising across a global ecosystem of quality digital media. The global media platform regroups premium publishers on the open web and simplifies their access to beauty & luxury brands across mobile, desktop, and television.

Teads offers brands interactive ads that push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. To pursue this goal, the premium global media platform was searching for a way to create an immersive & personalized ad campaign for beauty & luxury brands that cut through the clutter and drove high engagement.

Teads + Perfect Corp. virtual try-on unit is an interactive and personalized to reach audiences on premium sites, across the open web.

Rachid Ait Addi, SVP Strategic Accounts Beauty & Luxury at Teads commented : “Integrating virtual try-on into an interactive digital advertising campaign is a bit like the sampling we used to see in magazines a few years ago. You don't decide to buy an IWC or Cartier watch on a whim. The ability to try it out is a real plus.”

But how could Teads easily and efficiently integrate virtual try-on into their premium panel of more than 3,000 premium sites globally?


Solution: Using Perfect Corp.'s Virtual Try-On Solution For Beauty, Jewelry & Watches Directly On Teads Ecosystem

While searching for a provider to integrate VTO to their premium InRead placements, Teads came across Perfect Corp.’s solutions.The decision to work with the solutions provider was easy to make.

Ait Addi explains “We were very impressed by the quality of Perfect Corp.’s solutions. For example, on a virtual watch try-on, the watch gives the exact time, the light reflections are impressive”.

In addition, considering the fact that Perfect Corp. is already working with more than 600 brands, many of the brands’ SKUs were already available in Perfect Corp.’s Console. The company is also reactive enough to create any missing virtual SKUs in a short period of time to be able to run the campaign.

By leveraging Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on solutions, Teads wishes to extend the AR experience beyond social platforms to potential buyers with greater buying power. The brands can seamlessly access Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on features on Teads’ supply ecosytem with no prior installation.

Ait Addi is proudly comments: “We're the only platform to have integrated this technology into advertising formats on the open web outside the walled garden."


Benefits to the Integration of Perfect Corp.’s Technology on the Teads Platform

Teads and the brands using the VTO ad offer have been highly satisfied with the results following their interactive video ad campaign. According to studies conducted Kantar Profile, the benefits compared to traditional video ads include:

  • A better ad recall: up to 43%
  • A higher purchase intent: up to 36%
  • A more premium & innovative brand perception


Video Ad Campaign Involving Virtual Try-On for Beauty: The Gucci Beauty Case

One of the first beauty brands to activate the Teads x Perfect partnership was Gucci Beauty with their Liquid Matte Lipstick campaign. Thanks to this solution, Gucci Beauty was able to deliver an entire AR virtual try-on experience in the  heart of premium editorial contents.

On the consumer side, it means that it was possible to virtually try-on 6 different shades of lipstick with highly-accurate renderings.

For an even more seamless experience, the consumer could directly purchase the exact shade after the sampling experience on Sephora via Instacart.

The campaign was a real success with over 4,200,000 impressions and more than 7,000 clicks on the ‘Try On’ button.

Video Ad Campaign Involving Virtual Try-On for Watches: The Cartier Case

During their Tank watch campaign, Cartier decided to activate the virtual try-on capability provided by Teads & Perfect Corp. The result was a state-of-the-art try-on experience for this high-end watch, providing a virtual mirror to sample and experience the product. According to Kantar Profiles, ad recall on the Cartier virtual ad experience was 25% higher than a classic video campaign. The number of people regarding Cartier as an innovative brand grew by 21% and the purchase intent was 9% higher.

Video Ad Campaign Involving Virtual Try-On for Jewelry: The Christian Dior Couture Case

For the ‘Rose des Vents’ earrings campaign in September 2023, Christian Dior Couture used Perfect Corp.’s technology on their ad campaign to allow users to virtually try on their earrings in the premium publisher environment provided by Teads.

The format developed for Christian Dior Couture made a significant impact on advertising effectiveness, as evidenced by the results: a remarkable +43% increase in ad recall and a substantial +62% boost in brand linkage compared to the traditional video format employed by Christian Dior. Moreover, perceptions of the brand saw a notable improvement considering the +17% of respondents acknowledging the brand as premium. The campaign also witnessed enhanced advertising engagement, with +12% of respondents expressing a desire to share their experience and a notable +36% increase in purchase intent. (Test conducted by Kantar Profiles in France- September 2023).

"The battle for attention being the core focus nowadays, we truly believe that this type of innovative solution helps to increase online brand engagement and encourage future purchases. This campaign has enabled us to offer an immersive experience to our audience, and to achieve our objectives, both in terms of engagement and brand awareness," commented Christian Dior Couture.

Ait Addi remarked “ With these figures we clearly want to send the message to beauty, jewelry & watch brands that this type of immersive advertising experience really works. Adding virtual try-on to video advertising has a positive impact on both brand KPIs and purchase intentions”.


About Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) leverages ‘Beautiful AI’ innovations to make our world more beautiful. As a pioneer and leader in the space, Perfect Corp. works with over 600 partners around the globe to empower brands to embrace the digital-first world by transforming shopping journeys through digital tech innovations. Perfect Corp.’s suite of enterprise solutions deliver synergistic, technology-driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized, and engaging shopping journeys through hyper-realistic virtual try-ons, AI-powered skin analyses, personalized product recommendation tools and many more Beautiful AI innovations.

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