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How Eyewear Brands Can Help Customers Virtually Try On Glasses Online

Mar 10, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Choosing the ideal pair of eyeglasses is not only a personal style preference, but has traditionally been an in-person and physical experience. Customers would enter the retail space, identify select frames to try on, and one by one would test out each option to find one that matches their own taste. Such try-on formats may soon be a thing of the past due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting product sample practices, and brands globally are embracing digital-first formats of virtual glasses try-on.

Click here to experience the 3D glasses try-on.

With the eyewear industry expected to reach an estimated value of $258 billion by 2027, the need to meet customers on their digital shopping journey is more important than ever (Sabanoglu). This is where augmented reality-powered technology and virtual try-on come in. Perfect Corp. has brought hyper-realistic virtual try-on to the beauty, makeup, and skincare industries. Now, the solutions provider has launched a 3D AR glasses virtual try-on solution to service the booming eyewear market.

Enhancing the Customer Experience with AR 3D Eyewear Virtual Try-on

Not only does AR-enabled virtual try-on eliminate the need for physical samples and in-person try-on, it also allows customers to shop when they want, wherever they are. With the option to test out new frames from the comfort of their home — on their couch, at their desk, anywhere — shoppers are given flexible and safe opportunities to shop. 

Hyper-realistic augmented reality (AR) virtual glasses try-on experience.

Now, with the power to virtually try on countless frames, potential customers can continue to try on until finding their perfect pair. For brands, this means increased site or app engagement, improved time spent on page, and inevitably enhanced levels of customer satisfaction. After all, the more information a customer is given, the more comfortable they are in their shopping decision.

Try-on Glasses Online Software: Setting Up Your Virtual Glasses Try-on

Perfect Corp.’s virtual glasses technology was designed to drastically simplify the implementation process for brands. This newly-launched try-on experience can quickly and efficiently be integrated across all digital touchpoints — and is compatible with mobile and desktop web browsers — to meet the specific needs of your e-commerce experience.

Upload 3 images to automatically create the virtual glasses for real-time virtual try-on.

To help brands quickly create the virtual glasses SKUs with the simplest steps, the setup process requires only three product images — of the left temple, right temple, and the front of the glasses frame — and an optional reflection effect. From here, the technology is able to compose a rendered 3D AR eyewear piece ready for virtual try-on. There is no need for 3D product scanning or modeling in order to digitize each given SKU. 

With the Perfect Console platform, the built-in eyewear editor gives brands the options to fill out information for each product SKU, upload the three images and the reflection effect, instantly preview the frames in live or photo mode, and manage all uploaded SKUs with ease.

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Digitizing an Entire Eyewear Product Line for Virtual Try-on

From daily specs to high-end designer sunglasses, the Perfect Corp. technology was built to incorporate all product offerings. As a brand digitizes its SKUs, users can shop an entire line instantaneously.

Unlike alternative technology, Perfect Corp’s virtual glasses try-on does not require users to record a video or take a selfie in order to render a try-on image. Instead, shoppers can simply enable their camera and see the glasses applied in real time, viewing their bespectacled look instantly as they scroll through frame options.

Adding Hyper-realistic Try-on Effects

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Perfect Corp. is also giving brands the unique option to add reflections and glare onto the glasses, allowing for a more realistic and lifelike try-on experience.

As users test out new frames, they will be able to see themselves in true-to-life situations, viewing the reflection of a cityscape or the sun’s glare in their new frames.

Add AR 3D eyeglasses virtual try-on to your online brand store

Contact us for more information about integrating AR solutions into your online beauty store shopping experience. Better yet, request a free demo to see how our solutions can benefit your business.

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References: Sabanoglu, Tugba. “Global Eyewear Market Value 2019-2027.” Statista, 30 Nov. 2020,

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