AI Beard Simulator: Accurate Virtual Try-on for Beard Styles
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AI Beard Simulator: Accurate Virtual Try-on for Beard Styles

Aug 31, 2022 · 3 minutes read
AI Beard Simulator: Accurate Beard Styles Virtual Try On

'No beard filter', once a popular trend on TikTok and Snapchat, still widely loved by many social media users. The filter is easy-to-use and fun, and as the name suggests, it shows how the user would look with their beard being removedYou may be surprised to learn that this type of 'beardless filter' or 'no beard filter' and the technology behind it actually paved a new way in the world of men's grooming, including the world-known brand Combe's Just for Men.

Read on to learn how beard filters and no beard filter work and how the technology transformed marketing for products.

Click to Try Ons 'Different Styles of Beard' or 'Different Colors of Beard', no need to download anything.

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What is a Beard Simulator? 

Imagine yourself with a different beard style or beard color, or even without a beard. Now, you don't need to 'imagine' anymore, the latest AI beard simulator technology is already able to present ultra-precise beard virtual try-ons, generating realistic looks directly on your face. Even in the clean-shaven (no beard) style, AI is able to restructure your jawline and provide the ultra-realistic look as in real life.

For brands, the latest AI Beard Dye and Style technology can revolutionize the shopping journey for men’s grooming products. By integrating beard styles and colors virtual try-on technology, customers can virtually experiment with different beard colors for men and different beard styles in all the major web browsers, apps, or in-store virtual mirrors. All they need is a cell phone, then they're able to try on easily at the comfort of their home.

Try AI Beard Simulator▼Customers can easily try on the beard simulator via your website, apps, or e-commerce channels without downloading anything.

Click to Experience Beard Filter and 'No Beard' or 'Different Beard Styles'

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The Types of AI Beard Simulators

1. No Beard Filter (Beard Remover Filter)

In addition to beard color and style simulations, the technology features an advanced beard removal feature, also known as 'beardless filter' or 'beard remover filter'.

But the innovative beard removal feature is advanced at, the AI algorithms digitally reconstruct areas of the face covered with facial hair, including cheeks and jawline, with highly accurate simulations, giving consumers true-to-life clean-shaven emulations.

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2. Beard Filter Styles

The current AI Beard Dye and Style technology provide up to 15 AI-powered facial hair styles, including:

  • full beard
  • trim beard
  • stubble beard
  • soul patch
  • mustache
  • goatee and 6 other types.

 Click Here for All the Virtual Beard Styles

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3. Before/After Beard Simulator

The AI beard simulator users can also see before and after images side by side, without the need to commit to putting a razor to the skin. The AI beard simulator tool provides a great advantage for beard product brands, the more the shoppers try, the more potential purchases are made.

The Role of AI and AR Technology in Men’s Grooming

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4. Beard Dye Filter (Different Beard Colors for Men)

For the shoppers that want to experience different beard colors, the AI technology is also able to provide the virtual looks of different beard colors for men, during the virtual try-ons, the user's also able to adjust the intensity of beard colors and shine.

Our current demo store contains 9 colors of beard filters, but contact us to create any color for your brand.

The Rise in Popularity of Beard Dye for Men Creates New Opportunities for Brands to Deliver Digital Experiences

▶ Click Here to Try-on Different Beard Colors 

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The Technology Behind the AR Beard Simulator

The advanced beard simulator solution uses a combination of innovative technologies that help users visualize different beard styles and beard colors or even no beard on their faces with high accuracy. The powerful blend of technologies at play includes:

  • Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology to remove facial hair and add beard styles to the user's original photo
  • AI technology to power the rendering of a virtual beard to fit the individual’s face shape.
  • AR technology to power the digital try-on on the image for a simulated beard try-on effect.

The Benefit of AI Beard Simulators

By integrating the beard simulator into the brand websites, brands will be able to provide customers a vivid look at how different beard styles and different beard colors will look on them so that the beard simulator can help brands market their products more effectively by providing customers with an interactive experience that is both fun and informative.

Case Studies: How ‘Just for Men’ Leverages AI Beard Simulators

In the past few years, the beauty and men’s grooming industries have experienced massive shifts in how they do business. In particular, digital sales and interaction with customers have come to the forefront of every beauty company’s business model. 

Danielle Arnone, the Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Just for Men parent company Combe, has a unique perspective on the effects of digital technology in the beauty world, particularly in the sphere of men’s health and grooming. She sat down with Perfect Corp at the 2021 Global Beauty Tech Forum to discuss the many ways in which digital experiences and AR technologies are transforming the shopping experience. 

