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The Digital Surge in Remote Beauty Advisor Training Solutions
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The Digital Surge in Remote Beauty Advisor Training Solutions

Mar 3, 2022 · 3 minutes read
The Digital Surge in Remote Beauty Advisor Training Solutions

(updated on March 3rd, 2022)

Digital solutions have been an integral component of successful business practice for decades. However, in recent years, more companies than ever started to rely heavily on virtual connections instead of physical ones. Recent social distancing limitations have resulted in a surge in stay home and Work-from-Home (#WFH) remote practices forcing us to rely on digital connections more than ever before.

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AI & AR Technology Transformed Beauty Advisor Training Process

Video conferencing technology has quickly become the new norm, helping millions of workers connect digitally with their colleagues. However, traditional video conferencing presents a variety of challenges, especially when used for beauty education training purposes. Due to the personalized nature of product application and testing, beauty advisor trainings and consultations rely heavily on in-person interactions. It’s essential for beauty professionals to be able to see the results of each product application on an individual’s unique face as it is applied. YouCam AR Live Training applies modern augmented reality (AR) and virtual try-on technology platforms to create a similar digital training experience via remote, virtual channels.

Beauty Advisor Training with AI & AR Technology Free Demo for Digital Solutions of Beauty Advisor Training

▲Beauty advisor training with AI & AR technology can connect participants worldwide.

Beauty Advisor Training is Being Digitized to Adapt to the Remote Work Reality 

Given the current work from home realities, beauty companies are looking for ways to continue their beauty advisor training initiatives, minimize disruptions, and seamlessly adapt to a digital-first remote work strategy. As the modern day consumer craves more tailored beauty shopping experience that speaks to their specific, individual needs, providing personalized professional advice to clients is one of the most important differentiators that a beauty brand can possess today. Therefore, delivering comprehensive brand training to beauty advisors is an indispensable part of beauty business’ operations in order to exceed this value proposition.

Innovative Beauty Advisor Training Experience With YouCam A.R.T

YouCam A.R.T. allows beauty brands to connect via livestream video chat to host remote trainings powered with interactive AR capabilities that allow for virtual product try-ons and sales trainings to beauty advisors. The interactive digital platform invites an enhanced level of connectivity that goes beyond a traditional voice or video conference call, and invites an experiential element that speaks to the human connection despite the digital screen.

Beauty Advisor Training FAQs:

1. How do you conduct remote training?

With Perfect Corp’s YouCam A.R.T solution, you will be able to conduct remote training via livestream video chat. The powerful 3D AR face technology gives users a true-to-life and seamless training experience in real-time. The trainer can utilize slideshow presentations for a more detailed learning experience during live training.

Learn More About YouCam A.R.T>

2. How do I make my remote training more engaging?

Virtual training has become more and more common in recent years. Yet keeping students engaged and focused is one of the challenges that virtual training is facing. Video conferencing has been broadly used in training, but sometimes it's difficult to engage with students, especially in the beauty industry since beauty advisor training is very hands-on. With YouCam A.R.T solution, trainers can show product demos & tutorials with virtual try-on, and it's simple to incorporate on-screen slides which makes the learning process easy. Students can comment and interact with the trainer anytime. Virtual beauty advisor training experiences can exceed the quality of in-person sessions when they’re structured properly with the right strategies & tools.

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