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How to Recommend the Perfect Haircare Regimen with AI Tech

May 13, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How to Recommend the Perfect Haircare Regimen with AI Tech

Healthy, luscious, and soft tresses are everyone’s dream, and it can be easily achieved with a proper hair routine. Certainly, maintaining a good haircare regimen is just as important as following a skincare routine or any other essential beauty ritual. However, if done wrong, a haircare routine can do more harm than good as there are many factors that consumers need to consider. Thankfully, AR and AI technologies can help optimize consumer haircare shopping experience and lead your consumers to the best products for their needs. 

How to Build an Effective Haircare Regimen

The perfect haircare routine will take your consumers’ hair from dull to gorgeous, but there’s no universal formula and the proper regimen should be fully customized just for your customers and their hair needs. 

When building an ideal, one-of-a-kind haircare routine, several factors should be taken into consideration, including:

  • Hair type and texture
  • Preferred hairstyling method (e.g. do your customers use a curling iron on a daily basis or prefer a more natural style)
  • Whether your hair has been chemically processed
  • Elasticity and porosity
  • Personal needs and concerns (e.g. do your customers wish to combat excess hair dryness, oiliness, or frizz?)

As you can see, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all haircare routine. Furthermore, whereas some factors on that list can be easily addressed, determining one’s hair type and texture can be quite challenging. So, how can your customers determine their hair type?

How to Identify Different Types of Hair

There are four general hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Each of these main types contains subcategories with certain unique characteristics. 

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Type 1: Straight.

Does not curl easily and falls flat from the roots.

Type 2: Wavy.

Mid-point between straight and wavy hair.

  • 2A: Thin wavy
  • 2B: Medium wavy
  • 2C: Thick wavy 

Type 3: Curly.

Prominent curls from the root down.

  • 3A: Loose curls
  • 3B: Medium curls
  • 3C: Tight curls

Type 4: Coily.

Characterized by very tight curls that could break easily.

  • 4A: Tight coils
  • 4B: Z coils
  • 4C: Very tight coils

Taking the above hair information into consideration, it comes as no surprise that some consumers spend hours analyzing their hair trying to determine the correct hair type and still don’t arrive at any definite conclusion. Thankfully, Perfect Corp. has an easy and quick solution that will help ensure that your customers receive a personalized haircare recommendation when shopping with your brand.

AI & AR Hair Type Analysis for Haircare Recommendations

Perfect Corp.’s advanced innovative AI Hair technology makes the process of finding the perfect haircare routine effortless. With this technology, your customers no longer need to examine their hair under a microscope or stare at it in the mirror for hours.  

AI deep learning algorithms will analyze one’s hair type and texture in real time via any smart device with a camera. After a quick scan, the technology will use AI and visual computing to detect the curl pattern and shape, if any, and classify one’s hair type according to the four major categories and subcategories. 

Once your customers know their hair type, finding the right products to treat their hair and establishing the right haircare regimen is extremely easy.

AI & AR Hair Type Analysis for Haircare Recommendations

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Help Customers Find the Perfect Haircare Regimen

Different hair types need different types of care. You can’t look after straight hair the same way you do for coily hair. Luckily, advances in AI & AR hair technology make the process of determining one’s hair type much easier, elevating the consumer shopping journey and offering a stress-free way to find the right hair products. With Perfect Corp.’s trailblazing AI Hair technology, the ideal haircare routine is just a few clicks away.

Different Types of Hair FAQ

What are the different types of curly hair?

There are 3 unique subcategories under the general curly hair type. Type 3A is large and loose curls. Type 3B is medium curls that are usually tighter than type 3A curls. Lastly, type 3C is tight curls, which typically has the most volume.  

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What are the different types of natural hair?

There are 4 distinct types of natural hair: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Within each of these types there are certain subcategories with unique characteristics. Properly identifying one’s hair type is crucial for finding the proper haircare regimen.

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