How to Make Ads on YouTube in 2024 with New AR Feature
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How to Make Ads on YouTube in 2024 with New AR Feature

Jul 20, 2023 · 3 minutes read
How to Make Ads on YouTube in 2024 with New AR Feature

Why YouTube Ads?

Video advertising is always a popular option for brands' marketing efforts. YouTube ads are especially great at selling products and generating leads (Forbes). Why? YouTube can reach various types of audiences (monthly active users reached 2.7 billion in 2023) and the platform is now the world's second-largest search engine, lower only than Google Search Engine.  

As there are tons of video ads on the market, knowing how to make popular YouTube ads and stand out from competitors is a must-know for brands. This article will share with you popular YouTube ad examples and lay out how to create an advanced video ad with AI technology and virtual try-ons. 

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YouTube Ads in 2024: How Does the New AR Feature Work?

YouTube AR Allows Viewers to Virtually Try-On Makeup While Watching YouTube Ads

To engage the YouTube AR Try-On experience, makeup video viewers simply click the try-on button that opens a screen in portrait mode and allows viewers to virtually try on products featured in the makeup video content, with a direct link to purchase.

▲How YouTube Ads Incorporate Virtual Try-ons. Check out YouTube channel for more >

With the latest innovations in AI & AR technology, the launch of YouTube’s Interactive Try-On experience has sparked much excitement for beauty brands and beauty lovers. By marrying video content with interactive augmented reality (AR) virtual try-ons, a new category of “Shoppertainment” has emerged.

AR has quickly evolved from nice-to-have, to need-to-have and brands like YouTube have tapped unique ways to seamlessly combine beauty tech with content to offer enriched consumer experiences that make the shopper journey more useful. As consumer behavior continues to evolve, the utility of beauty tech becomes more apparent. During the previous pandemic period, the market saw an accelerated shift toward e-commerce, with 60% of smartphone shoppers turning to AR to avoid shopping in-store.

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2 Essentials for Making the Best YouTube Ad

1. The Best YouTube Ads Create an Immersive Experience

In order for AR to be effective in serving the consumer, it must be true-to-life, making use of hyper-realistic AR effects.

By working with Perfect Corp., YouTube has made it easy for brands to participate in the AR try-on experience and has subsequently helped marketers deploy immersive engaging experiences to YouTube’s mere 2 Billion monthly active users.

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Launching Virtual Try-ons in YouTube Ads is Easy

The YouTube AR experience is easily accessible for brands thanks to a seamless integration from within the Perfect Corp. brand console that allows brands to share product assets directly with the YouTube universe to implement the virtual try-on. Any beauty brands interested in leveraging the AR virtual try-on experience on their YouTube videos of makeup products can contact Perfect Corp. for details on how to set up a corporate account in the brand console.

This experience helps brands connect with users in a more impactful way. With more than 70% of millennial and Gen Z consumers wanting to try on products before buying them, this interactive try-on delivers.

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2. The Best YouTube Ads Drive User Engagement

As consumers are turning to YouTube as a trusted shopping companion, they are watching more videos with makeup-related content and also relying on YouTube creators as influential voice when making purchasing decisions. This has made the new interactive YouTube AR try-on experience even more valuable, helping brands engage and connect with viewers to tell richer and more engaging stories about their offerings, and one that’s proven to drive results.

The Proven Way That YouTube Ads Boost Traffic for Brands

Show “engagement go up with AR”. ref the image on the right Alt-text: AR campaigns drive user engagement, lower bounce rate, and improve video ad performance

YouTube reported seeing AR campaigns drive a more engaged user to the site, resulting in a 21% lower bounce rate compared to their evergreen campaigns, and driving more than 19% traffic to the site immediately after viewing our YouTube video ads, compared to evergreen video ads.

Perfect Corp. and YouTube see this as the first step in continuing to build upon an enriched consumer journey that delivers high touch experiences at home and through mobile.

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Best YouTube Ads FAQ:

What is YouTube AR?

YouTube’s AR feature allows makeup video viewers to virtually try on various makeup products, such lipstick and foundation. While users are watching the makeup videos, the “try it on” button will appear. Once users hit the button, there’ll be a split-screen view below so users can virtually try on the makeup product and continue watching the video. Brands like MAC Cosmetics are using YouTube AR Beauty Virtual Try-On to deliver a more engaging shopping experience that allows users to try on different lipstick shades in real time.

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 600+ brands globally.

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