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Virtual Eyeglasses Try On: The 2022 Complete Guide

Apr 2, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Virtual Eyeglasses Try On: The 2022 Complete Guide

(Updated on Apr 2nd, 2022)

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The fashion retail industry is experiencing a digital transformation. Consumers are turning to brand digital channels for inspiration and product advice more than ever before. Fashion tech solutions such as virtual try on have emerged as a must-have component of the shopping journey, allowing consumers to try-on products digitally before they buy. This has become especially important for the eyewear industry, where consumers want to find the best product for their face shape and style preferences before investing several hundred dollars in a new item.

In order to stay competitive and effectively engage consumers, eyewear brands should consider adopting virtual try on solutions as they optimize their omnichannel shopping experience. These technologies allow customers to try on glasses digitally. Read on to discover everything you need to know about virtual try-on for eyewear and glasses and how to set up virtual try-on for your brand. 

Virtual Eyeglasses Try On: The 2022 Complete Guide

What Are Virtual Eyeglasses Try Ons?

The concept of a virtual eyeglasses try-on is not new. The experience of trying on a product in a fully virtual setting has become an integral part of a shopping journey for consumers worldwide. Powered by advanced augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, virtual try-on enables consumers to make confident purchase decisions across such diverse product categories as makeup, eyewear, jewelry, clothing, and more.

This interactive tool is incredibly easy to use: shoppers can use any device that is equipped with a camera (such as a laptop or smartphone) and they can try hundreds of products in mere seconds with no constraints.

Virtual Eyeglasses Try-Ons: The 2022 Complete Guide

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The fashion industry has always been one step ahead with regard to technological advancements and innovation. With such complex and lucrative endeavors as AR clothing try-on already on the horizon, virtual try-on for eyeglasses can be considered a staple digital fashion experience.

A growing number of eyewear brands are integrating the cutting-edge virtual try-on solution into their omnichannel commerce, transforming the retail experience and driving customer engagement in the eyewear retail space. It comes as no surprise: eyewear customers increasingly value the safety and convenience of online shopping and turn to digital channels to find their perfect style and frame. Hence, the importance of virtual try-on technology for eyewear and glasses cannot be overstated as it helps brands and retailers evolve consumer expectations and delivers the coveted ultra-personalized and convenient shopping experiences.

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Why Do Brands Implement Virtual Eyeglasses Try-Ons?

Shopping for a new pair of glasses online can be challenging for many as there are multiple factors and characteristics to consider, such as one’s face shape, eye color, hair color, and lifestyle.

As some eyewear options can come with a hefty price tag on top of everything else, consumers need to be sure they are purchasing the best frame and style to avoid dealing with tiresome product returns as well as buyer’s remorse.

Purchasing confidence is especially important for higher-cost luxury items such as designer sunglasses and prescription eyewear frames which can usually cost several hundred dollars.

Virtual Eyeglasses Try-Ons Increase Customers’ Purchasing Confidence

The Benefits of Virtual Eyeglasses Try-On and Sunglasses

So, as consumers flock to digital channels for product advice and discovery, they need to be able to visualize how glasses, sunglasses, and frames look with their face shape to feel confident about investing in a new pair of glasses.

With virtual eyeglass try on, shoppers can try on hundreds of styles digitally in a matter of seconds and the comfort of their homes. Users can see various designs directly on their faces in real-time, without having to upload a selfie or take multiple photographs. Such interactive and personalized shopping experiences allow each customer to find their perfect style in no time.

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Virtual Eyeglasses Try-On Drive Customer Engagement & Increase Time On-Site

When customers can visualize how a frame will look when worn in real life, they feel excited and confident about their purchase, which ultimately increases the likelihood that they will make at least one purchase and even become return customers.

Furthermore, the visually captivating and entertaining try-on experience is a tremendous driver for customer engagement, with many brands seeing +200% and +300% increases in consumer engagement and time spent on site after integrating virtual eyeglasses try-on.

Such astounding metrics subsequently lead to increased purchasing confidence for shoppers and higher sales for brands, creating an enjoyable and memorable retail experience that customers would gladly repeat in the future.

Why Your Brand Need Virtual Eyeglasses Try On Technology

The Most Advanced Virtual Eyeglasses Try-On Solution

With so many virtual eyeglasses try-on solutions on the market, finding the best one for your brand can be challenging. The right virtual try-on solution will offer lifelike product simulation results to consumers, creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. It will also be intuitive and easy to implement for brands, saving time and money on digitizing full eyewear product lines.

No Need to Record Videos or Upload Selfies

Perfect Corp. 3D AR and AI virtual eyeglasses try-on is the most advanced virtual try-on technology available on the market today. The combination of AR and AI technologies ensures the most hyper-realistic virtual try-on experience that mirrors traditional in-store try-on. 

Users don’t have to record any videos or take selfies to render a try-on image—all they need to do is turn on any camera-enabled device and instantly see how the virtual eyeglasses look on their faces. Such ultra-realistic results are achieved due to powerful 3D face modeling that allows for the most true-to-life try-on experience for eyeglasses to try on at home.

Get a FREE Demo for Virtual Eyeglasses Try OnExperience the Virtual Eyeglasses Try On Here.

