How AR Watch Technology Helps Brands
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How AR Watch Technology Helps Brands

Aug 18, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Virtual AR Watch Provides a New Way to Shop!

When shopping for a new luxury watch, AR watches virtual try-on technology adds a personalized element to the shopping experience. The latest AgileHand technology creates an easy and hyper-realistic try-on experience, allowing consumers to virtually try on various styles without needing any markers on hand.

Experience Virtual AR Watch Here. All you need to do is enable your camera device.

AR Watches Virtual Try-On Technology Builds Trust and Confidence in Luxury Watch Purchases

When brands make this AR watch try-on technology available for consumers, they help those consumers find the right style while increasing their confidence in the brand. In turn, they are more likely to purchase a luxury piece online or in-store to gradually increase luxury watch sales.

Keep reading to learn how AR watch try-on technology can transform the customer experience and help brands increase sales.

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Table of Contents
  • What Does AR Mean in Watches
  • The Secret Behind AR Watch - AgileHandTM Technology 
  • Benefits for Customers
  • How Brands Can Drive Sales 
  • FAQ

  • What Does AR Mean in Watches

    What Does AR Mean in Watches

    AR refers to augmented reality technology, by using the AR technology, customers are able to virtually try on various styles of watches quickly and easily using their smart phone. Follow the step by step guide below to experience the latest AR watch virtual try-on experience.

    How Do You Virtually Try On a Watch?

    Step 1: Visit the Page or Scan the QR Code with Phone

    • If you're using mobile device, please visit Perfect Corp.’s AR watch demo page directly.
    • Or, if you're using laptop or desktop, please scan the QR code below with your phone.

    Scan QR Codes and Enjoy AR Watch Try On.

    Step 2: Enjoy trying on various styles of watches

    Enjoy Trying On Various Styles of Watches.

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    ▲Learn how to easily customize AR watch for your brand.

    The Secret Behind AR Watch - AgileHandTM Technology 

    AR watch virtual try on technology takes the guesswork out of luxury purchases for consumers. Perfect Corp.’s advanced AgileHandTM technology uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms and Physically Based Rendering (PBR) 3D hand models to map a full range of gestures and allow for high-performance hand tracking.

    AgileHandTM technology

    AgileHandTM technology is an ultra-precise 3D Hand Tracking Technology, and the hand tracking technology is trained on real hand models with a complete array of gestures, skin tones, textures, as well as hand and finger sizes, encompassing all unique personal traits, providing a truly inclusive solution.

    No Marker Needed

    AR technology has different types, but it can be roughly separated in two categories: Marker-based AR and Markerless AR.

    Marker-based AR needs to use a target image or markers to position objects. The markers will decide where the AR content displays. The early-stage AR technologies were based on the markers. 

    However, Markerless AR allows virtual objects to show in the real image environment. All the customers need to do is enable their mobile phone device, then virtual watches will be displayed.

    ▼Once enabling camera, the customers can see different styles of watches directly. No marker needed.

    State-of-the-Art AI and AR Algorithms

    AgileHand Technology Creates a True-to-Life Try-On ExperienceContact Perfect Corp for watch virtual try on solution.

    ▲ The AR view of try on watches virtually with the AR watch virtual try on technology.

    When customers find a piece they love, make a purchase, and receive a luxury item identical to what they saw in their AR watch virtual try on experience, they develop increased brand loyalty.

    Additionally, instead of traveling to a store location where they can try on fine watch pieces, customers can have that experience at home. This allows customers to show their loved ones chosen styles and share the emotional process of choosing a piece that marks a milestone moment in their lives.

    Customers Are Able To:

    • View their luxury piece from any angle
    • See each piece with precise detail
    • Experience watch styles with a hyper-realistic simulation

    With virtual AR watch try on, customers see that brands care about those life milestones and consider the human aspect of choosing a luxury timepiece.

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    Lean more capabilites of AR watches

    How AR Watch Try On Technology Benefits Customers

    For most consumers, watches and other luxury items are rare purchases. Many consumers prefer to research and build confidence in brands before investing in a new item.

    Many customers will check product reviews and brand reputation online, but virtual try-on adds another dimension to that research. AR watch virtual try on offers several advantages to customers during the research phase of the purchasing journey, including:

    It Removes Barriers to Product Exploration 

    Some consumers may feel intimidated trying on products in store. AR watch virtual try on technology allows customers to explore products in a no-pressure, no-commitment environment from the comfort of their home by allowing them to try on watches online through  an AR view of their desired watches.

