Top UX Tips to Create the Best Web Virtual Try-On Experience
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Top UX Tips to Create the Best Web Virtual Try-On Experience

Feb 17, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Top UX Tips to Create the Best Web Virtual Try-On Experience

For brands looking for a way to improve their online game, virtual AR might just be the trick. With a virtual try-on experience, customers can get personalized recommendations for products right from the comfort of their own home. Implementing these solutions means making some changes to the way an e-commerce store works, so brands should consider these top UX tips before getting started.

Virtual Try-On & the User Experience

In 2019, 51% of consumers said AR is the top technology they’d like to use to assess products before buying them (Tavolieri). That’s one of the reasons it’s so crucial for online beauty brands to adopt virtual try-on experiences. When customers can virtually try on makeup, skincare products, and hair colors, they’ll have a much better idea of what products suit them best. They may even be more willing to buy more with personalized recommendations.

Virtual try-on for makeupcontact us
Virtual try-on for makeup, hair color, and eyewear.

With Perfect Corp.’s suite of AR beauty, AR makeup, and AR face solutions, online beauty brands can take their customer experience to the next level. Our virtual try-on tool allows customers to test out makeup and hair colors before buying. Brands also love our skin diagnostic tool, which uses the consumer’s photo to scan for signs of aging.

For brands looking to try out the augmented reality beauty experience, here are a few tips to make clients happy.

  1. Focus on the Shopper: Virtual try-on is created with the user experience in mind. Giving the user the power to virtually preview a product before purchasing can impact customer satisfaction, return rate, and brand loyalty. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting, eliminating the need for them to send something back. And because they know they can trust a brand, they’ll be more likely to return for repeat purchases. For brands to highlight the virtual makeover experience during a shopping trip, they should place the AR web module on a product listing page or product details page with a prominent “Try-on” button. They can then use any classes, styling, or text to make the Try-on button fit into their overall webpage design.

  2. Provide High-Quality Information: Brands should always give the user as much information as possible to make an educated shopping decision. This includes high-quality product images, ingredient lists, container sizes, and more. Information also establishes brand credibility and trust, making it more likely that a customer will feel comfortable with the product. That said, it should also be easy to navigate between SKUs. The details included in each product shouldn’t overwhelm the site design and make it hard to see other products. The more the user is able to try on, the more confident they will be in their purchase. Finally, to improve conversions, after a virtual makeup try-on session, customers should be able to see pricing and have an easy way to add the product to their cart.

  3. Personalize the Experience: Customers crave personalization. In fact, 80% of consumers said they are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences (Epsilon). Brands can capitalize on this with Perfect Corp.’s custom virtual try-on. Not only can the customer virtually try on the products, but they can also get recommendations on new SKUs to try. It’s easy for brands to use this augmented reality makeup solution. They just have to link similar SKUs in the backend so that they are automatically suggested to customers during a virtual try-on. This ensures they have the highest quality experience with the brand and page. For customers who might need help navigating makeup AR, having live chat is a must. It helps to answer questions, and agents can provide further personalized suggestions. Brands can even go a step further by having an online virtual makeup advisor. These advisors can help close the sale and make customers feel like they are being treated special.

  4. Make It Mobile-Friendly. Research found that 45% of beauty shoppers say their mobile device is an important shopping tool (Yong). Furthermore, mobile commerce is expected to grow by 68% by 2022 (Kohan). This means brands need to ensure their site is mobile-friendly to capture smartphone shoppers. Mobile layouts for face AR or beauty AR should auto-adjust to the size of the device’s screen so a customer can access all options. Text and product links should be easy to read and not overlapping. Additionally, it should be easy for a customer to upload a photo from their device or use the attached camera to start the live virtual try-on process.

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