Is Your Website Ready for AR Try-on? Here Is the Definitive Checklist
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Is Your Website Ready for AR Try-on? Here Is the Definitive Checklist

Feb 18, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Is Your Website Ready for AR Try-on? Here Is the Definitive Checklist

Augmented reality (AR) beauty solutions are an amazing tool that brands can use to improve their engagement and conversions. Adding this type of technology to your website is quite straightforward, but a few prerequisites need to be in order before you do so. Is your store ready to harness the power of this augmented reality beauty and virtual try-on tool? Use the checklist below to see just what types of updates you’ll need to make to be prepared.

What Is Augmented Reality Try-On?

Augmented reality try-on is a game-changer for online beauty brands. It uses 3D face technology to scan a customer’s face to allow them to try on lip color, eye shadow, foundation, eyeliner, and more. They’ll be able to enjoy a complete virtual makeover without ever getting off the couch (and without needing to clean their face between products).

For businesses, augmented reality makeup can translate into instant results. Once customers have tried on your products, they can immediately add them to their cart. They can even get personalized recommendations based on the look they’ve already created, boosting your add-on sales.
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All of this and more is possible with YouCam for Web (Enterprise). This solution from Perfect Corp. gives customers the chance to try out virtual makeup, live hair color, 3D eyewear, and more. Customers can see how your products look with true-to-life results in resolutions up to 720 pixels. There’s even a higher frame rate of 30 fps for live try-on, creating clearer and more lifelike imagery. The products they select will immediately be applied to their virtual scan, allowing them to quickly switch and see what styles they like best.

Is Your Website Ready for AR Try-On?

Technically speaking, businesses should consider the following aspects before implementing augmented reality makeup on their sites.

  • Does your website currently utilize JavaScript? Perfect Corp. uses a WebAR module (JavaScript code) that is embedded in the brand’s page load form. If your site uses JavaScript for other things, you’ll need to make sure the new code won’t interfere with your existing functionalities. This will involve testing the code in numerous browsers and running several checks to ensure the various functions don’t clash and create errors. If you don’t currently use JavaScript at all, you’ll need to make sure your website can use this coding language to take advantage of YouCam for Web.

  • Does your website use the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol? If you’re selling products, you should already have a security protocol in place. It’s a way to protect your customers’ important data every time they make a transaction. As of February 2021, 69.6% of sites across the globe use the HTTPS protocol (“Usage statistics”). But if you’re not sure if you do, you’ll definitely need to have one to use face AR. That’s because the app will need to ask users to allow camera permissions on their device. Not having a secure site means a hacker could hijack these permissions and take photos without the customer’s knowledge.

  • Does your target webpage have a reserved placement for the AR live camera view? For the best experience, it’s highly recommended to use separate AR live camera view sizes for desktop and mobile layouts respectively. That way, customers will be able to get a good view of themselves no matter the size of their screen. The recommended mobile AR face live camera view size is a 1:1.1 ratio for width vs. height, respectively. For the desktop face AR experience, we recommend going with the default vertical rectangular size 360 pixels wide x 480 pixels high. This may mean tweaking the layout of your site a bit to make room for this box so it doesn’t cover up other product information.

  • Do you have accurate brand SKUs and product information? Having accurate information is imperative for correctly linking product information to a makeup AR experience. Luckily, you’ll be able to manage this using Perfect Console. It’s a tool included in the YouCam for Web experience that powers brand SKUs and product information. When used in coordination with beauty AR integration, brands gain access to metrics, data, and customer insights. You’ll easily be able to see which products are most popular, how many customers are converted into sales, and even how many products a customer tries before they make a purchase.

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If your site is facing one of these concerns, you’ll need to work on them before you can try YouCam for Web. That said, none of these are major issues, and your web developer should be able to tackle these problems without much hassle.

Ready to Integrate YouCam for Web Into Your Site? Let us help you transform your site into an AR makeup platform your customers will love. Request a free demo today or contact us for more information about integrating AR beauty solutions into your online beauty store shopping experience.

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References:“Usage statistics of Default protocol https for websites.” W3Techs,, Accessed 3 Feb 2021.

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