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Lindsay Colameo
Principal Beauty Editor
18 articles written by Lindsay Colameo
Makeup & Looks
How to Master The Best Winged Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape
Eyeliner has come a long way from the days of a fine line traced along y…
by Lindsay Colameo · Aug 14, 2021
Face Retouch/Reshape
How to Even Skin Tone For Your Selfies With a Tap
While we all dream about perfectly clear, smooth skin, the reality is that…
by Lindsay Colameo · Jul 19, 2021
Selfie Cam
Teeth Whitening: The Best App to Instantly Whiten Your Smile
There’s no denying the allure of a bright, white, beautiful smile, and th…
by Lindsay Colameo · Jul 19, 2021
Makeup & Looks
4 Hottest TikTok E-Girl Makeup Aesthetics in 2021
In the age of social media personas, the E-girl has spoken and her strikin…
by Lindsay Colameo · Jun 30, 2021
Selfie Cam
6 Major Face Editing App Tools You Must Know
Practically no one takes a perfect photo. Whether you’re experiencing…
by Lindsay Colameo · Jun 26, 2021
Hair Color
Top 5 Best Hair Color Trends 2021 You Can Try Before You Dye
Whether it’s the start of a new year, the kickoff to a new season, or sim…
by Lindsay Colameo · Jun 8, 2021
Makeup & Looks
The Must-Try Makeup Aesthetics of 2021
A chaotic and disheartening 2020 is behind us, and our eyes are focuse…
by Lindsay Colameo · Apr 16, 2021
How to Get Rid of Textured Skin: 5 Easy Tips
When it comes to skincare, clear, smooth skin and glowing complexi…
by Lindsay Colameo · Apr 1, 2021
Makeup & Looks
3 Glam St. Patrick's Day Makeup Ideas You Must Try
Get your green makeup and gold glitter ready, it’s almost St. Patrick’s…
by Lindsay Colameo · Mar 24, 2021
Makeup & Looks
How to Achieve Soft Girl Aesthetic: Makeup, Hair & Photo Edit Tips
Soft girl, the hottest style keyword since the rise of TikTok, has taken o…
by Lindsay Colameo · Mar 5, 2021
Makeup & Looks
Best SpongeBob and Patrick Star Makeup Ideas You Must Try
SpongeBob’s newest adventure is set to kick off in the new The Spong…
by Lindsay Colameo · Feb 26, 2021
Makeup & Looks
5 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks to Get Glammed
The season of love is upon us and to help share the love, we’re rounding …
by Lindsay Colameo · Feb 4, 2021
AR Video On-Demand
Beauty AR Live Streaming and the Rise of ‘Shoppertainment’
Online video content has grown significantly in the past decade. It’s …
by Lindsay Colameo · Jan 31, 2021
Makeup & Looks
How to Find Your Foundation Shade Match: Three Expert …
Shopping for a new foundation is a highly personal journey and one ma…
by Lindsay Colameo · Jan 23, 2021
Partner Success
An Inside Look at Digital Innovation at The Estée Lauder Co…
During the annual Global Beauty Tech Forum, special guest Ophelia …
by Lindsay Colameo · Dec 22, 2020
Platform Support
The World's Largest Video Platform (YouTube) Now Come…
60% of Smartphone Shoppers Have Turned to AR The recent launch of Y…
by Lindsay Colameo · Dec 21, 2020
AI/AR Makeup
The 5 Biggest Beauty Tech Trends to Watch Out For
(Updated on March 17th, 2021) This year has brought with it a lot of cha…
by Lindsay Colameo · Dec 20, 2020
Platform Support
Plug & Play Virtual Try-On for Shopify Beauty Merchants
Mass adoption of virtual beauty tools has quickly replaced physical …
by Lindsay Colameo · Dec 20, 2020