Beauty Community Building Online: Digital-First Strategy
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Beauty Community Building Online: Digital-First Strategy

Apr 5, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Beauty Community Building Online: Digital-First Strategy

(Updated on April 5th, 2022)

Online community building has been brought to our attention under the current circumstances. There’s no denying the power of an active and engaged social network, and its impact has never been stronger than it is today. As we continue to rely on digital connections during this otherwise isolating time, our social communities—albeit via Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, or beyond— have helped to foster the human connections.

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While the success of all-encompassing social platforms has proven to be influential for users and brands alike, the emergence of niche social communities—like YouCam Makeup’s in-app community “YouCam Community”, has proven to be a new type of social outlet for beauty lovers to interact and to share the latest beauty trends.

Tip 1: Use Virtual Try-on to Create Immersive Experience for Beauty Community Building

As a $532 billion dollar a year industry, it’s clear the beauty community is a vast and dedicated one. In recognizing the growing popularity of beauty across editorial, video, and influencer content, We identified an opportunity to build a more targeted fan group, and dedicated beauty-loving social community—one that recently amassed over 47 million registered users globally.

In recognizing the synergies between a virtual try-on beauty experience and a supportive, empowering social community, We found a way to merge the two in order to create an immersive virtual beauty universe within the YouCam Makeup experience. The result of the beauty community building was an interactive world of virtual beauty try-on combined with a beauty-loving social community that united fanatics in a special beauty-centric digital world.

Virtual Try-OnContact Perfect Corp.

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Tip 2 for Beauty Community Building: Focus on 6 Things Loved By Users

For YouCam Makeup, the in-app content and features are extensive spanning three major beauty categories including makeup, hair color, and skincare. The in-app experience is flooded with digital content and virtual try-on features that help to strengthen the YouCam brand voice within the app community and attract and retain loyal beauty users. This combination of a targeted niche group, with which you listen, learn, and connect with through content, is the key to loyal social community building. YouCam Makeup’s in-app offerings include:

  • Interactive Editorial Content: Daily posts help to keep users up-to-date on beauty news and trends, and are enhanced by virtual try-on features that bring the content to life in a whole new way for viewers.
  • Virtual look and product try-ons: Users can digitally try on complete beauty looks and specific products across a complete range of color cosmetics for eyes, lips, and face from top beauty brands like Estee Lauder, Benefit Cosmetics, and Ardell Beauty. The real-time, hyper-realistic virtual try-ons are powered by advanced AR, AI, and facial recognition technologies that deliver digital results that rival physical try-ons.
  • Hair Color experimentation: Users can experiment virtually with a rainbow of hair colors to find your best match. AI technology and deep learning help to identify the unique movement of individual hair strands and display accurate gradient coloring on hair for a hyper-realistic virtual effect. Precise color-matching detection also ensures that the hair shades are adjusted depending on the specific base color.
  • Skin ScoreThe instant skincare diagnostic helps users track their skin health and targeted concerns like spots, wrinkles, texture, and dark circles. This AI-powered experience generates specific product recommendations that target and help treat the specific areas of concern.
  • Livestream beauty tutorials: The interactive livestream channel within the YouCam Makeup app is a place where users can tune in to live beauty how-tos hosted by a curated network of YouCam influencers. Viewers can engage with show hosts through likes and comments, as well as virtually try on the looks created during the show, further building on the human connection.
  • On-demand beauty consultations: YouCam’s Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 service re-imagines the beauty counter experience through an interactive live video chat with a beauty professional. Users can connect to the free on-demand service to receive a personalized beauty consultation, complete with virtual product and look try-ons, directly from their phone.

By giving users the ability to try-on and experiment with products and looks, play with advanced features like skincare analysis, all while sharing and connecting socially with fellow beauty lovers, creates a hyper-engaged online community rooted in beauty.

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Tip 3: Leverage the Feedback to Engage Users in Beauty Community Building

This interactive digital-first platform elevates the user experience by linking users to fellow beauty lovers and instantly building on a common interest that kept users coming back to both play and connect. The strategic beauty community building with YouCam Makeup is founded upon a combination of beauty, technology, and an online community in which users can trust one another. This is what makes the YouCam Makeup community so successful. This encouraging and loyal beauty community also proves impactful for shoppers seeking brand and product recommendations.

It’s proven time and again that the word of our friends and peers has the biggest impact in steering our purchase decisions. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to get their products listed within the YouCam Makeup app and in front of these loyal beauty users to try, share, and shop.

Engage the Beauty CommunityContact Perfect Corp.

With a large social community, comes a lot of feedback. And when your social community is segmented group united on a common interest, like beauty, this feedback proves increasingly valuable in helping to understand consumer behaviors and preferences.

The key is to listen to the feedback and reactions of a core group of users and shape—and re-shape—your communication strategy to be most impactful. While listening is essential in building and serving a strong social community, you must also establish an original brand voice that resonates with the users and provides them with something they cannot get anywhere else.

It’s imperative to offer a range of content that speaks to every type of beauty-lover within your beauty community and reminds them their voices—and requests—are heard. This is a critical piece in building up community loyalty and trust in your brand.

Strengthen Your Brand with a Smart Beauty Community Building Strategy

While social media presence is most certainly part of the branding process, finding targeting social communities with a common interest further segments the market for a more impactful message that reaches your target demographic.

These niche social communities serve as a new channel for customer acquisition and while mobile connections were previously dominated by younger generations, the social norms adopted during the pandemic have resulted in all generations—young and old—turning to mobile connections as their lifeline.

infiltrate these segmented social commu nities and leverage the interactive digital experiences offered by brands like YouCam Makeup, in order to get in front of their consumers in a digital-first environment and strengthen your brand with the smart community building strategy.

Top trends in the Gen Z virtual beauty community, with insights presented by Snap Inc. and Perfect Corp. experts. Check out our YouTube channel for more >

Community Building FAQs

What does community building mean?

Community building is the practice of gathering like-minded individuals and encouraging them to share their common interests in-person or online. Community building fosters connections amongst people and creates infrastructures for these connections to occur.

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What is an example of community building?

YouCam Makeup’s in-app community “YouCam Community” is a virtual community that attracts and retains beauty lovers while allowing them to interact with one another and encourages them to share the latest beauty trends.

In YouCam Community, virtual try-on technology is leveraged as a strategy of community building. Virtual try-on technology creates an immersive experience by allowing beauty lovers to explore and try on various makeup, skincare and hair color products virtually, sharing the results in YouCam Community and exchanging opinions with one another. Building such connections can create stronger bonds between users and beauty brands, thereby creating a supportive beauty-loving social community.

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