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What Is Skin Analyzer & How It Works
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What Is Skin Analyzer & How It Works

Aug 25, 2022 · 3 minutes read

For beauty and skincare companies looking to improve their sales, AI skin analyzer technology might be the secret weapon they’re looking for. The skin analysis allows customers to accurately personalize their skin diagnosis experience online and recommend products that work just for them. In the latest medical study, the AI skin tech is proven to be aligned with physician assessments.

▼AI Skin Analyzer Detects 14 Skin Concerns and Skin Age. Click to Experience.

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Key Takeaways

What Is AI Skin Analyzer Technology?

The latest AI Skin Analyzer Technology is designed to help customers figure out their skin concerns quickly and accurately.

Analyze Skin Health & Personalize Product Recommendations

AI skin analyzer technology can analyze a person's skin health and determine whether or not a person has an uneven skin tone, acne, or other skin concerns.

With this data, the customer can then receive an AI virtual skin analysis telling them more about the health of their skin, along with personalized product recommendations meant to treat their deficiencies.

▼AI Skin Analyzer Detects 14 Skin Concerns and Skin Age.

The AI skin analyzer technology has huge benefits for both the business and the consumers. With the online skin analysis service, brands can connect with the consumer wherever they are, and consumers can get direct access to brands and products from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a win-win.

Personalized Skin Assessment Generated by AI

In the past, customers had to do online skin type quizzes or fill out questionnaires for brands to understand their personal skin conditions, yet this was not only time-consuming, but also often led to inaccurate results.

For example, customers may feel they have a dry skin, but have difficulty to describe in which area specifically or how much moisture they need. Now with virtual skin analysis, the skin concerns are clearly shown in numbers, so the customers can easily visualize their skin condition and pick suitable skincare products.

Read the Full Introduction of AI Skin Technology > 

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▶ Experience AI Skin Analyzer Here

How to Use AI Skin Analysis?

Customers just need to enable the camera on a laptop, mobile device, or in-store mirror. The AI skin analyzer will display a live, real-time skin analysis, or the customers can choose to capture a photo of themselves to get a complete AI online skin analysis that detects exact levels of spots, fine lines, and wrinkles without the hassle of going into a physical store and having their skin analyzed by a skin analysis machine. 

3 Easy Steps to Experience AI Skin Analyzer Technology:

What Does It Analyze?

To get this level of connection with the customer, businesses need to make sure they’re using a proven AI virtual skin analysis solution like Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analyzer Solution. The AI face analyzer provides users with real-time online skin analysis of their skin health in 14 skin parameters and skin types.

New Feature: Skin Type Detection

We are delighted to announce the availability of our AI Skin Analyzer Solution, a revolutionary tool for precise skin type detection. This state-of-the-art technology leverages advanced AI algorithms to meticulously analyze and assess a diverse range of skin types, delivering unparalleled accuracy. What sets our solution apart is its ability to distinguish between eight distinct skin types: normal, sensitive, dry, oily, dry-sensitive, oily-sensitive, combination, and combination-sensitive. This comprehensive analysis empowers users with customized insights, enabling a more personalized and effective approach to skincare. Embrace the future of skincare with our cutting-edge technology and assist your customers in discovering a new level of precision in understanding and caring for their skin.

Skin Type Detection

▼ All 14 types of skin health diagnostics analyzed by Perfect Corp.'s AI-powered Skin Analyzer Technology.

AI skin analyzer technology detects up to 14 types of skin concerns

A Full Facial Skin Analysis Includes:

  1. Moisture Levels 
  2. Spots 
  3. Wrinkles 
  4. Dark Circles 
  5. Oiliness 
  6. Texture
  7. Redness 
  8. Acne 
  9. Eyebag 
  10. Skin Firmness 
  11. Droopy Upper Eyelid 
  12. Droopy Lower Eyelid 
  13. Radiance 
  14. Visible Pores 

  15. ▶ Experience the Skin Analyzer Here

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Display by Scores

Get a FREE Demo for AI Skin Analyzer▲Get a FREE Demo of AI Skin Analyzer Technology

Each of these categories is assigned a score based on how prevalent they are. This score is then combined to calculate the user’s estimated skin age. The AI skin analyzer can even detect eye bags, droopy eyelids, skin firmness, and skin radiance and integrate this data into the final tabulation.

Additionally, the highly advanced technology also differentiates skin conditions at different stages in their lifecycle. Then highlights the results through an interactive AR overlay.

The information such as the severity of a particular issue in different areas of the face is conveyed by differences in color depth and intensity, the darker the color the more severe the result.

The users’ unique skin concerns are presented right on their face, allowing them to receive their results in a visual and engaging way.

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▶ Experience the Skin Analyzer Here

How Does Skin Analyzer Provide Personalized Facial Skincare Regimens

Once AI skin analyzer runs through the skin diagnosis system, the customer will be offered suggestions for skincare solutions to meet their needs.

Businesses can input products for certain skincare concerns, and the virtual skin analysis tool will automatically suggest these products when it identifies that a user has these problems. 

The Capabilities of AI Skin Analyzer

Visualize The Possible Improvements

The AI skin analyzer can also be leveraged for skin emulations, by generating visual simulation that tracks gradual improvements directly on a user's face. This technology is able to showcase how the customer's skin condition will be improved following consistent use of the products.

▼AI tech is also able to generate visual simulation that tracks gradual improvements directly on a user's face.

Compatible with Brands' Websites & Apps

Perfect Corp’s AI skin analyzer solution can directly work on a business’ website or app, meaning customers won’t have to be redirected to an external site. This keeps them focused on the brand and ready to buy.

Once the products are recommended by the AI face analyzer, they are immediately available for purchase, allowing the customer to make a quick decision without overthinking it, thereby driving skincare sales for the brand.

