How Allure Creates Immersive Experiences with Beauty Tech
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How Allure Creates Immersive Experiences with Beauty Tech

Dec 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How Allure Creates Immersive Experiences with Beauty Tech

Future Of Beauty: From Printed Pages to Virtual Try-on Experiences

The beautiful glossy pages of Allure Magazine first graced the world 30 years ago. Over the last three decades, Allure’s award-winning beauty content and expert reporting translated and expanded beyond print pages to include web and digital editions viewed in the palm of your hand through a smart phone device. Most recently, the brand reimagined their content through an interactive lens with the help of Perfect Corp.’s artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, which has helped to bring the iconic magazine’s pages to life through true-to-life virtual try-on experience. These technologies have also helped introduce Allure Magazine to a new generation of readers.

AR Virtual Makeup Try-On

Readers Can Virtually Try On Featured Makeup Looks: How Did Allure Do It?

During the 2021 Global Beauty Tech Forum, Allure’s Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Cruel, and Senior Beauty Editor, Dianna Mazzone joined Perfect Corp. for an inside look at how Allure has leaned into AI and AR beauty tech to create immersive digital experiences that bring their pages to life. Over the last year Perfect Corp. and Allure collaborated to recreate the looks and products featured on the print pages of the magazine, as digital assets that readers’ could experience through true-to-life virtual try-on within Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup app. The introduction of immersive digital experiences throughout the Allure reader journey has since changed the way the brand conceptualizes content, putting an emphasis on interactive, experiential concepts.

Introducing AR Virtual Makeup Try-On to Allure Readers with Beauty Tech

Similar to the shifts seen across the retail environment, the media industry continues to adapt to the evolving needs of consumers, putting an emphasis on experiential content that brings the words to life in an interactive, hyper-engaged manner for the reader. The introduction of interactive content is becoming the new normal, and Allure is setting precedent for brands and readers who will soon come to expect a hyper-engaged reader experience.

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Virtual Makeup Try-on Brings Beauty Content to Life with AI

Allure is meeting this evolving reader demand by introducing AI and AR virtual try-ons that help their content jump off the pages and screens. With these experiences, Allure readers can virtually try-on the trending beauty looks and makeup products that Allure editors recommend in each issue, bringing beauty content to life in new and exciting ways.

Interactive Virtual Try On for an Engaged Reader Experience

Allure Magazine first teamed up with Perfect Corp. in November 2020 for what became the first of many interactive content collaborations the brands have done together. For the November 2020 issue and more recently, September 2021 issue, Allure worked with Perfect Corp. to recreate a collection of looks and products via digital try-on, and made these looks available for readers to experience within the YouCam Makeup app. This full circle reader journey allowed readers to visualize the stunning looks and products in real time on their own face, creating a more personalized and engaged reader experience.

Advanced Beauty Tech: Creating Interactive Experiences With AR-powered Solutions

Most recently, Allure and Perfect Corp. took things one-step further, integrating YouCam’s newest innovation—YouCam Tutorial—into their read journey. This first-of-its-kind interactive tool is a makeup learning platform that uses AI and AR alongside brush stroke animation to demonstrate makeup application techniques on a users’ face in real-time.

YouCam Tutorial - AI-powered makeup tutorial platform for hyper-realistic AR and engaging step-by-step makeup learningRequest a FREE Demo

For this experience, Allure worked with Perfect Corp. to identify one of the most tried-on styles of the year based on big data sourced from Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup app. They then created a YouCam Tutorial experience that helped guide readers on how to bring that to look life via a digital tutorial. This educational tool delivers a hyper-personalized experience that brings the reader one step closer to having a professional makeup artist in your home to walk you through makeup application steps and technique tips.

View the Conversation Between Allure And Perfect Corp.

Allure’s innovative thinking and creative conceptualizing are changing the reader experience for good and delivering on a personalized and memorable reader journey. Click here to view the full conversation from Perfect Corp.’s 2021 Global Beauty Tech Forum Allure Magazine: Bridging the Gap between Print and Digital.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a virtual makeover?

The purpose of a virtual makeover is to give users an opportunity to try on various makeup products, including lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation and more, and instantly see the results on their faces. Allure magazine uses AI Beauty Tech to let readers virtually try on their desired looks or looks picked by the editor while they browse through the magazine.

2. Is the virtual try-on powered by AR?

Yes, virtual try-on or virtual makeup try-on are both using AR-powered technology to allow users to try on makeup looks or accessories in real time. Virtual try on experience can be integrated into a web page, apps, or social media channels for the brands to improve interaction with the users and create immersive, engaging experiences for the shoppers.

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