Style Director of WWD and Global Chief Digital & Technology Officer of Just For Men is discussing how the latest tech trends that are revolutionizing the men’s grooming space.

▶ Watch the Full Talk Here

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The Need for AI Beard Simulators & Virtual Try-On Technology

To evolve with changing trends and meet the needs of a new generation of customers, Just for Men has had to pay close attention to the needs of its client base, and technology has played a major role in improving the customer experience. 

Over the past few years, male and female grooming habits have changed significantly. As Danielle explains, the drastic changes in lifestyle that most people experienced during 2020 led many people to try out new looks or hairstyles with beard filters & virtual try-ons that they may not have tried before. For men’s grooming customers, this meant an increasing number of people growing beards when they may have been clean-shaven before or experimenting with a longer hairstyle when they used to keep a short cut. During this time, many men’s grooming customers turned to digital channels for style and beard inspiration. 

Launching the First-of-its-Kind Virtual Try-On Experience

As the Just for Men brand looked to enhance its digital offerings and provide more engaging shopping experiences to customers, the brand turned to Perfect Corp. as a trusted partner in AI and AR technology. The brand observed a need to bring digital product try-on to customers at every point in the shopping journey, and worked with Perfect Corp. to launch the first-ever beard color virtual try-on experience that would be easily accessible both in-store and online.

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When crafting the ideal virtual try-on experience for their customers, the team at Just for Men aimed to prioritize accessibility and personalization. 

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Experience Beard Simulator From Product Packaging

Get a FREE Demo For Beard Filter In-Store Settings

Now, at all in-store retail locations, Just for Men product packages have a QR code that takes customers directly to the virtual try-on experience. This allows customers to conveniently experiment with beard color for men and find their perfect shade match with a wide range of beard filters as their browsing the aisles of a store. This allows Just for Men customers to virtually test hair and beard dyes before purchase as well as products designed to create a subtle effect, such as the Touch of Gray hair color.   

With an extensive range of shades and Perfect Corp.’s advanced shade-matching technology to ensure the most true-to-life results, the Just for Men virtual try-on experience for beard and hair color is setting the stage for the future of men’s grooming. The beard simulator technology and interactive experience represents a huge step forward for the men’s grooming shopping experience, and the ease of access for Just for Men customers makes this amazing digital experience perfect for customers of all ages and lifestyles.

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Integrating AR Beard Simulators into the Omni-channel Shopping Experience

Much like brands in other areas of the retail industry, as consumers adopt a digital-first mindset, men’s hair color and grooming brands will need to create engaging digital experiences to captivate customers across multiple touch points in the omni-channel shopping journey.

The current AI Beard Simulator can be integrated into:

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • In-store Smart Mirrors 

The combination of physical and digital interactions will continue to be essential to actively engage consumers, and AI and AR technologies will be at the forefront of propelling brands into the future of retail.

To learn more about how AI and AR technology is revolutionizing men’s grooming, watch the full replay of  “Men’s Grooming Goes Virtual” from Perfect Corp.’s Global Beauty Tech Forum. 

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AR Beard Simulators & Virtual Try-On Technology FAQs:

1. What do I look like with a beard?

Try Virtual Try-ons! Virtual try-ons for beard allows you or any other customers experience different beard styles, beard colors, beard length, even no beard styles. Such virtual try-ons technology may not only enhance the shopping experience, but also increase shoppertainment, and even further, improve the conversion rate for beard products.

Try AI Beard Simulator here>

2. How to use the no Beard Filter? Where is the beardless filter?

If you just want to see how you'll look in different beard styles and colors, the easiest way is to try it out here without downloading anything:

Beard Styles Try-On

If you're interested in Snapchat or TikTok trends, you can also experience them on Snapchat by following these simple steps:

  1. Open Snapchat and turn on the camera,
  2. Click on the smile icon.
  3. Enter "No Beard" into the search bar, from there you should be able to find the filter and try it on. 

3. Which face shape is best for beard?

Different face shapes suit different styles of beards. Go to our demo store and see how beard styles look on different models or upload any photos to try on different beard styles.

4. How do you remove the beard from iPhone photos?

Go to AI Beard Simulator's demo store, upload the photo, then you'll be able to remove the beard or try on 15 styles of beard immediately. Also try on different colors here.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 600+ brands globally.

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