6 Things to Consider When Choosing Beauty Tech for Your Online Store
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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Beauty Tech for Your Online Store

Feb 19, 2021 · 3 minutes read
6 Things to Consider When Choosing Beauty Tech for Your Online Store

In 2019, the U.S. cosmetics industry was worth about $49.2 billion. That number is only expected to grow in future years. For brands that want to be a part of that growth, they’ll need to stay up to date on the latest trends in the beauty industry. One of these is beauty tech. This article will show beauty brands how to properly choose a good beauty tech solution to fit their needs.

Beauty Tech & the Digital Shopping Experience

What does beauty technology entail for online shoppers? The primary way to improve the digital shopping experience is through AI-powered AR try-on. This kind of solution uses real-time image data from a customer to analyze their skin health, facial structure, and more to make personalized product recommendations. That way, even if customers want to try on a specific product, they’ll also get a notification that another product might work better for them.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing Beauty Tech

When thinking about beauty tech, companies should consider the following aspects.

  1. Can the technology truly represent their product? It’s important to make sure cosmetic technology looks accurate on-screen. Otherwise, the customer may be disappointed when their products arrive.

  2. What’s the time and resources needed to enable the desired digital beauty experience? Implementing beauty SaaS isn’t a simple upgrade. It will require companies to dedicate a lot of resources and time. Before beginning, they should make sure the expense will be worth it in the end. With Perfect Corp.’s AR technology, many companies have seen a large rise in views and conversions.

  3. Can companies further build on their investments? Once a company has a beauty tech system in place, they’ll want the ability to maximize it so they can get the most from their investment. This means having an easy way of integrating the system with new channels using existing SKUs.

  4. Can the service plan be flexible to their exact needs? The beauty world is full of large and small companies with varying budgets. That’s why companies need to make sure they can customize a beauty tech service plan that meets their financial needs.

  5. Has the beauty tech solution been commercially tested? Going with any random beauty marketing technology is a risk. Companies should make sure the system has been tested on the commercial level so they know it will help them.

  6. Will there be a good ROI? While most online beauty stores should see some buzz by adding beauty tech, there may be several scenarios where adapting beauty SaaS makes more sense. In particular, it’s a good tool for promoting best-sellers, newly launched products, and special edition products.

What Is Your Product Catalog?

One additional consideration is the type of products a company carries. Not all products are suited to cosmetic tech. In particular, SKU catalogs with makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, eyeliners, concealer, blush, contour, bronzer, and more), skincare products, hair color, and eyewear will see the most benefits to beauty tech solutions.

Perfect Corp.’s suite of solutions and services can support all of these products for virtual try-on and diagnostic.

How Do You Interact With Your Customers?

For digital-first brands, the online store experience is a primary focus. If a company’s goal is to grow customer satisfaction and strengthen the customer shopping journey, beauty tech can help. AI-powered AR try-on can help improve a consumer’s experience with a brand. They’ll have a much better idea of how any given product will work from them, as opposed to guessing based on how the product looks on a model.

How Do You Interact With Your Customers?contact us

One popular method of interacting with customers is the questionnaire strategy. This is when a company will trigger customers' interests by having them take a quiz to find their optimum hair color or skin care regimen. In fact, 52% of customers have taken an online skincare quiz to find personalized products. For companies that want to take this approach, questions could cover things that won’t be discovered through the AR diagnosis, like how much time a customer spends in the sun or where they live. That way, answers from the survey could be integrated into the data from the virtual try-on or skin diagnostic experience. This would give customers a more thorough look at what their best options are.

Do You Seek an Omni-Channel Approach?

For brands looking to target all of the customer touchpoints, MarTech beauty solutions can be a good way to reach customers anywhere. From web to social, in-store and in-app, and beyond, customers are shopping in more and more unique ways. Beauty tech and Perfect Corp. can help brands reach them exactly where they are.

Integration with sites like YouTube, Snapchat, and Google Search allows a brand to get recognition even when a customer isn’t shopping. With Perfect Corp.’s solution, a brand’s digital investment goes a long way because they can easily enable the same digital beauty experience on other supported channels.

Ready to Integrate Beauty Tech Into Your Online Store?

Contact us for more information about integrating AR solutions into your online beauty store shopping experience. Better yet, request a free demo to see how our solutions can benefit your business.

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