Facebook & Instagram AR Ads with Virtual Try-On

Apr 5, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Facebook & Instagram AR Ads with Virtual Try-On

(Updated on April 5th, 2022)

Social media has given us a remarkable opportunity to communicate, listen, engage with others, and stay connected. Now, it aims to elevate another essential activity - shopping. And with 3.96 billion people using social media today (roughly 50% of the world population), it is not surprising that brands and retailers are turning to advanced augmented reality (AR) technologies to seamlessly integrate shopping experiences into their social media content. To the delight of beauty lovers everywhere, Facebook has teamed up with Perfect Corp. to launch AR ads, such as virtual makeup try-on, across Facebook and Instagram to transform how customers shop for beauty products on two of the biggest social media platforms.

Read on to discover more details about how virtual try on creates a better shopping experience for your social media AR ads.

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How to Create AR Ads for Your Facebook & Instagram Content

Integrating AR ads into the social media shopping experience has never been easier. Perfect Corp. partnered with Facebook to offer seamless and direct support for both Facebook and Instagram through Perfect’s Brand Console. 

AR for Instagram
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Any beauty brand currently using Perfect Corp.’s virtual makeup service and the Perfect Console can easily integrate their entire existing catalog of virtual product SKUs with new Facebook and Instagram AR ads to create an immersive shopping experience.

Brands only need to upload the products information to Perfect Console, then an easy and hyper-engaging virtual makeup try-ons is built into your shopping experience.

New beauty brands looking to introduce the AR shopping experience to their social media fans on Facebook and Instagram can contact our brand success team.

AR Ads Bring Social Shoppers and Beauty Brands Together

Gone are the days when augmented reality was considered an emerging technology and a fun toy for users to play with. These days, AR is a must-have technology tool that can significantly improve consumer engagement and make the shopping journey more fluid, simple, and fun. With the introduction of makeup try-on on AR ads on Facebook and Instagram, beauty brands can deliver a tangible and interactive shopping experience to their fans on social media.

Perfect Corp. Facebook and Instagram Partnership

Considering the immense popularity of Facebook and Instagram, as well as the astonishing number of active users (2.85 billion monthly active Facebook users and over a billion Instagram users), the introduction of commerce experiences on those platforms was just a matter of time.

Shoppable social media content amplified by AR offers a new window of opportunity for beauty brands to sell their products. The interactive and fun nature of the AR makeup try-on fits perfectly into the social media universe. It doesn’t interrupt the reading or viewing experience, keeps consumers engaged and entertained, and accelerates product discovery.

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Create Advanced Shopping Experience for Your Social Media AR Ads 

With Perfect Corp.’s award-winning hyper-realistic AR try-on technology, Facebook and Instagram users worldwide will be able to experience the trailblazing and highly accurate makeup try-on with AR ads. Beauty experts and novices alike will have an opportunity to experiment with various colors, shades, and textures in real time through their phone’s front-facing camera to find the right product, hence preventing buyer’s remorse and reducing product returns. The immersive shopping experience created by the AR ads will be featured on multiple platforms, including Instagram Stories, IGTV, Shops, Posts, Ads, and more, offering beauty brands the flexibility of turning various types of social content into the AR shoppable format.

AR makeup try-ons benefit both brands and consumers by providing shoppers with a unique opportunity to try makeup products before purchasing and delivering a personalized shopping experience, thus increasing customer loyalty and engagement and subsequently driving sales. Beauty brands that strive to keep up with evolving consumer expectations and to ensure a convenient shopping experience can contact Perfect Corp. for more details about social media AR ads.

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What are the applications of AR in social media?

Augmented Reality (AR) in social media has been a hot topic in recent years. AR is an emerging technology that brings virtual elements into the real world and provides an immersive experience to users so that they may immediately connect with the content posted on social media.

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What are Facebook AR ads?

The introduction of Facebook AR ads means that, with the help of AR technology, users can interact with your ads through any mobile device with a camera on the Facebook platform. Leverage AR technology in your AR ads to enhance your social content and provide personalized shopping experiences. Partner with Perfect Corp. and create your own immersive Facebook AR ads with hyper-realistic virtual try on solutions to boost your sales.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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