Try On

Discover your perfect lip shade with ease using our revolutionary Virtual Makeup Try On tool. With advanced AI-driven technology, you can try on a wide range of lipsticks in different textures, without ever having to leave your home. Simply enable your phone's camera and our responsive software will render a hyper-realistic visualization of how each lipstick shade looks on you in real time. As a makeup brand, integrating Virtual Makeup Try On into your website, apps, and e-commerce channels has never been easier, see how other brands do it > 

FAQ: What are the benefits of virtual makeup?

Not only will it elevate your online presence and attract potential clients, but it will also boost customer engagement and improve the shopping experience. Consumers can try on a variety of lipsticks without the hassle of going to a physical store, while brands can increase customer satisfaction and boost sales. Get a FREE business demo to integrate AI tech into your online business.

Device and Browser Compatibility
iOS: iPhone 8+ or higher
1. iOS Safari v14+ 2. iOS Chrome v95 with iOS 14.3+
Android: Android OS 9.0 or higher
Chrome for Android v100
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