Virtual Lipstick Try On | Lipstick Shade Finder
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Virtual Lipstick Try On | Lipstick Shade Finder

Chat with us to integrate AI tech into your online business
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Virtual Lipstick Try On | Lipstick Shade Finder

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Find the perfect lip color with AI Lipstick Shade Finder

Virtual Lipstick Shade Finder from picture or live camera. Try on lipstick colors and shades from red or pink to nude. Color match with different textures including sheer, matte, glossy, satin, shimmer, metallic and holographic with our lipstick shade finder. Let's talk about integrating the virtual lipstick try on experience into your website or app.

Discover your perfect lipstick shades with ease following the steps below:

Looking for an easy & affordable self-service try on solution?

Give an ultra-realistic online makeover experience with the easiest self-service virtual makeup try on plugin designed for small and mid-sized beauty e-Commerce.

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Transform your shopping journey and discover the potential of beauty tech. 

Lipstick Shade Finder FAQ

1. How do you try on lipstick colors virtually?

Use Perfect Corp's Lipstick Shade Finder to try lipstick on virtually. You can find your perfect lipstick shade by clicking “try on”. Make sure your camera is turned on. Then choose a virtual lipstick color and try on different lip shades and textures to find your perfect match. This ultra-realistic lipstick color match shows how each shade and texture looks on you in real time.

Alternatively, you can also find your lipstick shade from a picture. Just select a front facing photo of yourself and choose the virtual lipstick color you want to try on.

2. What are the benefits of virtual makeup try on?

Virtual makeup try on like a lipstick shade finder can elevate your online presence, attract potential clients, boost customer engagement and improve the shopping experience. 

It's more hassle free for consumers, while brands can boost their sales. Get a FREE business demo.

3. How does the lipstick color match tool work?

For professional online presence, it is highly recommended to leverage the power of AI technology. 

Through advanced algorithms and image analysis, AI precisely matches the appropriate lipstick shades to your company's branding guidelines and desired image.

4. Is it possible to use the lipstick shade finder on a picture?

Yes, the AI-powered tools are available that can analyze a picture and provide accurate color matching for lipstick. You are able to try on the lipstick shade finder from a picture simply by uploading a front facing photo of yourself and selecting the lipstick color you'd like to try on. 

5. Can the Lipstick Shade Finder also assist in matching lipliner shades?

Yes, the Lipstick Shade Finder is designed to assist in selecting not only a lipstick color but also matching lipliner shades. By leveraging advanced AI technology, the Lipstick Shade Finder can accurately analyze and identify the best lipliner shades that complement your chosen lipstick color.

6. How many differently lipstick shades can I try on?

The lipstick shade finder works in real-time so users can try on as many different lipstick colors as they like in a matter of seconds. Imagine trying on 30 different lipstick shades in 30 seconds. That's how fast Perfect Corp.'s virtual makeup try on technology works!

7. How many lipstick colors can users try on?

Users can try on an unlimited number of lipstick colors with AI Virtual Lipstick Try On. They can swap out colors in one click or change up the textures easily. 

8. What devices and platforms support Lipstick Shade Finder?

Perfect Corp.'s Virtual Makeup Try On solution is compatible with different browsers and devices, such as Windows, MacOS, and both iOS and Android. It also works as a web-based app across all major platforms for Safari, Chrome, and Edge for easy integration into your brand sites.

9. How accurate is the virtual lipstick try on experience?

Our AI and AR technologies ensure that the virtual makeup looks exactly like how it is physically. The solution also takes into account lighting adaptation and  skin textures to ensure that the virtual lipstick looks as realistic as possible.

Device and Browser Compatibility
Devices and Browsers
Minimum Version
v100 with iOS 15+
Android OS
1. CPU requires Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+.
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