Why Perfect Corp.’s Beauty Tech Suite is the Best Omnichannel Solution

Why Perfect Corp.’s Beauty Tech Suite is the Best Omnichannel Solution

Nov 13, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Why Perfect Corp.’s Beauty Tech Suite is the Best Omnichannel Solution

Like any industry, the beauty retail landscape has changed and evolved based on new customer demands and now includes many channels for shopping. From in-store to online, there are so many channels and platforms available to consumers for shopping today. For these reasons, it is more important than ever for brands to create a unified, omni-channel beauty shopping experience. Advanced technology solutions have become essential to succeed in this increasingly digital-first world

Beauty tech has quickly emerged as a turnkey solution to drive customer engagement across the omni-channel shopping journey. These technologies allow brands to create engaging and immersive shopping experiences across all touchpoints. 

Perfect Corp. is the only beauty tech provider that offers 360 digital solutions across the omni-channel shopping journey. Perfect Corp.’s advanced AR and AI technologies allow brands to provide superior shopping experiences and personalized product recommendations to each customer. Perfect Corp.’s technologies are also compatible and easily integrated into a wide variety of social platforms and eCommerce tools, making it the most seamless and dynamic solution to enhance the omnichannel shopping journey.

Read on to learn why Perfect Corp.’s beauty technology provides the single best omnichannel solution and how brands can leverage this solution for omnichannel success. 

Beauty Tech Provides a Superior Shopping Experience Across the Omnichannel Shopping Journey:

Today, omni-channel shopping encompasses web and mobile channels, as well as in-store and social commerce channels such as Instagram and Snapchat. The key to a great omni-channel shopping experience is to provide the same superior and engaging shopping benefits across channels, for one unified and impactful shopping journey. 

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Perfect Corp. offers a comprehensive suite of beauty tech solutions, from AR virtual try-on technology to AI Foundation Shade Finder tools and AI Skin Analysis. These technologies can easily be integrated across all channels in the omnichannel shopping journey to provide an engaging and fun experience to customers, all while helping each customer to find their perfect product match. 

Beauty Tech Enables Personalized Product Recommendations for All Customers:

Advanced AI and AR technologies such as virtual try-on allow brands to provide personalized product recommendations and experiences across the omnichannel shopping journey. With these technologies, a consumer can try on many different makeup shades in a matter of seconds and find the product best suited to their individual needs. This experience provides the customer with a personalized brand interaction and it increases purchasing confidence by helping the customer find the perfect product match. In turn, this enables personalization across all shopping channels.

Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology can easily be integrated in-store, as well as across brand websites and product pages, allowing for a streamlined omni-channel shopping experience. Brands can also use virtual try-on technology as a consultation tool for beauty advisors with solutions such as Perfect Corp.’s Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 technology. With this technology, a customer can initiate a video call with a brand beauty advisor and receive a personalized consultation. The customer can then try on the different shades that the advisor recommends with virtual try-on. This technology acts as a seamless omni-channel personalization solution, helping to bring the personalized beauty consultation experience to life across all channels, from in-store to online.

With Perfect Corp., Brands Can Utilize One Central Technology Provider Across All Omnichannel Touchpoints

Finding one unified solution provider that can provide an excellent customer experience and personalization can be a challenging process for many brands. It can be even more complex to find one technology provider that can integrate and enhance the experience across all channels. Perfect Corp.’s suite of beauty technologies provides the ultimate all-in-one solution for the omni-channel shopping journey. With a wide array of platform partners, Perfect Corp.’s solutions are easily integrated across multiple platforms and channels. Brands are then able to use one technology provider to collect rich customer data across platforms. With this data, brands can better understand what their customers want, as well as the information they need and how to deliver it across channels in a valuable way through products, consultations and experiences. Beauty technologies such as virtual try-on can help brands understand the products and experiences that customers are most interested in and build a more engaging shopping journey based on this data.

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Creating an impactful and streamlined omni-channel shopping experience is a complex challenge faced by many beauty brands today. To succeed in the ever-changing retail space, it’s crucial to have the most cutting-edge technologies in place to collect useful customer data while providing an engaging and personalized experience across the omni-channel shopping journey. 

To learn more about how to enhance the omnichannel shopping journey with beauty tech, watch Perfect Corp.’s Beauty Tech Master Series: Beauty Tech 360: Omni-channel and cloud solutions  

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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