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Why AI Skin Tech is a Game-Changing Tool for Dermatologists

Aug 26, 2022 · 3 minutes read

AI-powered skin technology has made an incredible impact on the beauty industry in recent years, helping skincare brands provide personalized skin analysis and product recommendations to customers. A recent study1 also verified the effectiveness of AI skin technology in evaluating skin characteristics in dermatology practices and medical spas. Now, the influence of AI skin tech is spreading to new industries and driving impact in the world of dermatology and Medspas.

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Read on to discover 3 reasons why AI Skin Technology software can be a game-changing tool for dermatologists and medspas. 

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AI Skin Tech Helps Providers Quickly and Precisely Assess Patient Skin Concerns

With the use of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic software, dermatologists can instantaneously perform a thorough digital assessment of a patient’s skin to determine specific areas of concern and propose an effective treatment plan.

This analysis can easily be done in seconds through the use of a handheld iPad or laptop computer.

▼With deep learning technology, the AI tech can provide an accurate skin analysis within seconds.

AI Skin Tech Helps Providers Quickly and Precisely Identify Patient Skin ConcernsContact Perfect Corp.

AI-powered skin analysis software provides dermatologists and MedSpas with a seamless skin diagnostic experience. The skin analysis hardware devices typically used by dermatologist offices are often large, image booth devices that require special equipment to run.

AI-powered skin software, such as the AI skin diagnostic powered by Perfect Corp. technology, offers a modernized alternative to these hardware devices.


The AI technology is able to detect 14 skin concerns, including:

  1. Moisture Levels
  2. Spots
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Dark Circles
  5. Oiliness
  6. Texture
  7. Redness
  8. Acne
  9. Eyebag
  10. Skin Firmness
  11. Droopy Upper Eyelid
  12. Droopy Lower Eyelid
  13. Radiance
  14. Visible Pores

Comfortable Patient Experience

With this technology, dermatologists can accurately identify skin concerns while providing a comfortable patient experience, without the need for large or bulky equipment.

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AI Skin Tech Offers a Cost-Effective Alternative to Skin Analysis Hardware Devices 

The most commonly used skin analysis device in the field of dermatology is comprised of an imaging photo booth with a computer software program to assess various features of the skin. 

While this device is considered the standard for skin analysis in clinical settings, this hardware device requires specific equipment to function and can be costly for dermatology offices and medical spas to run.

▼ Skin analysis hardware device v.s. AI skin diagnostic technology

AI Skin Tech Offers a Cost-Effective Alternative to Skin Analysis Hardware Devices Contact Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic technology does not require special equipment to run and is significantly more cost-effective than common hardware device solutions used for skin assessments. It can easily be accessed by patients through desktop, tablet or mobile devices during their appointments, providing a scalable and precise tool for dermatologists.

Helps Patients Track Skin Improvements and Treatment Results After Skin Assessments

In the field of dermatology, it can sometimes be challenging to highlight the efficacy of treatment plans and motivate patients to adhere to treatments.

With Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic technology, patients can utilize the facial scanning tool throughout their treatment plan as they begin to implement skin treatment regimens.

AI Skin Tech Helps Patients Track Skin Improvements and Treatment ResultsContact Perfect Corp.

This allows patients to visualize the results of treatments and track improvements to their skin over time. Whether a patient is struggling with wrinkles, redness or another skin concern, the AI skin analysis software will allow them to see how their skin condition is improving after adhering to a specific treatment. All they need to do is snap a photo of their skin using the AI Skin Diagnostic tool.

Skin Assessment FAQs:

1. How is skin assessment done?

With AI technology, by enabling the camera on a mobile device, a user's skin conditions will be analyzed and displayed by the scores. The current AI skin tech is able to detect 14 skin concerns including moisturizing, oiliness, spots, wrinkles, and more. The AI skin assessment is already confirmed by a medical study that it's as effective as the commonly-used hardware and imaging devices when identifying patient skin concerns in dermatology and medical spa settings.

2. What is a normal skin assessment?

The normal skin assessment usually includes skin ages, moisture, texture, turgor, and skin lesions. Yet some of skin concerns can be detected by AI technology, to effectively help dermatologists when assessing skin conditions. The technology is easy-to-use that the patients can also conduct themselves at home to track the improvements after the skin treatments.

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