How Augmented Reality Jewelry Try On Boosts Sales
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How Augmented Reality Jewelry Try On Boosts Sales

Aug 3, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How Augmented Reality Jewelry Try On Boosts Sales
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AR virtual try-on technologies continue to emerge among fashion and beauty tech solutions, and they have become an essential part of the consumer shopping experience. As customers turn to brand D2C sites when they shop for new earrings, rings, bracelets, and other fine jewelry, the augmented reality jewelry try-on technology transforms their buying experience.

Keep reading to learn what augmented reality jewelry is, and how virtual earrings, (wedding) rings, bracelets, and other jewelry try-on can increase sales for jewelry brands and boost customer satisfaction.

What Is Augmented Reality Jewelry Try On and How Does It Work

AR Virtual Try-On Boosts Jewelry SalesContact Perfect Corp for augmented reality jewelry try on solution.

The augmented reality jewelry try-on technology creates a personalized shopping experience for online shoppers.

With it, they can simulate earrings, bracelets, and (wedding) rings and try on their favorite styles from home or on the go using their smartphone or laptop. This flexible technology allows consumers to shop comfortably and share their jewelry buying experience with friends and family. 

The augmented reality jewelry try-on technology facilitates sharable and memorable moments that they may not be experience in store. Augmented reality jewelry try-on technology boosts customer confidence in jewelry purchases by allowing customers to experience hyper-realistic product try-ons that accurately depict the looks of:

  • Jewelry size and shape
  • Jewelry color and shine
  • Jewelry movement and simulation from various angles

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Current Issue in Jewelry Industry: Customer Frustration

As an example of AI + AR technology’s value in the jewelry purchasing journey, if a customer purchases a pair of gold hoop earrings online without a virtual earring try on, they may not have an accurate perception of the earring size from a description alone. Then, when they receive the item, it looks larger or smaller than they hoped, thereby lowering their confidence in the brand and lowering the likelihood of making another purchase online in the future.

Using augmented reality jewelry try-on technology, customers can have the same confidence online as they would when buying a pair of earrings in the store.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Jewelry Try On

Augmented reality jewelry try-on shows customers how their chosen earrings will look and gives them a thorough understanding of the product using a completely virtual platform.

When customers learn that the products they buy match the ones they tried on using virtual try on solutions such as virtual ring try on or virtual earring try on, they can make more informed purchasing decisions and feel more confident about investing in jewelry through online shopping.

Proven Data: How Augmented Reality Jewelry and Virtual Try-On Help Increase Average Order Value

Virtual Try-On Can Help Increase Average Order Value in the Jewelry IndustryContact Perfect Corp for augmented reality jewelry try on solution.▲ Augmented reality jewelry try on solutions drive higher revenue.

When customers can try on several different items within seconds, they are more likely to find multiple pieces that suit their style preferences. With augmented reality jewelry try-on, they feel confident about purchasing those items because they know how they complement their personal style before checkout. Consumers then add multiple items to their cart, leading to increased order values and revenue for brands.

Augmented reality jewelry try-on also reduces returns by an average of 8%1, and brands that use augmented reality jewelry try-on have seen conversion rates increase by as high as 2.5x. Fewer returns combined with larger order volumes lead to higher revenue for a brand. Combined with greater customer satisfaction, a brand sees more new and returning customers.

▶ Read our Complete Guide to Fashion Tech to learn how virtual try-on and intelligent fashion innovations can help brands succeed.

How Augmented Reality Jewelry Builds Brand Loyalty

Augmented reality jewelry try-on technology personalizes each customer’s shopping experience.

With solutions like virtual ring try on and virtual earring try on, customers can try on pieces they find while browsing a brand’s online shop, and the technology helps them find jewelry that fits their personal style and preferences.

As a result, customers experience the benefits of:

  • More efficient shopping
  • Positive brand interactions
  • Finding pieces that closely match their preferences
  • Confidence in the brand
  • Satisfaction with virtual try-on and the pieces they receive after ordering

Virtual Try-On Builds Brand Loyalty in the Jewelry IndustryContact Perfect Corp for augmented reality jewelry try on solution.

When customers receive high-quality jewelry that meets or exceeds their expectations, they come to trust the brand’s level of quality and the personalized shopping interactions that the brand provides. This leads them to return to the brand the next time they want to purchase jewelry for themselves or as a gift.

They are also more likely to recommend your brand to others, which creates greater growth potential and improves your brand’s reputation.

Augmented reality jewelry try-on solutions give brands the opportunity to stand out to customers. As more services become digitally available, virtual try-on allows your company to get ahead of the competition and evolve with customer needs. When customers see that your brand understands their needs by offering a service that other companies don’t, they are more likely to choose you.

Why Augmented Reality Jewelry Increases Digital Engagement

Augmented reality jewelry try-on engages consumers like few other features in an online shop.

Customers tempted to try on other jewelry when they:

  • Compare different pieces
  • Explore new styles outside their comfort zone
  • Coordinate various pieces with their style
  • Find the right pieces for different occasions

Virtual Try-On Increases Digital Engagement in the Jewelry IndustryContact Perfect Corp for augmented reality jewelry try on solution.▲ Augmented reality jewelry try on solutions include: Virtual watch try on, virtual earring try on and virtual ring try on.

As consumers spend more time virtually trying on jewelry, it increases digital engagement metrics, including time spent on the brand site. For example, if a customer is going to purchase a wedding ring, they will spend more time trying on various cuts and styles to find the one that suits them best. For special occasions like these, virtual wedding ring try on and engagement ring simulator enhance the shopping experience by offering convenience during an exciting and stressful time.

As consumers search online and find virtual try-on technology for jewelry or wedding ring selections, they are more likely to recommend and engage with the brand. As a result, digital shopping experiences like these increase site traffic and encourage sales, allowing the brand to continue meeting consumer needs with the latest innovations.

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Build Your Augmented Reality Jewelry and Virtual Try-On Solutions

Perfect Corp.’s innovative AI and AR fashion tech solutions make it possible for brands to help customers virtual try on rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. These technologies offer hyper-realistic simulations that allow customers to have the same great in-store try-on experience at home.

Contact Perfect Corp.’s brand success team to learn how augmented reality jewelry try-on technology can transform online shopping for your customers and boost your sales, engagement, and revenue.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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