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How Shiseido Drives Brand Engagement with Beauty Tech
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How Shiseido Drives Brand Engagement with Beauty Tech

Jan 27, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How Shiseido Drives Brand Engagement with Beauty Tech

(Updated in Jan 27, 2022)

In today’s evolving retail landscape, what truly sets the beauty industry apart is the use of AR and AI-powered technology to revolutionize the ways that people engage with beauty brands and consume beauty products. This advanced technology, or beauty tech as it has come to be known, is transforming the beauty industry and proving to be a major force for consumer engagement.

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1. Use Dynamic Virtual Try-On Experiences To Increase Brand Engagement 

Beauty tech harnesses the power of augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide consumers with personalized beauty shopping experiences. These advanced beauty technologies improve the consumer experience by allowing customers to engage in virtual makeup and hair color try-on. These tools allow consumers to try on many products and shades in a matter of seconds. Some beauty tech services, such as Perfect Corp.’s AI skin analysis, utilize advanced facial technology to analyze the consumer’s skin and provide a personalized product recommendation. 

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Using a simple photograph, AI and AR technologies allow consumers to digitally explore and try on products from the comfort of their homes. The use of virtual try-on technology has revolutionized the way consumers interact with beauty products. Virtual try-on and beauty tech has also made a huge impact in the world of beauty marketing and has emerged as one of the most powerful drivers of digital engagement. 

2. Leveraging AI + AR Tech to Drive Brand Engagement 

Consumer engagement examines a brand's current and potential customer base and looks at the ways those customers become connected and loyal to that brand. 

Leveraging AI + AR Tech to Drive Brand EngagementRequest A FREE Demo For Increasing Your Brand Engagement

Historically, most of the consumer engagement occurring between brands and potential clients was created by advertisements in public places, on television, and on the radio. However, in today’s globally connected and increasingly digital-first world, consumer engagement is largely driven by technology and digital experiences. Today, the key to consumer engagement is through personalized, authentic interactions with customers. 

In order to effectively engage with consumers, brands need to understand their customer’s expectations and create personalized touchpoints with each consumer. Consumers want to interact with brands that provide personalized service and offer quick responses. They want to engage with brands that are passionate and uphold strong company values that align with their own. Most importantly, today’s consumer wants the same high-quality shopping experience across all channels, from in-store to online and through social commerce.

3. Creating Immersive Digital Experiences That Drive Brand Engagement 

Brands can build strong consumer engagement by providing impactful and valuable experiences to consumers. 

Whether a consumer finds a particular brand experience meaningful depends on several factors. Does the content or experience entertain or inspire the consumer, provide insights, or help the customer solve a specific problem? These factors are crucial to consider when building consumer engagement.

Brands can leverage AR and AI-powered beauty tech to create shopping experiences that captivate and engage consumers. Beauty tech has been proven to drive customer engagement, resulting in more sales, longer time spent on site, and increased add-to-carts. Whether by allowing a customer to snap the perfect makeup inspiration photo for Instagram through virtual try-on or by providing product recommendations tailored to that customer’s needs, beauty tech allows brands to create personalized customer interactions that resonate and drive engagement. Beauty tech and AR-powered virtual try-on tools can also enhance customer engagement and brand connections in stores. These technologies allow beauty consultants and advisors to more effectively connect with customers and provide the best service. 

How Shiseido Drives Brand Engagement with Beauty Tech

For Shiseido, beauty tech and virtual try-on has been integral to driving consumer engagement and brand loyalty. Shiseido’s iconic makeup brand NARS recently integrated Perfect Corp.’s innovative AI-powered smart shade foundation finder online and in-stores. This personalized experience has inspired consumers to engage more with the brand and discover more products, which has led to increased sales conversion. The technology allows NARS customers to find their exact shade match which helps to build brand loyalty and trust.

Creating Immersive Digital Experiences That Drive Brand EngagementRequest A FREE Demo For Brand Engagement

Shiseido is also leveraging beauty tech to drive increased engagement in-store and among its team of beauty advisors. These technologies have proved to be an essential aspect of their makeup artist’s toolkit during beauty consultations, helping to guide client interactions. Beauty tech allows makeup consultants to more effectively engage and entertain customers while providing the most personalized product recommendations. 

Leveraging Beauty Tech to Drive Return on Brand Engagement

When companies to provide customers with personalized product experiences, customers are more likely to continue discovering products and engaging with the brand. They are also more likely to purchase products and develop brand loyalty.

Through virtual try-on tools and AI technology, brands can ensure that their beauty tech experiences drive engagement. When developing AR and AI-powered experiences, brands should consider the factors below to ensure highly engaging experiences.

  • Information Value: Does the experience communicate useful information about the product (what the product does, why it is the best product for the individual consumer’s needs)
  • Convenience Value: Does the experience show how convenient it is to purchase and/or use the product
  • Social Value: Does the experience show how the product will benefit the consumer socially (can the consumer use the content on their social media channels and share with friends)
  • Entertainment Value: Does the experience provide entertainment for the consumer
  • Inspiration Value: Does the experience inspire the consumer and encourage them to learn more about the brand?

Want to learn more about the world of digital engagement and virtual try-on technology in the makeup space? Check out the complete SXSW 2021 Driving Engagement with Beauty Tech webinar for more insight.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an example of brand engagement in the beauty industry?

In the beauty industry, brands may offer virtual try-on experiences to customers to increase brand engagement. By doing so, users are able to virtually try on makeup products and find the best product for their personal style. 

For example, Shisedo’s iconic makeup brand NARS uses a smart shade foundation finder to help  customers to easily find their shade match online. This experience inspires users to engage more with the brand’s social platforms, and further increase sales conversion.

Why is Brand engagement important?

With strong brand engagement ideas and activities, companies can  enhance brand loyalty and trust. A good experience  may increase sales, reduce return product return rates, and drive more interactions

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