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See How Estée Lauder Brands Leverage Virtual Try On
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See How Estée Lauder Brands Leverage Virtual Try On

May 30, 2022 · 3 minutes read
See How Estée Lauder Brands Leverage Virtual Try On

During the annual Global Beauty Tech Forum, special guest Ophelia Ceradini, Vice President of Digital Technology and Innovation at The Estée Lauder Companies, shared an inside look into the beauty giant’s beauty tech strategy, the impressive results they have seen thus far, and what the future holds for beauty tech innovation across their portfolio. Here’s an inside look at the key learnings from this insightful interview about Estée Lauder Brands' digital transformation journey.

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Fireside Chat: Digital Technologies and Innovation at The Estée Lauder Companies. Check out our YouTube channel for more >

Estée Lauder Brands' Digital Transformation with Virtual Try-On

Estée Lauder brands' virtual try on solution was scaled across multiple brands within their portfolio (including Estée Lauder, MAC, and Tom Ford Beauty), all platforms from in-store to online, and all categories including lipstick, blush, mascara, and brows.

Estée Lauder brand’s virtual try on technology has been incredibly successful, resulting in a 67% boost in conversion and 2.5X more time spent on Estée Lauder's website.

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Estée Lauder Brands' Virtual Try On: Accommodate Scalable Cross-Channel Needs

In looking for new and innovative ways to engage with consumers online, Ceradini made note of the importance of scalable innovation across all Estée Lauder brands and all their channels. 

The pandemic challenged them to accelerate in certain areas so consumers can continue to engage and have that high-touch personalized experience online with Estée Lauder brands' virtual try on solutions, rather than in-store.

Estee Lauder Brands' Skincare Line Has Huge Potential in Digital Innovation

Estée Lauder brands' skincare category is their fastest-growing, especially throughout the pandemic, according to Ceradini.

She made note of the need for innovation to help consumers navigate the overwhelming number of choices when choosing the right products online. She also announced the development of Estée Lauder’s AI Skin Diagnostic, which is targeted to help deliver a personalized, high-touch experience for consumers shopping for Estée Lauder skincare.

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Estée Lauder Brands Use Virtual Try On to Meet Racial Diversity and Inclusivity

The collective vision for The Estée Lauder Companies is to be inclusive and diverse as both an employer of diverse talent, and a brand that diverse consumers turn to for products.

Ceradini touched upon the importance of meeting diverse consumer needs globally with its tech and innovation offerings, spotlighting the development of Estée Lauder shade finder technology as an example. With the help of Estée Lauder shade finder, Estée Lauder is able to meet the expectations and needs of their diverse customers and guide them to not only get the right product but to provide them personalized services.

AI-powered Digital Innovation Brings Personalized Experiences for Estée Launder Brands

Ceradini predicts the biggest upcoming beauty tech trends including the combination of video, live streaming, and data.

By using AI and machine learning together with data, the Estée Lauder Companies hope to give consumers a more personalized experience whether they’re online or offline. It’s this level of personalization she predicts customers will come to expect from their shopping journey moving forward.

▶ Watch the full webinar video here.

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