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4 Ways Virtual Makeup Try-On Solutions Can Help New Beauty Brands

Dec 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
4 Ways Virtual Makeup Try-On Solutions Can Help New Beauty Brands

As the beauty industry has grown and changed over the past several generations, there are many brands that have stood the test of time and become iconic. However, the shifting environment of the beauty space has also allowed younger, smaller indie brands to flourish and connect with consumers around the world. 

A paradigm shift for new beauty brands is coming

Smaller brands such as Black Opal, Danessa Myricks Beauty, and Vanity Planet may not have the history of multiple generations of customers. Still, they have something that carries even more weight in this day and age: the power of beauty tech and virtual try-on capabilities. While these tech advancements were once considered to be a fun addition to online beauty marketing, they’ve become vital for any beauty brand that wants to keep up with shifting trends and consumer needs. 

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1. Using AI Beauty Tech or AR-powered Solutions to Build a Personalized Brand

The newest advancements in beauty and marketing technology are no longer just for the largest and most established brands with the biggest budgets. For B2B businesses like Perfect Corp that works on AI and AR technology in the beauty space, brands of all shapes and sizes can access these amazing technologies and use them to improve user experience, increase conversion rates, and introduce new consumers to their products. 

AI and AR technologies are doing more than just improving success for all kinds of beauty and skincare brands. They’re making products more accessible to beauty consumers worldwide with varying skin tones, skin types, and beauty and health needs. With AR try-on, brands can personalize the shopping experience to the consumer’s individual needs. This democratizes beauty for all and helps each consumer discover new brands and find the best products.  

2. Learn From Experience: How These Indie Brands Revamped Shopping Experience With Beauty Innovations

Julee Wilson, director of Cosmopolitan Beauty, sat down with Danessa Myricks Beauty CEO Danessa Myricks, Black Opal CEO and owner Desirée Rogers, and Vanity Planet head of brand partnership Aissa Widle to learn more about how these small-scale beauty brands are leveraging the full potential of AR beauty try-on technology to take their companies to new heights. 

The Rise of the New Beauty Brand

Black Opal: Offering Personal Beauty Advisor and Virtual Try-On Solutions to Shoppers

Black Opal recently partnered with Perfect Corp. to launch Beauty Advisor 1-on-1 service. This technology allows consumers to communicate directly with highly skilled and knowledgeable beauty advisors. Customers can ask questions and discuss products in real time with an added virtual try-on element. This way, consumers can gain a deep understanding of products before purchase and also enjoy a personalized consultation experience from the comfort of their homes. 

Danessa Myricks Beauty: Using Virtual Try-On to Find The Perfect Foundation Shade

With Danessa Myricks Beauty, users can discover the perfect shade with the brand’s virtual try-on experience. With virtual try-on, customers can explore the full range and versatility of Danessa Myricks Beauty products in an environment that’s completely risk-free with an added element of fun and creativity. 

Vanity Planet: Improving Consumer Shopping Experience with AI Skin Analysis

Vanity Planet caters to skincare consumers of all ages and lifestyles with their AI Skin Analysis tool, which utilizes Perfect Corp.’s advanced AI skin analysis technology. Skin type varies greatly from person to person, so a highly personalized experience is so crucial when shopping for skincare products online. The AI Skin Analysis experience collects important information about the customer’s skin such as skin oiliness, texture, redness, and pore size to recommend the perfect skincare products to suit your needs. This technology helps provide customers with a hyper-personalized shopping experience, which in turn helps the brand grow, while reaching and retaining new customers. 

3. A Risk-Free Way to Boost Consumer Engagement

AR virtual try-on capabilities make it easier for the online beauty shopping experience to match the in-person beauty shopping experience, which naturally boosts online engagement for beauty brands of all sizes and scopes. Danessa Myricks Beauty, in particular, has seen considerable increases in online users by utilizing Perfect Corp’s AR tech, from thousands to millions in just a span of months. 

Before high-quality virtual try-on was available, consumers often used online shops to purchase products they already knew and trusted. Now, beauty customers can use the online space to explore new products from new and indie beauty brands risk-free and potentially find even better options than they would have found in a store from their go-to brands.  

4. Offer Consumers Virtual Try-On and Beauty Advisor Services Anywhere, Anytime! Feat. Black Opal

Perfect Corp.’s 1-on-1 beauty advisorPerfect Crop Contact Us

Perfect Corp.’s 1-on-1 beauty advisor technology has brought the personalization of an in-store beauty representative to customers at home, and nowhere is the success of this better shown than with Black Opal. Black Opal has forged even deeper connections with its online customers, all thanks to Perfect Corp’s cutting-edge tech solutions. With this technology, Black Opal customers can learn more about their favorite products from an experienced makeup artist. This is accomplished with a real-time video chat with a beauty advisor. Customers can receive personalized beauty advice and try-on recommended products with AR virtual try-on.

The incorporation of new technologies has helped smaller beauty brands boost their success and industry reach significantly.  Beauty tech has quickly emerged as one of the most effective ways for small and emerging beauty brands to grow and create buzz about their products with new customers.

How to Find the Right Solution for Your New Beauty Brand:

Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology offers options for brands of all sizes, including small, indie and emerging beauty brands. To learn more about virtual try-on for small brands, read more about Perfect Corp.’s solutions for small and medium businesses here, or schedule a time to speak with Perfect Corp.’s brand success team here.

To view the full conversation from Perfect Corp.’s 2021 Global Beauty Tech Forum, click here to watch The Rise of the New Beauty Brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there an app that lets you try on makeup?

Many companies already offer virtual makeup try-on services, allowing customers to easily try on hundreds of different makeup products at a time. Virtual makeup try-on can be implemented not only in-app, but also be integrated into web pages and social media channels.

Perfect Corp. is the leading beauty tech company that provides virtual makeup try-on solutions for brands of all sizes. Customers can quickly find their ideal foundation shade, lipstick shade, eyebrow shade and more in mere 2 seconds. Beauty advisors can also deliver personalized recommendations to consumers virtually.

Try the AR makeup demo here >

2. What is a virtual try on for makeup?

Virtual makeup try-on is an advanced tech solution that lets customers try on different makeup products directly on a web page, app, or through other channels. With the help of AI & AR technology, more customers are now able to virtually try on different shades of lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow and other products they’re interested in. Virtual makeup try-on is not only a much quicker way to experience makeup products, but it also alleviates hygiene concerns.

Try on AR makeup demo here>

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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