How Smart Technology is Driving the Future of Beauty in 2024
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How Smart Technology is Driving the Future of Beauty in 2024

Jan 16, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How Smart Technology is Driving the Future of Beauty in 2024

1. Using AI & AR to Shape, Analyze and Improve the Future of Beauty Tech

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality-powered smart technologies have become a staple for many top beauty brands when it comes to increasing customer engagement. These smart technologies allow brands to look into valuable customer behavior data, such as the type of beauty products customers are interested in and the beauty needs that are most important to them. These smart technologies also enable brands to offer personalized product recommendations, which ultimately help provide consumers with valuable tips and beauty product solutions. 

The Benefits of Virtual Try-on

With the ability to virtually try-on countless beauty products such as eyeliners, brow fillers, lip colors, and foundation shades, AR and AI beauty tech is revolutionizing the way consumers shop for beauty products across the omni-channel shopping journey, from in-store to online and via social commerce platforms. In this age, beauty shopping experiences have become increasingly “phygital” combining in-person consultations with digital experiences and diagnostics. As consumers continue to turn to brands for these interactive and engaging shopping experiences, these smart technologies will evolve to better serve, entertain and engage consumers in the future of beauty indutry.

The Data Proving AI & AR's Success 

The proof of AI and AR’s success in the beauty space is in the numbers. Since implementing a brow product virtual try-on experience, the LVMH brand Benefit has seen a 20% increase in customers adding items to their cart, a 100% increase in time spent on the site, and a 113% increase in on-site conversions.  

Using AI & AR to Shape, Analyze and Improve the Future of Beauty TechContact Us for Free Demo of Seeing AI & AR Drives the Future of Beauty

To explore the benefits of beauty tech and virtual try-on smart technologies, as well as the future of beauty technology, Wayne Liu, General Manager of Perfect Corp. joined Valerie Hoecke, Chief Digital Officer of LVMH Perfumes and during Perfect Corp.’s recent Global Beauty Tech Master Series Webinar: The State of Beauty Tech 2021 and Beyond

Click here to view the full conversation on and discover insights from the webinar, or check out our beauty tech channel for more content related to the future of beauty industry.

2. Shoppertainment Matters: The Future of Beauty Delivers Fun Shopping Experiences 

When customers receive a sense of fun and enjoyment from their time shopping on a brand’s app or website, they’re more likely to spend more time exploring the brand’s website, discovering products, and develop a sense of brand loyalty. When customers are engaged and entertained during the shopping experience, it is also more likely that browsing site visitors will be converted to paying customers. 

The Future of Beauty Delivers Fun Shopping Experiences Contact Us for Free Demo of Seeing AI & AR Drives the Future of Beauty

Beauty Tech: The Most Effective Tool to Increase Shoppertainment

AI and AR virtual try-on smart technologies are some of the most effective tools for increasing shoppertainment in the beauty shopping experience. These technologies provide an interactive and fun shopping experience for customers, allowing customers to see products come to life digitally in a personalized way. With this element of shoppertainment, beauty brands are able to delight customers and seamlessly increase sales conversion.

As beauty tech becomes more prominent in the industry, brands can build these experiences into more comprehensive consultations, and provide customers with personalized tutorials, recommendations, and advice to help customers get the most value from their products. These smart technologies can help customers better understand how to use products to best complement their look. 

3. The Future Role of Smart Technology in Omni-Channel Beauty Shopping 

Today’s beauty shoppers are interacting with brands across multiple platforms. Whether in-store, online or through social commerce channels such as Instagram, YouTube consumers are connecting with brands across a variety of shopping touch points. 

Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on smart technology creates an interactive shopping experience that can easily be integrated across all aspects of the omni-channel shopping journey. An added benefit is that brands can implement an effective shopping experience across channels using one technology provider. This allows brands to aggregate all omni-channel customer data using one solution, and it also ensures that brands can guarantee the same interactive, engaging shopping experience across all shopping touch points. This smart technology allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of customer data and interests, to ultimately provide a better experience

The Future Role of Smart Technology in Omni-Channel Beauty Shopping Contact Us for Free Demo of Seeing AI & AR Drives the Future of Beauty

The Future of Beauty: A Look Forward 

The world of beauty tech is expansive and ever-changing. As beauty tech integrations such as virtual try-on become more essential in shopping journeys, consumers will come to expect these personalized shopping experiences from brands. They will seek out brands that provide entertaining shopping experiences and personalized product recommendations, but also individualized beauty consultations, tutorials, and advice.

AR and AI-powered virtual try-on smart technology will continue to evolve to better solve consumer pain points and will continue to drive engagement by removing barriers to product trial and discovery in the future of beauty industry. This technology will also advance to provide valuable experiences and content that can help every consumer get the most from their beauty purchases.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and get ahead of the beauty tech trends. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by over 600 brands globally.

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