Why Jewelry Virtual Try-On Setup Is Now Easier Than Ever
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Why Jewelry Virtual Try-On Setup Is Now Easier Than Ever

Nov 17, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Why Jewelry Virtual Try-On Setup Is Now Easier Than Ever

In recent years, the jewelry industry has undergone a significant transformation, largely driven by technological advancements. One of the most noteworthy developments is the ease with which consumers can now experience and experiment with jewelry through virtual try-on, or VTO, setups. 

This article will explore why jewelry virtual try-on setup is now easier than ever, revolutionizing the way customers interact with jewelry, make purchasing decisions, and drive sales for jewelry retailers.

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The Rise of Virtual Try-On in the Jewelry Industry

For ages, customers have gone into traditional, brick-and-mortar jewelry stores for the experience of trying on jewelry. Many find something special about admiring a pretty ring or necklace on their own body before committing to a purchase they know they’ll love. 

However, with the rise of online shopping, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers are missing out on this experience. Even though most restrictions have been lifted, many shoppers continue to choose online shopping over in-person.

Virtual Try On for Jewelry

Virtual try-on software fills a need for those who want the fun of trying on sparkly pieces combined with the convenience of shopping from their own couch. It’s disrupted the jewelry industry by creating a customer expectation for such convenience. 

Many jewelry companies now realize that integrating virtual try-on solutions in their online shopping experience is a key part of keeping up with the changing preferences of consumers.

Easier Virtual Try-On Setup: A Game Changer

Setting up virtual try-on was once expensive and difficult. No more. Software solutions are growing both more intuitive and more sophisticated across the industry, and virtual try-on is no exception. Today’s jewelry businesses, both large and small, can easily integrate jewelry virtual try-on into their shopping experience.

For example, Perfect Corp. offers virtual try-on solutions for all kinds of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and even glasses. Their software is designed to be quickly and easily integrated into any online shopping platform, while also being sophisticated enough to compete with both online and in-store shopping experiences.

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Choosing the Right Jewelry Virtual Try-On Solution

The right virtual try-on software should be easy to set up and simple to use, but still be able to give customers a realistic 3D look at how jewelry will appear on their own skin. Perfect Corp. uses high-quality 3D rendering combined with customer images or camera capture to show how jewelry or watches will look in real-time. This AR solution allows customers to move around and see how the jewelry will look from every angle and in every color.

One of the ways Perfect Corp.’s solutions — such as their virtual watch try-on or virtual ring try-on — makes this process easier and more convenient, is by converting 3D images into a standardized .vto file format. This makes any format of 3D model instantly compatible with their jewelry virtual try-on software.

3D Rendering for Online Jewelry Try-On

Image-to-VTO Solution: Making Setup Easier Than Ever

Perfect Corp.’s new Image-to-VTO solution makes virtual jewelry try-on even easier. Today, jewelers don’t need a complete 3D rendering of every product. Instead, they can upload simple 2D images of products and have them directly converted into the .vto format. 

And now, a jewelry business can simply take a few photos of a new pair of earrings, for example, and add it to their virtual earring try-on system with ease.

This is great for both businesses that are new to virtual try-on and those that have used it for a while. For new businesses, it makes uploading their entire stock quick and easy. There is no need to create and upload complex 3D models of every product. For long-term users, it makes adding new stock a breeze, so their systems always stay up-to-date on their latest products.

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The Future of Jewelry Virtual Try-On

Online shopping clearly isn’t going anywhere, as e-commerce trends continue to rise. The more shoppers grow accustomed to the convenience of getting to sample jewelry virtually, the more prevalent a role virtual jewelry try-on will play in the future of the jewelry industry. 

Virtual try-on software will only get more sophisticated and accessible, so it’s important to be on the cutting edge of these tech solutions. The latest advances in virtual try-on include: 

  • Faster and simpler image conversion
  • AI measurement tools to help customers find the right size
  • Stacking features to allow customers to try on more than one brand or item at once, such as a watch and a ring, to see how they look together

Experience the Convenience of Simple Jewelry Virtual Try-On Setup with Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. is on the cutting edge of jewelry virtual try-on software. They’ve made trying on jewelry virtually more accessible and user-friendly for both businesses and their customers. Jewelry businesses of all kinds should seize the opportunity to add this critical technology to their sales platforms. 

Customers will love the enhanced shopping experience, boosting sales and reducing returns. To try Perfect Corp.’s jewelry virtual try-on solutions, book a demo.

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Still have a few questions about virtual try-ons for jewelry? We’ve answered some of the most common ones below.

Can virtual try-on reduce returns for jewelry retailers?

Virtual try-on solutions reduce returns across the entire fashion and beauty industry. Yes, including jewelry retail. While a product may look very nice in promotional photos, these are typically designed to show the piece in the absolute best conditions. This means a ring or watch may be beautiful online, but against the customer’s skin or paired with the intended outfit, it may just not look the same. Often, this results in a return.

When a customer is able to use virtual try-on to see a piece of jewelry on their own body, or paired with their own clothing, it helps ensure before they ever make a purchase that it will look the way they want. 

They can also make sure it fits correctly using built-in AI sizing tools, reducing returns for items being too big or small.

What are the challenges of implementing virtual try-on for jewelry?

One of the biggest challenges is in ensuring compatibility. If a store’s virtual try-on software is incompatible with the customer’s device, they won’t be able to use it effectively. When selecting a virtual try-on product, it’s important to check that it will work on most major brands of laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

All of Perfect Corp.’s jewelry virtual try-on solutions are compatible with all major browsers and operating systems for both mobile and desktop devices.

What is the future of jewelry virtual try-on?

Jewelry virtual try-on is only going to get better. As customers demand more convenience, virtual try-on software across the beauty and fashion industry will get more sophisticated and more accessible to both businesses and consumers. 

As more retailers close brick-and-mortar locations, access to physical locations and in-person try-ons will also dwindle, leading more consumers to order their clothing and jewelry online, whether they want to or not.

In order to compete with other online jewelry retailers, businesses will need to have the latest try-on software. This will also incentivize virtual try-on software developers to add better features and easier integrations, leading to advances across the entire industry.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 600+ brands globally.

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