AR For Snapchat 101: Why You Should Enhance Snapchat Content with AR
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AR For Snapchat 101: Why You Should Enhance Snapchat Content with AR

Jan 27, 2022 · 3 minutes read
AR For Snapchat 101: Why You Should Enhance Snapchat Content with AR

Snapchat is one of the most influential social platforms of the moment and presents a huge opportunity for beauty brands to educate and inspire consumers. Snapchat currently reaches 75% of both Millennials and Gen Z, and many of these consumers are using the platform to find and discover new beauty products. In this article, we'll discuss:

With so many consumers using Snapchat to discover new makeup techniques and beauty tips, there is a huge opportunity for brands to leverage this platform to introduce their products to a highly engaged audience.

AR for Snapchat: Virtual Makeup Try OnPerfect Corp Contact Us

AR virtual try-on technology has quickly emerged as one of the most effective tools that beauty brands can use to engage consumers on Snapchat and drive product discovery among Gen Z and millennial consumers. Read on to learn why Snapchat AR should be a key component of a beauty brand’s social commerce strategy and how to utilize beauty tech to drive Snapchat success.

Reason 1: AR for Snapchat Represents Remarkable Opportunity for Social Commerce Sales

According to a recent report published by Snapchat, Snapchat users represent 1.9 trillion in spending power (“Say Hello”). Snapchat users are also 5X more likely than non-Snapchat users to spend money on discretionary items, such as makeup and skincare. With such tremendous spending power concentrated on this digital platform, brands can benefit from building enhanced Snapchat experiences that highlight their products and engage consumers in an impactful way.

AR for Snapchat Represents Remarkable Opportunity for Social Commerce SalesPerfect Corp Contact Us

In total, 306 million people are using Snapchat every day for product advice, inspiration, and entertainment. To harness this remarkable reach, brands should consider developing a Snapchat presence and content strategy to help this audience discovers and learn about their products.

Reason 2: Snapchat Users Are Interested in AR Experiences

According to a recent report, Snapchat users are also 5X more likely to use AR virtual try-on to discover products than non-Snapchat users (“Say Hello”). This is likely because the user base skews younger and is more up to date with the latest technology.

Explore The Market Of Younger Generation.

In fact, these types of users may be more comfortable with AR in general and may actually be seeking out immersive and entertaining AR experiences from brands. Unlike older generations, who may be more accustomed to “traditional” means of interaction such as product catalogs and simple online stores, younger generations are more interested in interactive shopping experiences.

Creating Immersive Shopping Experience

Integrating AR into Snapchat content is an excellent way to engage a new audience and drive product discovery. It allows the user to have a more immersive shopping experience using their smart phone’s camera to see a brand’s products come to life. Rather than just viewing a brand’s content on Snapchat, they can see a real-time representation of what they’d look like in a certain style or makeup look.

In this way, AR provides Snapchat users with a more interactive, fun and personalized beauty shopping experience. Snapchat users can play with products and find their perfect fit through AR virtual try-on. When customers are able to discover more products and feel confident about looks, they are more likely to purchase more and stay engaged with a brand.

Reason 3: Use AR for Snapchat to Enhance Your Brand’s Social Content

The best way to enhance beauty content on Snapchat with AR is by utilizing Perfect Corp.’s AR virtual makeup filters for Snapchat. With this solution, brands can digitize their makeup SKUs and easily integrate them into the Snapchat platform, giving users real-time access to makeovers without leaving the Snapchat app experience.

Use AR for Snapchat to Enhance Your Brand’s Social Content     Perfect Corp Contact Us

Instead of redirecting Snapchat users to a landing page on an external site, the Snapchat AR virtual try-on allows users to discover a brand’s beauty products directly on the Snapchat platform. The Perfect Corp. AR Dynamic Shopping Lens can be highlighted in three different ways:

  • Brand Profiles — allows users to see more about a brand and its offerings on a personalized profile.

  • Lens Explorer — allows users to browse personalized makeup SKUs and test them on photos and video.

  • Snapcodes — allows users to unlock special filters and gain access to brand-specific lenses.

With these three functionalities, brands can invite Snapchat beauty lovers to play and experiment with new makeup looks without ever applying a physical product. Users can try on dozens of products in seconds to find their perfect shade.

Other Benefits: Reduce Return Rates

AR virtual try-on allows Snapchat users to see what a beauty product will look like before ordering. This helps increase purchasing confidence and ultimately boost social commerce sales. This AR experience also helps reduce item return rates as consumers are more likely to find their perfect shade match through the virtual experience.

Take Your Brand’s Snapchat to the Next Level With Perfect Corp.

Don’t miss out on all the opportunities Snapchat has to offer when it comes to social commerce.

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