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AI Skincare

5 Reasons Why Skincare Brands Need to Adopt AI Technology

Oct 7, 2021 · 5 minutes read

Over the past year, interest in skincare has skyrocketed, and consumers are turning to digital channels more than ever before to learn which skincare products work best for their individual concerns. AI-powered skin diagnostics have emerged as a turnkey solution to provide personalized skincare product recommendations in a matter of seconds. Read on to discover 5 Reasons why skincare brands need to adopt AI skin technology.

1. Consumers Embracing Skincare More Than Ever Before

During the pandemic, the beauty industry experienced a huge shift in consumer behavior. With strict lockdowns and social distancing guidelines put in place, consumers stayed at home and adjusted their beauty regimens to focus on a new priority: skincare.

As more and more consumers turned their attention to self-care routines, stress relief and wellness, skincare sales increased and online searches for self care skyrocketed +250%. Skincare regimens became an important daily ritual for many, and consumers sought to find the best skin care products for their skin type and skin concerns.

2. Consumers Seeking Personalized Skincare Recommendations

According to an NPD survey done in 2020, 40% of U.S women reported using more skincare in 2020 than in 2019, with many expanding their skincare routine to include more products and targeted treatments.

With this shift, a highly engaged skincare consumer emerged with a breed of new beauty consumers who are becoming more knowledgeable about skin care products, ingredients, and overall skin health. They want to understand their skin and the products needed to take care of it. What’s more, they are willing to invest in high-quality skin care products that are specific to their individual needs.

Consumers Seeking Personalized Skincare Recommendationscontact us

For skincare brands, this means personalization has become more essential than ever before for building brand loyalty, driving sales, and increasing consumer engagement. In skincare, one size does not fit all, and there is an increased demand to provide personalized product recommendations, product education, and digital experiences to meet the needs of this evolving skincare consumer.

3. Artificial Intelligence is the Secret to Personalized Skincare

For skincare brands to create truly personalized recommendations and experiences for consumers, artificial intelligence technology needs to be at the center of the online shopping journey. Today’s skincare consumer wants an in-depth skin diagnosis in order to feel confident about purchasing products online, and there is no better way to achieve this level of personalization than with the skin analysis and smart technologies available through AI.

AI Skincarecontact us

With AI technology, skincare brands can easily integrate digital skin analysis tools that provide customers with insights into their skin health, concerns, and specific product needs. This enhanced digital and personalized experience drives purchasing confidence, as consumers can rest assured the recommended products will be effective on their skin. AI powered skin analysis tools can also quickly accelerate digital and website engagement for brands, as consumers are able to use the AI technology to track their skin’s progress and improvement with a product regimen over time.

4. AI Skin Diagnostic Easily Activates Advanced Skin Analysis for Your Brand

Perfect Corp. AI Skin Diagnostic is Easily Activatedcontact us

With Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic Technology, advanced AI skin analysis is easily activated on any brand app, mobile or desktop experience.  This precise skin diagnostic tool is verified by dermatologists and uses a skin health database of over 70,000 professional grade images to ensure the most accurate results with every scan. The experience is powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies that provide a real-time skin analysis with a tap.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic takes personalization to a new level by providing a thorough analysis and skin health score based on 14 parameters: spots, wrinkles, moisture, redness, oiliness, texture, acne, dark circles, eyebags, skin firmness, droopy upper eyelid, droopy lower eyelid, radiance, and visible pores. With this in-depth diagnostic experience, consumers receive a hyper-personalized skin assessment right from their mobile device or laptop. Brands can then provide personalized product recommendations, content and solutions catered to the specific skincare needs of that consumer.

Integrating an AI Skin Diagnostic tool can also boost digital engagement and improve key website metrics such as time spent on site, overall traffic, and sales conversion. This is because consumers are looking for that experiential touchpoint and can use the AI skin diagnostic periodically to track the efficacy of their recommended skincare routine and see how the products are benefitting their skin over time.  

5. AI Skin Analysis Tool Driving Impressive Results

With 80% of consumers more likely to purchase a product when a brand offers a personalized experience or recommendation, it’s clear that AI technology and AI skin analysis are impactful tools to drive growth and success for skincare brands in this increasingly digital era.

Beauty and skincare brand Marianna Naturals recently integrated Perfect Corp.’s AI Skincare Diagnostic tool and saw immediate increases in both digital engagement and sales. After integrating the AI skin diagnostic tool on site, the skincare brand experienced a huge boost in digital engagement, observing a +300% increase in website traffic and a +330% in time spent on site. Marianna Naturals also experienced a +30% increase in conversions as consumers felt more confident that the products recommended in the AI Skin Diagnostic were specific and personalized to their individual skin concerns.

Learn how AI technology can optimize your brand’s personalization strategy and boost conversion. Contact us for details on Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic and more beauty tech solutions trusted by 300+ brands globally.

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