AgileFace Tracking Technology Supports Virtual Eyeglasses Try On

Perfect Corp.’s virtual eyeglasses try-on features AgileFace® tracking technology that ensures an ultra-accurate virtual try-on experience with the most optimized performance.

The proprietary technology offers the highest level of precision for a unique, all-embracing, and highly personalized virtual try on experience for all facial features across all ages and ethnic groups, taking into consideration each user’s individual characteristics.

Consumers will know instantly whether a pair of glasses or sunglasses are not a good fit for them, without having to waste their time physically trying various options for hours on end.

Virtual Try On Solution for Eyeglasses Supports Various Angles and Views:

With AI-powered virtual eyeglasses try-on technology, customers can access hyper-realistic virtual eyeglasses try on experiences complete with a full range of motion.

The customer can turn their head to view the frame style from various angles and see how the style will truly look when physically worn. The technology supports horizontal rotation +/- 60 degrees along the x-axis and vertical rotation +/- 45 degrees along the y-axis.

This allows for an interactive and true-to-life experience that mirrors an in-store try-on. With other virtual try-on technologies for eyewear, a full range of motion is not possible and the eyewear may appear distorted when the customer turns their head. 

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AI Pupillary Distance Auto Detection

What sets Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology for glasses apart as the most advanced and realistic eyewear virtual try-on available on the market today is AI-Powered Pupillary Distance Auto-Detection

What Is Pupillary Distance (PD)

Pupillary distance, which is referred to as PD in the eyewear industry, refers to the distance between two pupils. With Perfect Corp.’s technology,  the virtual try-on experience automatically detects the user’s PD to ensure that virtual glasses are precisely sized and fitted to the user’s face as they would appear in real life. Essentially, this technology can visualize the actual size and aspect ratio of glasses on a user’s face and emulate the eyewear’s actual size, fit and scale virtually

This technology is a groundbreaking innovation in the eyewear virtual try-on space as it allows PD to be detected instantly and automatically. With other less advanced technologies, a customer would need to physically measure their PD and enter their PD before accessing the virtual try-on experience. This automatic PD detection, powered by advanced AI technologies, enables a more seamless and realistic user experience that empowers customers to find their perfect fit. 

Experience the AI Pupillary Distance Auto Detection Here.

How Do Brands Incorporate Virtual Eyeglasses Try On: Only Need 3 Steps

Step 1: Fast and Easy Virtual SKU Creation

Many brands may be apprehensive to integrate powerful AI + AR technologies that can improve their business. They may perceive AI + AR tools and technologies as requiring extensive implementation efforts and development hours, as well as tedious and time-consuming product setup.

How To Set Up Virtual Try On for GlassesGet a FREE Demo for Virtual Eyeglasses

With the latest virtual eyeglasses try-on technology, brands can easily and cost-effectively create digitized versions of their full product assortment. To create virtual versions of eyewear and glasses for virtual try-on, brands simply upload 3 images of the SKU (left temple, frame front, and right temple).

From here, the technology can compose a rendered 3D AR eyewear piece ready for virtual try-on. There is no need for 3D product scanning or modeling to digitize each given SKU. Perfect Corp.’s easy-to-use eyewear editor and console allow brands to instantly preview the digitized SKU to ensure accuracy and detail with each style.

Step 2: Fully Customized Virtual SKUs

In addition to easy glasses and eyewear SKU creation, Perfect Corp.’s console also allows brands to customize virtual eyewear and glasses to ensure enhanced realism. Digitized glasses and eyewear can be customized by a variety of attributes to ensure true-to-life depictions of the product assortment. SKUs can be customized by: 

  • Frame color

  • Frame size

  • Frame reflection

  • Lens and tint density

  • Lens reflection

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Step 3: More Possibilities with Contact Lens Virtual Try-On

Perfect Corp.’s innovative virtual try-on solution for eyewear is also available for contact lenses. The virtual try-on capability for contact lenses also features hyper-realistic effects.

This technology tracks the movement of the user’s eyes and aligns perfectly with the iris and pupil for a true-to-life look

Virtual Try-ons for EyewearGet a FREE Demo for Virtual Eyeglasses

Revolutionize the Retail Experience with Virtual Eyeglasses Try On:

Virtual try-on technology is an excellent addition to any brand’s omnichannel shopping strategy and can transform customer engagement while driving sales. This technology allows eyewear customers to try-on product styles anywhere at any time from the comfort of their homes. With this technology, you can show your customers how to re-imagine the in-store product try-on experience digitally and feel more confident about their eyewear purchasing decisions by virtually trying on eyeglasses at home. 

To learn more about virtual try-on for glasses and eyewear, visit Perfect Corp.’s demo store or schedule time to chat with Perfect Corp.’s brand success team. 

Virtual Eyeglasses FAQ:

1. How to virtually try on eyeglasses?

No need to record any videos, take any selfies, or manually measure your pupillary distance (PD) all you need to do is turn on any camera-enabled device, either mobile phone or laptop, then you can instantly see how the virtual eyeglasses look on your faces.

Experience the Virtual Eyeglasses Try On Here.

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