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Why Skin Tech is a Great Alternative to VISIA Skin Analysis

Oct 29, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Why Skin Tech is a Great Alternative to VISIA Skin Analysis

In Dermatology and other clinical settings, the most commonly used skin analysis device is the Visia machine. The Visia machine is an imaging photo booth that features a software program which scans a patient’s face to identify core skin concerns. This machine allows dermatologists, medical spas, and other clinical providers to identify skin issues such as redness and wrinkles, and prescribe a product regimen or treatment plan to improve the skin’s health. 

The Current Experience

While imaging booth devices such as the Visia machine are considered a standard for skin analysis in clinical settings, they often consist of large hardware devices that require special and costly equipment to operate.

These devices also require patients to position their faces within the machine to have their skin analyzed, which can contribute to an uncomfortable and awkward patient experience.

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New AI Skin Diagnostic Solution

In recent years, new technologies such as Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic solution have emerged as a modern, fast and effective tool to perform skin analysis. This technology is quickly becoming known in the dermatology space as an excellent alternative to more traditional imaging booth systems such as the Visia machine. 

In a recent study, Dr. Steven Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine determined that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic technology is a precise tool for performing patient skin assessments in clinical settings and a comparable alternative to VISIA.

Read on to learn more about the study and why AI Skin technology is set to transform the dermatology and medical spa industries. 

Dr. Feldman▲Dr. Steven Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine

Full Research of the AI Skin Tech:

1. https://www.hmpgloballearningnetwork.com/site/thederm/practice-advances/convenient-system-facial-analysis

2. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09546634.2022.2127305

Analyzing AI Skin Tech vs the Visia Machine

As part of Dr. Feldman’s analysis of AI Skin Technology compared to imaging, 50 patients were recruited to participate in a study comparing the skin assessments generated by Perfect Corp.’s AI skin technology to the Visia machine results. 

To compare the inter-reliability of the facial analysis systems to one another, a total match rate and match rate for each skin characteristic were determined between both systems.

The study compared the results of the two systems for 5 key skin characteristics:

  1. spots
  2. wrinkles
  3. redness
  4. texture
  5. pores

When generating skin assessments for the 50 patients across the two systems, the study confirmed a high correlation between the results of the two systems for every skin concern measured, indicating that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic technology is comparable to and as precise as the Visia system when performing skin assessments. 

Skin Age

When assessing a patient’s severity of wrinkles compared to their age, Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology proved to be highly accurate.

This exercise further validated Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology as an excellent tool for use in clinical settings, providing skin assessments aligned with those generated by commonly used imaging devices. 

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The Benefits of Using AI Skin Tech as an Alternative to Imaging Devices in Dermatology

Cost-Effective Solution for Skin Assessments: 

In clinical settings, Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software is a cost-effective alternative to imaging devices and booths such as the Visia machine, which often require expensive equipment to operate. With highly optimized AI algorithms, Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software delivers consistent and reliable results without a need for dedicated hardware, special cameras, lighting, background setup, or special probes.

Cost-Effective Solution for Skin Assessments.Contact Perfect Corp.

Modern and Comfortable Patient Experience:

Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology provides a superior experience to consumers in clinical settings. The technology requires no special equipment to operate and can be easily integrated across various devices and platforms. Imaging devices such as the Visia machine often require patients to place their face in the imaging booth in order for their skin to be scanned and analyzed. This can often be an uncomfortable position for patients. 

Easily be integrated to mobile phones, webpages and tablets.Contact Perfect Corp.

With Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology, skin assessments can be performed simply and comfortably from a tablet or smartphone device in the patient’s hand. 

Delivers Skin Assessment Results 20x Faster:

Dr. Feldman’s study also confirmed that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology delivers skin assessment results 20x faster than Visia, making it a seamless and efficient solution for dermatology and medical spa offices. 

To learn more about Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic solution for dermatology offices and medical spas, click here to schedule a call.

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