    It Increases Purchasing Confidence

    With easy and low-pressure product exploration, customers can get a great understanding of a brand’s product assortment with an AR view and feel confident about their purchasing decisions. 

    Personalizes the Shopping Journey

    AR watch virtual try on technology brings a new dimension of personalization to the product research process. To try on watches online with this technology, consumers can see products come to life and visualize how these items will look when worn with hyper-realistic results.

    Virtual Try On Benefits Luxury Watch Purchase Experience

    AR watch virtual try on technology allows consumers to explore different luxury watch styles wherever they are using their smartphones. Trying on watches virtually gives potential customers an AR view of the pieces and lets them see how each style looks before they commit to a purchase.

    By creating this kind of worry-free shopping experience, brands let customers get acquainted with their products in a way that builds trust while prioritizing convenience. For brands, that means increased luxury watch sales for items that consumers may otherwise feel hesitant to purchase.

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    ▲See how AR tech has helped other brands.

    How Brands Can Drive Sales with AR Watch Virtual Try On

    A positive AR watch virtual try on experience facilitated with Perfect Corp.’s AgileHand technology can transform the way buyers shop for luxury watches. When consumers try on watches virtually, they can see if the product is a good fit with their individual style.

     Encourage Customers to Make a Purchase

    It encourages the customer to trust the online shopping experience for these important pieces and makes customers  more willing to buy even without visiting a physical store.

    As a result, customers feel comfortable recommending that brand and its products to friends, family, and followers on social media.

    Enhance Word of Mouth Marketing

    Word of mouth remains a powerful marketing tool, and when more people hear about brands that allow customers to try on watches virtually, it can increase customer interest in those brands.

    AR watch virtual try on allows luxury and fine watch brands to use technology to create immersive experiences and attract new customers on their eCommerce platforms, thus increasing digital luxury watch sales.

    How Brands Drive Sales with Virtual Try-On for luxury watchContact Perfect Corp for watch virtual try on solution.

     AR watch virtual try on technology allows customers to try on watches virtually and increases cpurchasing confidence

    Customers are more likely to buy a new luxury watch after they’ve tried it on and feel confident about their choice.

    Increase Time-on-Site

    AR watch virtual try on technology also increases the time customers stay on brand websites, as they continue to try on various watch styles. With AR watch virtual try on technology, customers can try on multiple pieces, whereas they may only try on a few in-store. We’re also able to create white label AR watches for your shoppers to experience.

    AR watch virtual try on solutions like those created with Perfect Corp.’s AgileHand technology allow brands to focus on what matters — providing the highest quality luxury shopping experience while providing customers with a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

    AR Watch FAQ:

    What does AR-enabled mean?

    AR-enabled means the item is integrated with augmented reality technology. Augmented reality technology is now able to integrate into different categories including beauty  (skin detections, virtual makeup try on etc), and fashion tech (accessories, clothes, shoes try-ons).

    Learn more for the latest beauty tech and fashion tech >

    2. How do I activate AR Watch Virtual Try-On Technology?

    To activate AR Watch virtual try-on technology for your business, reach out to Perfect Corp.’s sales team to learn more about our technology plans and services. You can contact the team here.

    3. Is AR the future?

    Yes. More and more brands are integrating AR technology in their website, apps or other e-commerce channels by giving the users a virtual try-on experience and allowing them choose and try-on  items before visiting the retail store, or even better, directly purchase online since the virtual try-on technology seamlessly integrates in online shopping experience.

    4. What is AR example?

    AR can be used in lots of areas and industries. For example, watch, rings and and other accessories, or even skin analysis, and makeup try on. 

    5. How do you use AR mode?

    How does AR work on a smartphone? To experience Perfect Corp.’s AR watch technology, simply visit the demo page via your smartphone.You will be able to virtually try-on various watch styles.

    6. Do you need an app for augmented reality?

    No. Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology for watches can be integrated across web and mobile platforms, as well as apps. You can experience the augmented reality by only visiting a web page via any laptop or mobile device. However, augmented reality can be integrated in apps or all majoy web browsers.

    To try Perfect Corp.’s AgileHand technology and start offering virtual watch try on for your brand, start a free trial or contact our sales team.

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