AI Skin Analyzer Is Able to Integrate in Website, Apps, and More Channels▶ Experience the Skin Analyzer Here

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AI Skin Tech v.s. Physician Assessment

In a recent study by Dr. Steven Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, comparing the AI Skin Diagnostic technology and physician assessment, he found that the AI skin diagnostic technology provided by Perfect Corp. is highly correlated with the physician skin assessment.

Full Research: 


How Was the Research Conducted?

The results were obtained this way: a board-certified dermatologist compared and ranked photos of patients with various skin concerns. The physician was then blinded to the skin scores provided by Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic Technology. Then, the AI Skin Tech scores were compared with the dermatologist ratings to determine if the scores are aligned.

Watch Full Intro Video of AI Skin Analyzer


See the AI-powered Skin Analyzer Technology in action. This technology allows consumers to get skin health diagnostics and product recommendations remotely (via a browser) .  Check out our Beauty Tech channel on YouTube for more >

A Look at the Current Skincare Industry

The skincare and beauty industry has changed in recent years, and that’s especially true during the COVID-19 era. Customers no longer have the option of heading to a skincare counter or pharmacy to test out products or get skin diagnoses from skin analysis machines.

Skincare brands are having a tougher time reaching customers in traditional avenues, meaning they’ve had to make a quick pivot to virtual-first approaches like providing online skin analysis services. Even with these challenges, it’s still expected that the skincare industry as a whole will be worth $18.7 billion in 2021 (“Skin Care”).

Part of that may be because of the lipstick effect, a phenomenon where consumers indulge more when they are under financial stress. During the coronavirus, a period of great distress for most Americans, hair care product sales rose 82%, while nail care product sales rose by 9% (Ledesma). Furthermore, online skincare sales were up 24% from sales in 2019, suggesting the pandemic couldn’t slow the drive for a virtual skincare beauty experience (Ledesma).

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What Do Dermatologists & Brands Say?

Dr. Jason Emer

So far, the AI Skin Analyzer Tool has helped numerous brands fulfill their customer’s needs. One satisfied brand partner is Dr. Jason Emer, a dermatologist looking for ways to give his clients more personalized virtual skin analysis services.

He uses the app to provide recommendations for his own skincare line, Emerage Skin. So far, he’s been able to use the diagnostic precision of the app to educate his clients and help them conduct virtual skin analysis online, and find products that actually offer results.


Skincare brand Neutrogena has already explored using AI skin analyzer technology to help their online customers understand their skin conditions better by guiding them through an AI-powered online skin assessment tool.

Brand is using the virtual skin analysis to visualize the problematic skin areas for the customers and provide them with an objective score for each skin condition. This skin innovation is extremely intuitive and helps customers understand the results much better.


Decorté, a renowned skincare brand, has also deployed Perfect Corp. AI Skin Analyzer technology in the U.S., using the face analyzer to enable its customers to analyze advanced skin health concerns including hydration - a top skincare concern.

Decorté also deployed the Skin Analyzer solution on its website to give customers the opportunity to get a detailed virtual skin analysis online of their current skin condition. After providing an immediate and accurate skin score assessment, Decorté recommends which of its skin products will be the best fit for the consumer.

How AI Skin Analyzer Technology Translates Into Online Skincare Sales

Decorté's example of using the AI-Powered Skin Analyzer technology to drive skincare sales.


Another success story is SOFINA iP, a brand that provides over-the-counter skincare products for multitasking women. It integrated the AI Skin Analyzer tool into its app with immediate results. As of May 2020, the company had 120,000 trial users as well as 500,000 new followers online. This high engagement rate has allowed the company to help its consumers get the personalized online skin analysis they need to improve their concerns.

Read the full story of SOFINA iP >

AI Skin Analyzer FAQ

1. What is a skin analyzer?

The AI skin analyzer provides users with a real-time online analysis of their skin health across 14 skin concerns. The technology differentiates skin conditions at different stages in their lifecycle and then highlights the results through an interactive AR overlay.

The technology highlights the severity of a particular issue on different areas of the face and is conveyed by differences in color depth and intensity. The users’ unique skin concerns are presented via the digital skin analysis, allowing the consumer to receive their results in a visual and engaging way.

2. How do skin analysis machines work?

To use an AI Skin Analyzer, you need to enable the camera on either your smartphone or laptop. After capturing a photo of yourself, you'll get a complete AI online skin analysis that detects the severity of various skin concerns. 

Once the skin score is displayed by the AI skin analyzer, you'll be offered suggestions for skincare solutions to address these skin concerns. Businesses can input products for certain skincare concerns, and the virtual skin analysis tool will automatically suggest these products when it identifies that a user has specific skin issues. 

3. What are the benefits of skin analysis?

For consumers, skin analysis helps them understand individual skin concerns better and choose suitable skincare products or adjust their skincare routine accordingly. This innovative technology leads to a truly personalized skincare experience.

For brands, the consumers’ data can help improve marketing efforts or adjust product offerings, avoiding unnecessary expenses and reducing return rates.

4. How long does a skin analysis take?

It depends on the skin analyzer machine. The latest AI technology can complete the analysis in just a few minutes. Some other skin analyzer tools can take hours to finish the analysis.

5. How often should a skin analysis be performed?

The virtual skin analysis can be performed whenever the customers need it. The skin analyzer can be integrated in all major web browsers and apps. Users can access it anywhere, anytime.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 600+ brands globally.

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“Skin Care.” Statista, Accessed 29 Jan 2021.

Ledesma, Melissa. “Surging Skincare Sales And Ecommerce Growth Reshape The Beauty Industry.” Digital Media Solutions, 15 May 2020.

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