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Plug & Play Virtual Try-On for Shopify Beauty Merchants

Dec 20, 2020 · 3 minutes read
Plug & Play Virtual Try-On for Shopify Beauty Merchants

Mass adoption of virtual beauty tools has quickly replaced physical swatching with hyper-realistic virtual try-ons. With growing global health concerns, beauty brands—large and small— are being challenged to quickly adapt their online and offline consumer beauty journey to allow for safe product testing that invites consumers to try-before-they-buy. This shopping behavior has become a cornerstone of the beauty shopping experience and leading to the fast adoption of innovative virtual try-on solutions by consumers, brands, and retailers alike.

In recognizing the utility of beauty tech solutions and how they can aid in this consumer try-on experience, YouCam sought to develop a service that helps to introduce an experiential digital touchpoint for online shoppers. The new “YouCam Makeup” app available for Shopify, was developed to seamlessly introduce virtual makeup try-on capabilities to the vast network of Shopify beauty merchants.

What’s New in Beauty Tech?

Perfect Corp.’s new YouCam Makeup plug-in for Shopify solution is delivering small and medium businesses fast and easy integration of true-to-life digital makeup try-ons to quickly and effectively enhance their e-stores. This capability has been proven to drive conversion by up to 2.5x, keeping customers onsite for longer sessions, and boosting customer satisfaction through a convenient virtual try-on experience that helps consumers find exactly what they are looking for in a fraction of the time. Virtual try-on technology was once a cool new addition, but has now become an essential part of the online shopping experience, and something consumers have come to expect from e-commerce.

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Inside the YouCam Makeup for Shopify Experience

The main goal of the “YouCam Makeup” app for Shopify was to make virtual try-on capabilities accessible and convenient for brands—large and small—to introduce into their e-commerce shopping experience. The Shopify plug-in touts seamless integration with no need for advanced programming or coding skills in order to upgrade the e-store. The easy set up features 25 themed template designs and true-to-life color and texture matching so brands can create an e-commerce experience that matches their branding and integrates directly onto Shopify merchant sites.

The unique “YouCam Makeup” app for Shopify allows consumers to virtually try on makeup products in real time via live camera mode. This provides hyper-realistic virtual beauty effects that deliver a true-to-life try-before-you-buy digital experience. It’s a solution that helps shoppers make more informed purchase decisions and improves the overall consumer shopping experience, even despite the digital divide that exists when shopping online. The digital try-on incorporates an extensive catalog of virtual product offering across all makeup categories including lips, eyes, and face, and encourages shopping discovery, as customers can conveniently tap through dozens of products virtually in seconds.

Serving Small and Medium Beauty Businesses

The new service offering caters to brands who have smaller product lines and are looking to feature a select number of products and categories, while still enhancing their online shopping experience. It’s a true DIY solution allowing indie beauty brands to experience the powerful impact of AR on their eCommerce sales while being sensitive to the budgets available.

The Impact of Virtual Try-On

YouCam Makeup app offers plug-and-play virtual try-on tool to Shopify merchants. Benefits include increased conversion and sales, realistic effects, and easy us

The “YouCam Makeup” app for Shopify provides the most true-to-life virtual try-on experience using the industry’s best augmented reality virtual makeup technology developed by Perfect Corp. complete with patented AgileFace Tracking technology which provides a highly realistic and fully inclusive experience. To help beauty brands recreate their cosmetic products in a virtual format, the tool provides highly configurable, highly precise options across shade, texture (matte, satin, sheer, shimmer), pattern, color intensity, and shimmering intensity to bring the virtual products to life. These options allow important details to be added to the AR effects, ensuring higher levels of realism can be delivered to the consumer, thus giving the consumer a true-to-life try-on experience to boost confidence to make a purchase.

The Ease of Integration

The easy integration does not require any advanced programming or coding skills, and allows brands to upgrade their e-stores with virtual beauty tech in minutes. The “YouCam Makeup” app for Shopify is a complete end-to-end module, helping web developers address limitations and annoyances like camera permission, security protocol, and browser support. The end-to-end solution will allow the brand’s web developer to focus on what matters the most - bringing a seamless AR experience to the consumer, with a range of diverse product categories to choose from, giving consumers the best virtual try-on experience.

Where to Start

Beauty brands interested in integrating “YouCam Makeup” app for Shopify into their Shopify e-commerce store can experience the 14-day free trial, or to contact the Perfect Corp. team to find the program that best fits their needs. In addition to servicing small and medium e-commerce brands, YouCam also offers enterprise Shopify services. Inquire for details on how to get started today.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 300+ brands globally.

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