6 Innovative Solutions Offered by Fashion Tech Companies
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6 Innovative Solutions Offered by Fashion Tech Companies

Oct 20, 2022 · 3 minutes read
6 Innovative Solutions Offered by Fashion Tech Companies

How Did a Fashion Tech Company Transform the Shopping Experience?

As customers become savvier about their online shopping experience, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies become more important to create personalized, immersive, and interactive shopping experiences. In order to remain competitive and relevant, brands must integrate fashion tech solutions to keep up with evolving consumer expectations.

6 Solutions to Boost Sales that Fashion Tech Companies Offer

No matter the trend, Perfect Corp., as a dedicated fashion technology company, has a wide selection of fashion tech solutions for brands of all sizes.

Read on to discover how 6 smart fashion tech solutions will boost sales and improve customers' shopping experience by simply partnering with the right fashion technology company.

Which Fashion Tech Solutions Will Be Trending in 2023?

1. AI-Powered Virtual Try-On for Glasses

From cat-eye sunglasses to prescription wayfarer glasses, your brand can greatly benefit from AI-powered virtual try-on for glasses. Your customers can easily try different glasses frames and lenses both from their mobile device and on their desktop’s web browser. It’s a true-to-life and hyper-realistic virtual experience for consumers who wear glasses, who get to enjoy a smooth, interactive, and stress-free frame selection process.

▶Click here to experience Virtual Try On for Glasses

Brands can seamlessly create a virtual eyeglasses SKU in just a few simple steps since the tool uses only three images to automatically create the SKU, significantly simplifying the entire undertaking from a technological perspective. The AR glasses editor allows your brand to preview virtual glasses SKUs instantly. From there, you can manage virtual glasses SKU publishing to multiple channels. For physical store locations, Perfect Corp. also offers a turnkey in-store virtual eyeglasses solution to allow shoppers to try on products in real-time with a smart mirror

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2. Hat and Hairband Virtual Try-On

With the hat and hairband virtual try-on, your customer can see how hats and hairbands fit without the physical in-store experience.

▶Click here to experience AR Headband Virtual Try On

Perfect Corp. offers hyper-realistic 3D headwear try-on powered by the innovative AgileFace® AI tracking technology, which offers precise, real-time AI face tracking to deliver an ultra-realistic AR try-on experience. Shoppers can experience each design and discover new styles in a matter of seconds. The 3D virtual headband and 3D virtual hat solutions work on multiple channels, including desktop and mobile browsers and in-store.

3. AR Ring Virtual Try-On

Whether consumers are looking to try on their dream engagement ring or a statement gold ring, they can watch their vision come to life with the AR ring virtual try-on. In cases where shoppers are making quite an investment in an engagement ring, Perfect Corp.’s best-in-class AR virtual ring try-on solution will help your customers feel more confident in their purchase decisions.

Before committing to a purchase, consumers will be able to easily find the perfect ring size and style for them. The highly-realistic solution eliminates the need for clumsy ring sizing or extra markers, creating a seamless, real-time consumer journey.

It’s crucial for jewelry brands to keep up with evolving consumer expectations and this advanced technology will certainly supercharge omnichannel strategies and modernize the luxury shopping experience with ultra-personalized, high-touch AR. Furthermore, the auto ring size detection ensures the best virtual ring try-on experience possible, eliminating many customer pain points associated with ring shopping.

▶Click here to experience AR Ring Virtual Try On

4. AR Bracelet Virtual Try-On

Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes it’s a silver bracelet or a sparkly gemstone bangle. Your customers can use the AR bracelet virtual try-on to see how a bracelet fits on their wrist in real time. Fine jewelry brands can benefit from the PBR technology: physically-based rendering and 3D models. The technology models the flow of light in the real world, so the virtual bracelets appear with highly realistic textures, material reflections, and light simulations

▶Click here to experience AR Bracelet Virtual Try On

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The cutting-edge solution is powered by the proprietary AgileHand™ technology with ultra-precise hand mapping and tracking, built with state-of-the-art AI deep learning algorithms. Customers can now easily find that one-of-a-kind silver bracelet that fits perfectly on their wrist. This highly flexible solution is available with cross-platform and omnichannel eCommerce support.

5. AR Watch Virtual Try-On

With the AR watch virtual try-on, your customers will be able to see in real-time how the watch they’ve been eyeing will fit on their wrist. This technology offers a brand new way for shoppers to try on several watches in a matter of seconds to find their favorite model. Such an interactive approach will help increase brand loyalty and drive sales as consumers will be able to find the perfect fit before committing to a purchase. Your brand can attract more shoppers than ever before since this kind of tool pulls in shoppers where they like to shop the most: online. From the comfort of their home, consumers can experience a modern and luxurious white label watch technology with a bare wrist, without any extra markers. This revolutionary solution can be efficiently utilized in-person as well due to the omnichannel and cross-platform eCommerce support.

▶Click here to experience AR Watch Virtual Try On

6. AR Earring Virtual Try-On

There are many reasons why consumers won’t want to try on earrings in the store. First, it’s not hygienic. Second, they might not want to hassle with putting them on only to have to put them back in the earring holder and back on the rack or shelf. Jewelry brands can make earring shopping significantly easier with AR earring virtual try-on and hyper-realistic advanced 3D modeling.

▶Click here to experience AR Earrings Virtual Try On

Furthermore, Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on tool for earrings offers earlobe and outer ear placement support for 13 distinct positions across the ear. Your customers can mix and match ear accessories in several placements along their ear’s lobe and along the helix in real-time.

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Fashion Tech Solution Companies FAQ

What is technology in fashion?

There are many aspects when defining fashion technology, but it is clear that the technology in fashion ties in with augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Nowadays, there are many fashion technology companies using AI & AR to provide all kinds of solutions such as virtual ring try on, virtual eyeglass try on and virtual clothes try on to help the fashion industry.

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What are the latest fashion industry technologies?

Being able to allow customers to try on products virtually is definitely very exciting for both brands and customers, and this is exactly what a fashion technology company can do. Fashion technology such as virtual earring try on, virtual shoes try on and virtual clothes try on is a great way to help your customers make the right purchasing decision, and it does not only boost sales but also transforms customers' shopping experience, it's a win-win method for customers and brands alike.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp and stay ahead of the beauty tech trend. Start a free trial or contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by over 400 brands globally.

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